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March 2024 funding – the Names of ECE Centres Providing Pay Parity

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In an easy to check and read format, below is the level of funding for teacher pay that teacher-led centres choose for the March 2024 funding round from the Ministry of Education.

  • 1123 Centres provide teachers with Full Pay Parity at the Ministry’s specified full pay parity rates
  • 1041 Centres provide extended partial parity (partial step 1 – 11 plus a partial management)
  • 370 Centres provide Steps 1 to 6 only
  • 98 Centres provide Step 1 only – the base salary
  • 7 Centres have not attested to providing any level of pay parity

Do you want to know what your centre has agreed to? Check the list below.

Do you want to check what the pay rates are? See the wage rates here for:

Do you want to check what funding – how much per hour per child – your centre is paid from the ministry in funding? – go to funding rates

For further updates follow the teachers’ pay parity Facebook group page

Any problems with your pay step or pay?

Teachers who are not satisfied with what pay step their employer has placed them on can check with the Ministry of Education’s pay calculator what their appropriate pay step is.

Any questions? Email: [email protected]

Inform the Ministry of Education when a centre does not pay all of its certificated teachers correctly – email: [email protected]  In this case the centre will need to give its teachers back-pay or the ministry can require the centre to pay back the funding proportion that it has over-claimed.

Further reading

Pay parity campaign booklet – original copy

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Centre NameRegionLicence IDFunding Attestation
1 + 1 PreschoolAuckland10254Extended partial pay parity
4 Kids & Whanau CentreAuckland20169Full Pay Parity Salary
4woods ELCBay of Plenty47109Extended partial pay parity
A Child’s Place ELCAuckland47414Extended partial pay parity
A Kiwiana ChildhoodHawke’s Bay46268Extended partial pay parity
A Kiwiana Childhood NuhakaHawke’s Bay48154Extended partial pay parity
A Step Ahead ELCAuckland45218Extended partial pay parity
A to Z PreschoolWest Coast45621Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
A1 Kids Childcare CentreWaikato46510Extended partial pay parity
Abacus Montessori PreschoolCanterbury65125Extended partial pay parity
ABC EducareTaranaki50506Base Salary (Step 1)
Above & Beyond Education & CareBay of Plenty40338Extended partial pay parity
Above & Beyond TaurikoBay of Plenty47481Extended partial pay parity
Above and Beyond In The City LtdBay of Plenty47864Extended partial pay parity
Above and Beyond The Lakes LtdBay of Plenty46941Extended partial pay parity
ACG Parnell Early Learning SchoolAuckland47812Extended partial pay parity
ACG Remuera Early Learning SchoolAuckland45735Extended partial pay parity
ACG Strathallan Preschool CentreAuckland10316Extended partial pay parity
ACG Sunderland PreschoolAuckland46224Extended partial pay parity
ACG Tauranga PreschoolBay of Plenty47413Extended partial pay parity
Active Discoverers EducareWaikato46338Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Active Explorers – KaiapoiCanterbury47262Full Pay Parity Salary
Active Explorers AshburtonCanterbury70566Full Pay Parity Salary
Active Explorers BlenheimMarlborough45457Full Pay Parity Salary
Active Explorers Blockhouse BayAuckland45284Full Pay Parity Salary
Active Explorers CamroseAuckland45708Full Pay Parity Salary
Active Explorers Central CityCanterbury45158Full Pay Parity Salary
Active Explorers Central ParkAuckland25000Full Pay Parity Salary
Active Explorers EllerslieAuckland25423Full Pay Parity Salary
Active Explorers FarnboroughWaikato30091Full Pay Parity Salary
Active Explorers GlenfieldAuckland46482Full Pay Parity Salary
Active Explorers GreenmeadowsHawke’s Bay46346Full Pay Parity Salary
Active Explorers GrenadaWellington46163Full Pay Parity Salary
Active Explorers Greta PointWellington60090Full Pay Parity Salary
Active Explorers Grey StManawatu-Wanganui50070Full Pay Parity Salary
Active Explorers HelensvilleAuckland47607Full Pay Parity Salary
Active Explorers HighbrookAuckland25394Full Pay Parity Salary
Active Explorers HokitikaWest Coast65149Full Pay Parity Salary
Active Explorers InvercargillSouthland45326Full Pay Parity Salary
Active Explorers KaiwharawharaWellington46196Full Pay Parity Salary
Active Explorers LeestonCanterbury70001Full Pay Parity Salary
Active Explorers Lower HuttWellington45587Full Pay Parity Salary
Active Explorers ManaWellington45059Full Pay Parity Salary
Active Explorers MastertonWellington60105Full Pay Parity Salary
Active Explorers MelvilleWaikato46073Full Pay Parity Salary
Active Explorers Nelson StWest Coast65195Full Pay Parity Salary
Active Explorers PapakuraAuckland47448Full Pay Parity Salary
Active Explorers RichmondTasman65236Full Pay Parity Salary
Active Explorers RollestonCanterbury65145Full Pay Parity Salary
Active Explorers Shakespeare StWest Coast45292Full Pay Parity Salary
Active Explorers St LukesAuckland45567Full Pay Parity Salary
Active Explorers SwansonAuckland20247Full Pay Parity Salary
Active Explorers Tai TapuCanterbury70123Full Pay Parity Salary
Active Explorers Upper HuttWellington46057Full Pay Parity Salary
Active Explorers Victoria AvenueManawatu-Wanganui45896Full Pay Parity Salary
Active Kids Early Childcare CentreBay of Plenty45949Extended partial pay parity
Adelaide Early Childhood CentreWellington60241Extended partial pay parity
Adventure Valley ChildcareAuckland45714Full Pay Parity Salary
Adventureland ELCAuckland45205Full Pay Parity Salary
Agape Christian PreschoolBay of Plenty40304Extended partial pay parity
Ahipara Sandhoppers Early ChildhoodNorthland11530Extended partial pay parity
Aidanfield Christian PreschoolCanterbury45753Extended partial pay parity
Aiga Paia A’oga AmataWellington60338Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Aiga Salevalasi Charitable TrustAuckland20268Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Airdmhor MontessoriCanterbury65048Base Salary (Step 1)
Akaiti MangarongaroAuckland10186Base Salary (Step 1)
Ako AdventuresAuckland46943Extended partial pay parity
Ako Early LearningBay of Plenty45439Full Pay Parity Salary
Ako LangimalieAuckland46124Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Ako RollestonCanterbury65073Full Pay Parity Salary
Ako TahiCanterbury48088Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Ako Tokamu’a Falemasiva PreschoolAuckland10088Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Ako Tokamu’a Lou Olive PreschoolAuckland25064Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Akoranga Childcare CentreAuckland20001Extended partial pay parity
Akoranga PreschoolSouthland46072Full Pay Parity Salary
Akoteu Falemaama Pre-SchoolAuckland25088Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Akoteu Kato KakalaAuckland25148Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Akoteu Matavai Sila’i (Matavai Silai Pre School)Auckland25448Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Akoteu Matavai Silai (Matavai Silai Preschool)Auckland25442Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Akoteu Tokaima’anangaAuckland25312Base Salary (Step 1)
Akoteu To’o LeleiAuckland10137Extended partial pay parity
Akoteu Toonga FunganiAuckland10130Full Pay Parity Salary
Albany Community PreschoolAuckland20002Extended partial pay parity
All About Children  – BrownsAuckland45668Full Pay Parity Salary
All About Children – 149 MahiaAuckland46143Full Pay Parity Salary
All About Children – 51 MahiaAuckland47187Full Pay Parity Salary
All about children – AvondaleAuckland10189Full Pay Parity Salary
All About Children – BullsManawatu-Wanganui52535Full Pay Parity Salary
All About Children – Lower HuttWellington47514Full Pay Parity Salary
All About Children – MartonManawatu-Wanganui45998Full Pay Parity Salary
All About Children – OpahekeAuckland47437Full Pay Parity Salary
All About Children – ReggioAuckland47394Full Pay Parity Salary
All About Children – Titahi BayWellington60308Full Pay Parity Salary
All About Children – WeymouthAuckland46549Full Pay Parity Salary
All Saints ELCAuckland20486Extended partial pay parity
Alpha Early Childhood Educational CentreCanterbury70430Base Salary (Step 1)
Alphabet Academy CloverleaManawatu-Wanganui45868Full Pay Parity Salary
Alphabet Academy RoslynManawatu-Wanganui52546Full Pay Parity Salary
Alten Road Early Childhood CentreAuckland20450Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Amazing Place Preschool (Sunset Road)Bay of Plenty30178Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Amber ELCAuckland25050Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Amber ELCBay of Plenty40044Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Amberley Community Preparatory School IncCanterbury46255Base Salary (Step 1)
Amberley Community PreschoolCanterbury70368Base Salary (Step 1)
An Nur Childcare CentreCanterbury65070Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Andersons Bay Community KindergartenOtago83001Full Pay Parity Salary
Andy’s EducareAuckland20565Extended partial pay parity
Angels Childcare – New LynnAuckland45577Extended partial pay parity
Angels Childcare – TakapunaAuckland20256Extended partial pay parity
Aniwaniwa – (The Rainbow) – StarsWellington48049Extended partial pay parity
Aniwaniwa – (The Rainbow) SuperstarsWellington60109Extended partial pay parity
Annabel’s EducareCanterbury65060Extended partial pay parity
Annabel’s Educare – ArlingtonCanterbury47178Extended partial pay parity
Annabel’s Educare – New BrightonCanterbury70089Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Annabel’s Educare – SomerfieldCanterbury46316Extended partial pay parity
Annabel’s Educare – West MeltonCanterbury47434Extended partial pay parity
Annabel’s Educare Avonhead LtdCanterbury45248Extended partial pay parity
Annabel’s Kindergarten – DarfieldCanterbury70105Extended partial pay parity
Annabel’s Private KindergartenCanterbury65021Extended partial pay parity
A’O Kids – PapakuraAuckland46823Extended partial pay parity
Aoga Amata (AAPICA) Centre AvondaleAuckland45488Extended partial pay parity
A’oga Amata (Porirua) E F K SWellington55374Full Pay Parity Salary
A’oga Amata EFKS NewtownWellington60228Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Aoga Amata Preschool 2020 LtdSouthland90400Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
A’oga Fa’a Samoa IncAuckland20197Extended partial pay parity
Aotea ELCAuckland48132Extended partial pay parity
Apakura Te Kakano Puna ReoWaikato30230Base Salary (Step 1)
Apple Tree Childcare Centre BallyboeAuckland46071Extended partial pay parity
Apples Childcare and Learning CentreAuckland10370Full Pay Parity Salary
Apples Childcare OnehungaAuckland47252Full Pay Parity Salary
AppleSeed EducareAuckland45857Extended partial pay parity
Appletree PreschoolAuckland25185Extended partial pay parity
Ara ELCCanterbury70341Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Aranga Early Childhood CentreAuckland47558Extended partial pay parity
Aranui Montessori PreschoolAuckland47367Extended partial pay parity
Aratupu Preschool and Whanau HubCanterbury70407Extended partial pay parity
Argyle PreschoolWaikato34131Extended partial pay parity
Aro Arataki Children’s CentreAuckland20062Extended partial pay parity
Aro Valley Community PreschoolWellington60246Full Pay Parity Salary
Arohanui Early Childhood Learning CentreNorthland10262Extended partial pay parity
Arrowtown Preschool Cotter AveOtago45441Full Pay Parity Salary
Arrowtown Preschool Durham StOtago90111Full Pay Parity Salary
Arthur Burns PreschoolOtago80012Full Pay Parity Salary
Ashburton Baptist PreschoolCanterbury70309Extended partial pay parity
Ashburton Montessori PreschoolCanterbury70037Extended partial pay parity
Aspirations ELCAuckland20529Extended partial pay parity
Aspirations ELCAuckland47669Extended partial pay parity
Aspiring Beginnings ELCOtago80009Extended partial pay parity
Atawhai ChildcareBay of Plenty40094Extended partial pay parity
Atawhai KidsNelson47561Full Pay Parity Salary
Athenree MontessoriBay of Plenty47496Full Pay Parity Salary
Aubrey ELCAuckland25370Extended partial pay parity
Auckland Girls Grammar School ChildcareAuckland20206Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Aukilani KidsAuckland47934Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Aurora Tamariki Early Years Care and KindergartenOtago47091Extended partial pay parity
AUT Centre for Refugee Education Early Childhood CentreAuckland25150Full Pay Parity Salary
Avalon Childcare CentreWaikato47279Extended partial pay parity
Avenues EduCareNorthland11511Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Avondale Christian KindergartenAuckland20010Extended partial pay parity
Avondale College Early Childhood CentreAuckland20574Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Avonside Early Childhood CentreCanterbury70321Full Pay Parity Salary
Awapuni Early LearnersGisborne55217Full Pay Parity Salary
Awesome Kiwis Childcare LtdAuckland47930Extended partial pay parity
Awhi ELCNorthland10427Extended partial pay parity
Awhi Educare @ GlenholmeBay of Plenty46633Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Awhi Educare @ OwhataBay of Plenty46238Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Awhina ChildcareHawke’s Bay55397Full Pay Parity Salary
Awhina PepiHawke’s Bay48148Full Pay Parity Salary
Aynsley St PreschoolCanterbury70059Extended partial pay parity
Babies & Buddies Early Childhood CentreAuckland20472Extended partial pay parity
Babyspace LtdTasman65233Base Salary (Step 1)
Back 2 BasicsNorthland46109Extended partial pay parity
Backyard Kids LtdWellington48161Extended partial pay parity
Bambinos Early Childhood CentreAuckland25324Full Pay Parity Salary
Bambinos Early Childhood Centre (Tawa St)Bay of Plenty46186Full Pay Parity Salary
Bambinos Manukau Early Childhood CentreAuckland46584Full Pay Parity Salary
Banks Peninsula Early Learning IncCanterbury65121Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Barbaras Place Learning CentreAuckland20584Extended partial pay parity
Barnardos Early Learning Awhi TairawhitiGisborne48178Full Pay Parity Salary
Barnardos ELC ClendonAuckland25364Full Pay Parity Salary
Barnardos ELC CromwellOtago80051Full Pay Parity Salary
Barnardos ELC EastbourneWellington60291Full Pay Parity Salary
Barnardos ELC HastingsHawke’s Bay55093Full Pay Parity Salary
Barnardos ELC HendersonAuckland45881Full Pay Parity Salary
Barnardos ELC KaikouraCanterbury65034Full Pay Parity Salary
Barnardos ELC MangereAuckland25006Full Pay Parity Salary
Barnardos ELC ManurewaAuckland25427Full Pay Parity Salary
Barnardos ELC OamaruOtago83063Full Pay Parity Salary
Barnardos ELC OtaraAuckland45367Full Pay Parity Salary
Barnardos ELC PakurangaAuckland25265Full Pay Parity Salary
Barnardos ELC Palmerston NorthManawatu-Wanganui40239Full Pay Parity Salary
Barnardos ELC PetoneWellington60168Full Pay Parity Salary
Barnardos ELC PoriruaWellington60170Full Pay Parity Salary
Barnardos ELC Te Puna OrakaCanterbury70099Full Pay Parity Salary
Barnardos ELC Te RapaWaikato47809Full Pay Parity Salary
Barnardos ELC TuruaWaikato30350Full Pay Parity Salary
Barnardos ELC WainuiomataWellington55443Full Pay Parity Salary
Barnardos ELC Wellington CentralWellington47345Full Pay Parity Salary
Barnardos Early Learning Lower HuttWellington47903Full Pay Parity Salary
Barnardos Hornby Pasifika ELCCanterbury47214Full Pay Parity Salary
Bay Buddies PreschoolHawke’s Bay30208Extended partial pay parity
Bay Buddies Preschool TamateaHawke’s Bay55280Extended partial pay parity
Bayview ELCAuckland10248Extended partial pay parity
Beach Kids WaihiWaikato47270Full Pay Parity Salary
Beachcomber KindergartenAuckland25007Extended partial pay parity
Beachlands Montessori PreschoolAuckland48129Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Bear Park – St ClairOtago45707Extended partial pay parity
Bear Park AlbanyAuckland20549Extended partial pay parity
Bear Park Centre of LearningAuckland45105Extended partial pay parity
Bear Park Childcare Mairangi BayAuckland20334Extended partial pay parity
Bear Park Early Childhood CentreAuckland20562Extended partial pay parity
Bear Park HendersonAuckland10384Extended partial pay parity
Bear Park Herne Bay Auckland25328Extended partial pay parity
Bear Park Hobsonville PointAuckland47709Extended partial pay parity
Bear Park KohimaramaAuckland25421Extended partial pay parity
Bear Park Mt EdenAuckland10202Extended partial pay parity
Bear Park St HeliersAuckland20017Extended partial pay parity
Bee Kids Childcare CentreManawatu-Wanganui46164Full Pay Parity Salary
Before Six Early Educational Childhood CentreNorthland10407Extended partial pay parity
Beginnings and Beyond Quality PreschoolBay of Plenty30237Extended partial pay parity
Beginnings ELCAuckland25174Full Pay Parity Salary
Bell Block ChildcareTaranaki50501Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Bell St ELC Ltd – MartinboroughWellington46731Base Salary (Step 1)
Bell St ELCWellington45057Base Salary (Step 1)
Bella Montessori Preschool LtdCanterbury47007Extended partial pay parity
Belmont Learning SpaceAuckland47576Extended partial pay parity
Belmont Montessori PreschoolAuckland20000Extended partial pay parity
Besthope ELCAuckland48058Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
BestStart AbacusWaikato45037Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart AidanfieldCanterbury65135Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Albany 1Auckland10117Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Albany 2Auckland10348Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart AlexandraOtago45256Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart AllentonCanterbury70113Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Apirana AvenueAuckland25393Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Ascot AvenueAuckland20159Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart AvondaleAuckland20280Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Bader StWaikato46037Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart BalcluthaOtago80044Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart BarringtonCanterbury47725Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Baverstock OaksAuckland46118Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Bay KindyBay of Plenty46113Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart BayfairBay of Plenty48236Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Beach HavenAuckland48085Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart BeckenhamCanterbury65077Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Berryfield CrossingTasman48176Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart BirkdaleAuckland47993Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Blenheim CentralMarlborough65512Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Borman RoadWaikato47493Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Botany JunctionAuckland47629Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Botany RoadAuckland10003Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Bremner RoadAuckland48147Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart BrooklynWaikato47023Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Buchanans RoadCanterbury45132Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart BurnsideCanterbury70547Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart CambridgeWaikato47706Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart CashmereCanterbury70332Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Clarence StWaikato30100Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart ClaudelandsWaikato30063Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Coast BoulevardBay of Plenty47584Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Cornwall StWellington45669Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Coronation RoadAuckland25055Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Cranford StCanterbury47166Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart DannemoraAuckland25377Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Delta AvenueAuckland48074Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Dey StWaikato30288Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Dilworth AvenueAuckland10141Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart DinsdaleWaikato30249Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Dixon HeightsWaikato47854Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Doncaster Drive KindyBay of Plenty30033Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Dublin StAuckland25052Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart East Tamaki RoadAuckland47126Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Elles RoadSouthland45957Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart EpsomAuckland10225Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Everglade BabiesAuckland25166Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Everglade PreschoolAuckland25253Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Fairy SpringsBay of Plenty40283Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart FaringdonCanterbury46844Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Faringdon EastCanterbury47618Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart FendaltonCanterbury46567Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Ferry RoadCanterbury48003Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Flat BushAuckland45877Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Flat Bush School RoadAuckland47999Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Foxton Beach KindyManawatu-Wanganui40251Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Gillies AvenueAuckland20263Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Girven RoadBay of Plenty30166Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Glasgow StManawatu-Wanganui45192Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Glen EdenAuckland47671Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart GlenfieldAuckland20236Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Great North RoadAuckland45654Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart GreenmeadowsHawke’s Bay30257Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Greenwood StWaikato46393Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart GreertonBay of Plenty30082Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Grey LynnAuckland10284Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Halswell JunctionCanterbury47928Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Halswell RoadCanterbury45051Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Hanleys FarmOtago48175Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Harrison StManawatu-Wanganui51529Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Havelock NorthHawke’s Bay55446Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Hei HeiCanterbury70008Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Herewini StBay of Plenty40063Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart HighfieldCanterbury48030Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart HillcrestBay of Plenty30064Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart HokowhituManawatu-Wanganui40241Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart HowickAuckland25194Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart HuntingtonWaikato47752Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart HuntsburyCanterbury47961Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart InglewoodTaranaki50120Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Johnstones Road KindyAuckland46217Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Jones Crescent KindyWaikato30203Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart JudeaBay of Plenty45619Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart KaiapoiCanterbury70065Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart KaikoheNorthland11552Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Kaikorai Valley RoadOtago45673Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart KaiwharawharaWellington50063Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Kamo CentralNorthland10408Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Kapiti  RoadWellington47136Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart KarakaAuckland46887Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart KatikatiBay of Plenty40051Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Kauri FlatsAuckland47689Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Kawaha PointBay of Plenty30048Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Kelvin GroveManawatu-Wanganui47338Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Kelvin StSouthland90032Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Kenderdine RoadAuckland25193Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Kensington CrossingNorthland48029Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Kilmarnock StCanterbury70172Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Lakeside VillageWaikato48187Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Lambie DriveAuckland10299Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Lambie Drive 1Auckland10123Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Leeds StWellington55383Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Lemon StTaranaki50508Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart LynmoreBay of Plenty40058Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart MacDonald StBay of Plenty30028Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart MahoraHawke’s Bay55089Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Maich RoadAuckland25049Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Mangere East 3Auckland47286Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Mangorei RoadTaranaki45335Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Manukau 1Auckland25337Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Manurewa CentralAuckland25298Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Manuroa Road 1Auckland10034Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart MarchwielCanterbury70403Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Marne Road KindyAuckland10032Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Marne StManawatu-Wanganui46762Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Marshland RoadCanterbury45826Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Maui StWaikato30325Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Maunu VillageNorthland45909Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart MeadowbankAuckland20468Full Pay Parity Salary
Beststart MellingWellington47418Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart MerivaleCanterbury70405Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Milson LineManawatu-Wanganui48186Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Montel AvenueAuckland45295Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Montessori ArrowtownOtago90115Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Montessori BethlehemBay of Plenty45675Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Montessori FlagstaffWaikato30120Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Montessori JohnsonvilleWellington60353Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Montessori KilbirnieWellington50061Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Montessori MosgielOtago80081Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Montessori OtumoetaiBay of Plenty40047Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Montessori RongotaiWellington55364Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Montessori St AlbansCanterbury45307Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Montessori TaradaleHawke’s Bay55518Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Montessori The Children’s HouseAuckland20066Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Montessori The GardensOtago80021Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart MorrinsvilleWaikato30035Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart MosgielOtago80020Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Motutaiko StWaikato45185Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Mount EdenAuckland20131Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Mount WellingtonAuckland46112Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Murphys ParkAuckland48025Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart NaenaeWellington46715Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Napier CentralHawke’s Bay55321Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart NewtonAuckland10300Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Ngatai RoadBay of Plenty45038Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart North HarbourAuckland20233Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart North RoadSouthland45952Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart NorthwoodCanterbury65124Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Nottingham AvenueCanterbury70549Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Oamaru KindyOtago83077Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Omahu RoadHawke’s Bay55456Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart OmokoroaBay of Plenty47626Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart OnehungaAuckland20575Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Onslow RoadAuckland25097Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart OpihiCanterbury65042Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Oraha RoadAuckland47490Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Orewa WestAuckland48232Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Paerata RiseAuckland48105Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Palm SpringsBay of Plenty40309Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Palmerston North 1Manawatu-Wanganui52537Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Palmerston North 2Manawatu-Wanganui40243Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart PapakuraAuckland46662Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Papakura East KindyAuckland25080Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Papamoa PlazaBay of Plenty47816Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart PapanuiCanterbury70427Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart PapatoetoeAuckland10046Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart ParaparaumuWellington50067Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart ParklandsCanterbury65096Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart ParksideCanterbury70551Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Parton RoadBay of Plenty40271Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Peachgrove RoadWaikato30216Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart PetoneWellington45152Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart PinnaclesOtago47551Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart PioneerCanterbury70429Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Pipiwai KindyNorthland10148Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Pipiwai RoadNorthland11565Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Pleasant PointCanterbury45433Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart PonsonbyAuckland20104Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Porchester RoadAuckland46460Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Portage Road KindyAuckland46862Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Powells Road KindyWaikato46585Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart PrestonsCanterbury46848Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Primrose StWaikato34095Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Pukekohe WestAuckland47952Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Puketaha RoadWaikato30276Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart PukuatuaBay of Plenty40320Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Puni RoadAuckland10063Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Pyes PaBay of Plenty46896Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart QueenstownOtago65156Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Railway RoadManawatu-Wanganui45337Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart RangioraCanterbury70109Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart RaumatiWellington60240Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart RaurekaHawke’s Bay55318Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart RedwoodCanterbury45134Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Remuera RoadAuckland10385Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart RiccartonCanterbury65098Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Richmond KindyWaikato47036Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Riverbend RoadHawke’s Bay45277Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart RollestonCanterbury65014Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart RongotaiWellington60315Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart RototunaWaikato30128Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart RoydvaleCanterbury70564Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Rugby ParkSouthland65186Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Russell StManawatu-Wanganui50080Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Salisbury StCanterbury70447Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Seymour Road KindyAuckland20289Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Shelly Bay RoadAuckland47772Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart SilverdaleAuckland47990Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart SilverstreamCanterbury47361Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Sir Tristram AvenueWaikato48070Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Somerset StWaikato30148Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart South Road 1Taranaki50093Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart South Road 2Taranaki45336Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart SpringlandsMarlborough65223Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart St AlbansCanterbury70521Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart St AndrewsWaikato30055Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart St LukesAuckland25343Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Stoddard RoadAuckland45373Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Stokes ValleyWellington60096Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Styx MillCanterbury70011Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart SunsetBay of Plenty45013Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart TaitaWellington47526Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart TaradaleHawke’s Bay55475Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Tauranga CentralBay of Plenty45040Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart TawaWellington60331Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Tawa SouthWellington50084Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Te ArohaWaikato34114Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Te Atatu PeninsulaAuckland10060Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Te Atatu RoadAuckland45083Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Te AwamutuWaikato34056Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Te Heuheu St KindyWaikato45870Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Te WharikiCanterbury48013Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Tironui RoadAuckland10105Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Tory StWellington60332Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Totara ParkWellington47795Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Totara StWaikato40277Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Vardon RoadWaikato46087Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Vivian StTaranaki40233Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Waiata ShoresAuckland47764Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Waihi EastWaikato30172Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Waihopai KindySouthland80049Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart WaikanaeWellington60340Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Waikite Valley KindyWaikato47010Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Wainoni RoadCanterbury45477Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Wairakei RoadCanterbury70093Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart WaitangiruaWellington46411Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart WaiukuAuckland25345Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart WarringtonCanterbury47302Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Wattle DownsAuckland25278Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Welcome BayBay of Plenty45045Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart WeymouthAuckland46011Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart WhangamataWaikato34063Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart WhangaparaoaAuckland47918Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart WigramCanterbury65158Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Willowpark RoadHawke’s Bay55509Full Pay Parity Salary
BestStart Wolverton StAuckland25417Full Pay Parity Salary
Bethlehem College KindergartenBay of Plenty40032Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Bethlehem Community Preschool IncBay of Plenty45004Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Big River EducareOtago83074Extended partial pay parity
Big Steps Educare IncOtago83016Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Biggles @ The MountBay of Plenty47751Full Pay Parity Salary
Biggles ChildcareAuckland45314Extended partial pay parity
Biggles Childcare (Henderson)Auckland47850Extended partial pay parity
Biggles Early Learning LtdBay of Plenty46618Extended partial pay parity
Birkdale ELCAuckland20324Full Pay Parity Salary
Birkenhead Point Montessori Pre-schoolAuckland20249Full Pay Parity Salary
Bishopdale Community  PreschoolCanterbury70329Extended partial pay parity
Bizzy Bodz ELC – HuntlyWaikato30207Full Pay Parity Salary
Bizzy Bodz ELC GisborneGisborne46056Full Pay Parity Salary
Bizzy Kidz ChildcareAuckland46491Extended partial pay parity
Blenheim Early Childhood Centres and Kindergartens Inc Te Kupenga PreschoolMarlborough65222Extended partial pay parity
Blenheim Early Childhood Centres and Kindergartens Inc Uptown PreschoolMarlborough65501Extended partial pay parity
Blenheim Early Childhood Centres and Kindergartens Inc. John St  PreschoolMarlborough65502Extended partial pay parity
Blessings for LifeNorthland45804Full Pay Parity Salary
Blessings for Life KaitaiaNorthland46932Full Pay Parity Salary
Blessings for Life RiversideNorthland48039Full Pay Parity Salary
Blockhouse Bay Baptist KindergartenAuckland20021Extended partial pay parity
Blockhouse Bay Christian KindergartenAuckland20563Base Salary (Step 1)
Bloesem 2021 LtdBay of Plenty45291Extended partial pay parity
Bloesem ELCBay of Plenty46849Extended partial pay parity
Bloom Early Learning and PlayBay of Plenty47393Full Pay Parity Salary
Bloomfields Preschool LtdCanterbury47591Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Blooming Buds ELCAuckland47648Extended partial pay parity
Blooming Stars ChildcareAuckland25371Full Pay Parity Salary
Blossoms Educare  LtdAuckland25338Extended partial pay parity
Blossoms Educare Glen InnesAuckland47264Extended partial pay parity
Blossoms Educare MangereAuckland47040Extended partial pay parity
Blossoms Educare OtahuhuAuckland45929Extended partial pay parity
Blossoms Educare OtaraAuckland47884Extended partial pay parity
Blossoms Educare PapakuraAuckland46298Extended partial pay parity
Blossoms Educare PapatoetoeAuckland48122Extended partial pay parity
Blossoms Educare PukekoheAuckland46077Extended partial pay parity
Blossoms Educare Rangiora LtdCanterbury47327Extended partial pay parity
Blossoms Educare RiversideAuckland46498Extended partial pay parity
Blossoms Educare Rolleston LtdCanterbury47205Extended partial pay parity
Blossoms Educare TakaniniAuckland46661Extended partial pay parity
Blue Duck ELCSouthland47539Extended partial pay parity
Blue Duck ELCSouthland47975Extended partial pay parity
Blue SchoolWellington46128Extended partial pay parity
Borman Village KidsWaikato47357Extended partial pay parity
Born & Raised Pasifika Early Childhood CentreManawatu-Wanganui50053Base Salary (Step 1)
Bowen Early Childhood Education Centre Inc.Wellington60222Full Pay Parity Salary
Brainwaves PreschoolAuckland47422Extended partial pay parity
Bridge KidsAuckland46959Extended partial pay parity
Bright Bears Early Childhood CentreAuckland10152Extended partial pay parity
Bright Beginnings Childcare CentreManawatu-Wanganui40201Full Pay Parity Salary
Bright Beginnings Childcare CentreManawatu-Wanganui50048Full Pay Parity Salary
Bright Beginnings ELC – HowickAuckland47886Full Pay Parity Salary
Bright Beginnings ELC – Mt RoskillAuckland47277Full Pay Parity Salary
Bright Beginnings ELC – PanmureAuckland46879Full Pay Parity Salary
Bright Beginnings ELC Peachgrove RdWaikato47802Full Pay Parity Salary
Bright Beginnings MontessoriCanterbury45483Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Bright Horizons DruryAuckland45110Full Pay Parity Salary
Bright Kidz ChildcareAuckland46784Extended partial pay parity
Bright Star Education and Care CentreWellington45837Extended partial pay parity
Bright Stars Educare LtdWaikato30315Full Pay Parity Salary
Brightlands Childcare Centre, Airport OaksAuckland48015Extended partial pay parity
Brightlands Childcare Centre, Vickery StWaikato45519Full Pay Parity Salary
Brilliant Minds Early Childhood CentreAuckland46201Extended partial pay parity
Browns Bay Preschool TrustAuckland20024Extended partial pay parity
Brynley St Nursery & PreschoolCanterbury70119Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Buckle My Shoe ELCBay of Plenty40311Full Pay Parity Salary
Buds and Blooms Childcare CentreAuckland25387Extended partial pay parity
Buds and Blooms Childcare CentreAuckland47143Extended partial pay parity
Bula CentreAuckland45936No Step
Bumblebees Childcare CentreAuckland46922Full Pay Parity Salary
Bumblebees Whitford Childcare CentreAuckland47505Extended partial pay parity
Bunnies Childcare and PreschoolWaikato34123Full Pay Parity Salary
Burnham Country MontessoriCanterbury70167Extended partial pay parity
Busby St Early Learning Childcare CentreAuckland20026Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Bush Babies ChildcareAuckland46099Extended partial pay parity
Busy BeesNelson65130Extended partial pay parity
Busy Bees Alfriston RoadAuckland45923Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees AorakiCanterbury65084Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees ApolloAuckland47082Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees AshburtonCanterbury45723Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees AvonheadCanterbury70381Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees Bottle LakeCanterbury70063Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees BrooklynWellington45958Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees BurwoodCanterbury65059Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees CambridgeWaikato30349Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees CartertonWellington45581Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees Church StManawatu-Wanganui48165Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees Coopers BeachNorthland46403Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees DargavilleNorthland47088Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees Douglas StBay of Plenty30248Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees Educational CC-DannevirkeManawatu-Wanganui55366Base Salary (Step 1)
Busy Bees Featherston StManawatu-Wanganui47739Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees FeildingManawatu-Wanganui47849Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees FrimleyHawke’s Bay30177Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees Gladstone RoadGisborne47307Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees GreytownWellington60349Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees HastingsHawke’s Bay46882Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees Havelock NorthHawke’s Bay45579Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees HobsonvilleAuckland47435Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees Judsons RdCanterbury46009Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees KatikatiBay of Plenty45018Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees KawatiriWest Coast46060Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees Kerikeri NurseryNorthland10206Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees Kerikeri PreschoolNorthland10009Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees Lake TerraceCanterbury65139Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees Manchester StManawatu-Wanganui50131Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees MangakakahiBay of Plenty40200Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees MapuaTasman65229Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees MartinboroughWellington50064Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees MastertonWellington45719Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees McGarvey Road 1Bay of Plenty45306Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees McGarvey Road 2Bay of Plenty45305Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees MorrinsvilleWaikato30281Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees MotuekaTasman47199Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees Mount WellingtonAuckland25089Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees Napier RoadHawke’s Bay55513Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees New PlymouthTaranaki46320Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees NgongotahaBay of Plenty40052Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees Ormiston RoadAuckland47457Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees OtahuhuAuckland10051Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees PahiatuaManawatu-Wanganui45801Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees Pakuranga 1Auckland10393Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees Pakuranga 2Auckland25090Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees Papamoa BeachBay of Plenty46579Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees Pioneer HighwayManawatu-Wanganui45580Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees PukekoheAuckland46059Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees PutaruruWaikato30238Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees RichmondTasman45605Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees Roscommon RoadAuckland46446Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees RosedaleAuckland10236Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees RuakakaNorthland20223Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees SilverdaleAuckland47353Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees Silverdale CentralAuckland47559Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees SouthbrookCanterbury70051Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees TaupoWaikato47657Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees Te KauwhataWaikato47310Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees Te Mata RoadHawke’s Bay45878Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees Te RapaWaikato47595Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees Terrace EndManawatu-Wanganui47144Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees WaitaraTaranaki45308Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees Wellington StGisborne55011Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees Western HeightsBay of Plenty40274Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees WestgateAuckland47081Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees Whakatau StBay of Plenty40054Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees Whau ValleyNorthland10379Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees WhitbyWellington60085Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Bees WoodendCanterbury65030Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Beez Childcare CentreWellington60381Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy C’s Preschool LytteltonCanterbury70561Full Pay Parity Salary
Busy Minds ELCAuckland20550Full Pay Parity Salary
Buttercups PreschoolCanterbury46342Extended partial pay parity
Buttercups Preschool – DallingtonCanterbury47672Extended partial pay parity
Butterfly PreschoolTaranaki46395Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Cambridge E L Centre “The Castle”Waikato34002Extended partial pay parity
Cambridge E L Centre The PagodaWaikato30296Extended partial pay parity
Cambridge MontessoriWaikato30278Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Cambridge Road Community KindergartenWaikato34003Full Pay Parity Salary
Campbells Bay ELCAuckland47612Full Pay Parity Salary
Campus Corner ELC IncNelson65410Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Campus Creche at FraserWaikato30147Extended partial pay parity
Campus Creche TrustWaikato34005Extended partial pay parity
Candy Cuddles Early Childhood CentreAuckland48226Extended partial pay parity
Canterbury Educare Prestons PreschoolCanterbury47201Full Pay Parity Salary
Capital City PreschoolWellington60346Full Pay Parity Salary
Capital Kids Co-OperativeWellington60215Full Pay Parity Salary
Capital Montessori SchoolWellington60311Full Pay Parity Salary
Caring Kids ChildcareWaikato47042Full Pay Parity Salary
Carrigane Childcare CentreWellington60234Extended partial pay parity
Carrigane Infant CentreWellington60280Extended partial pay parity
Carterton PreschoolWellington60113Extended partial pay parity
Carterton Preschool LittliesWellington46203Extended partial pay parity
CAS ELCSouthland90038Extended partial pay parity
Casa Dei Bambini Foundation SchoolCanterbury70333Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Casa Montessori PreschoolAuckland46206Extended partial pay parity
Cashmere ELCCanterbury45406Extended partial pay parity
Castle Kids Te MoanaWellington60079Extended partial pay parity
Caterpillar Kids ELCAuckland25395Extended partial pay parity
Caterpillars to Butterflies ChildcareAuckland20225Extended partial pay parity
Central Childcare and Education CentreGisborne55003Extended partial pay parity
Central Hastings ELCHawke’s Bay47253Extended partial pay parity
Central Park ELCAuckland25351Full Pay Parity Salary
Champion Kids Early Childhood EducationTasman47156Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Changepoint ELCBay of Plenty45902Base Salary (Step 1)
Chapel Downs ELCAuckland25275Extended partial pay parity
Chapel Hill KindergartenWaikato30149Base Salary (Step 1)
Chasing Joy Early LearningAuckland47572Extended partial pay parity
Chelsea HouseWellington55407Base Salary (Step 1)
Chelsea House LevinManawatu-Wanganui50124Base Salary (Step 1)
Cherry Grove @ 101Hawke’s Bay47679Extended partial pay parity
Cherry Grove Childcare and Family CentreHawke’s Bay46865Extended partial pay parity
Cherry’s ELCCanterbury70342Full Pay Parity Salary
Cherry’s on MaryhillCanterbury45151Full Pay Parity Salary
Child Pre-School Education LtdAuckland25406Extended partial pay parity
Childhood Concepts ELC (Upper Hutt) Ltd.Wellington45449Extended partial pay parity
Childhood Concepts ELC LtdWellington60000Extended partial pay parity
Children First Early Childhood CentreWellington60292Full Pay Parity Salary
Children First Pre SchoolCanterbury70355Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Children’s Circle Early Years CentreBay of Plenty46107Extended partial pay parity
Children’s Play and Recreation CentreOtago83068Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Child’s Time PenroseAuckland46616Extended partial pay parity
Child’s Wonder Learning CentreBay of Plenty45261Full Pay Parity Salary
Childspace ELC -WiltonWellington55348Full Pay Parity Salary
Childspace Early Learning Ctr- KaroriWellington60379Full Pay Parity Salary
Childspace Ltd – NorthlandWellington55384Full Pay Parity Salary
Childspace NgaioWellington55439Full Pay Parity Salary
Childspace PreschoolAuckland20033Extended partial pay parity
Childsplay UnLtd – LynfieldAuckland25082Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Childsplay UnLtd KingslandAuckland45285Extended partial pay parity
Childsteps ELCAuckland47832Extended partial pay parity
Chilton St James Preschool – WaterlooWellington60304Full Pay Parity Salary
Christopher and Robin Early Childhood CentreNorthland25405Extended partial pay parity
Christopher Robin ChildcareAuckland20036Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Chrysalis ELCAuckland46621Full Pay Parity Salary
Chuckles ChildcareHawke’s Bay55433Extended partial pay parity
Chuckles Learning CentreHawke’s Bay55307Full Pay Parity Salary
Church Corner NestCanterbury46443Extended partial pay parity
Church St EducareAuckland25258Full Pay Parity Salary
Churton Park Little School & NurseryWellington50082Extended partial pay parity
City Childrens CentreHawke’s Bay55087Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
City Heights MontessoriOtago80026Extended partial pay parity
City Heights Montessori 2Otago80056Extended partial pay parity
City Impact Church Care and EducationAuckland10016Full Pay Parity Salary
City Impact Church Childcare – North ShoreAuckland47820Full Pay Parity Salary
City Impact Church Childcare BalcluthaOtago47636Full Pay Parity Salary
City Impact Church Queenstown Otago80052Full Pay Parity Salary
City Kids Childcare CentreWellington60259Extended partial pay parity
City Limits ELC LtdWaikato30056Full Pay Parity Salary
City PreschoolAuckland10372Extended partial pay parity
Claudelands Early Education CentreWaikato34023Full Pay Parity Salary
Clendon Christian PreschoolAuckland46327Base Salary (Step 1)
Clendon Kids ELCAuckland47803Full Pay Parity Salary
Clevedon Kidz Early Childhood CentreAuckland25057Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Cloud Kids EducareWellington60236Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Co KidsAuckland47031Extended partial pay parity
Co Kids Christchurch LtdCanterbury47294Extended partial pay parity
Co Kids ThorndonWellington47567Extended partial pay parity
Co Star ELCAuckland48034Extended partial pay parity
Coast Kids on KarepiroAuckland46581Full Pay Parity Salary
Coast KindyAuckland20188Extended partial pay parity
Coast Montessori PreschoolAuckland46272Extended partial pay parity
Coastlands PreschoolBay of Plenty40278Extended partial pay parity
Cockle Bay Private KindergartenAuckland25281Full Pay Parity Salary
Cole St ELCWellington55355Extended partial pay parity
Colenso Early Childhood CentreHawke’s Bay55434Extended partial pay parity
Collectively Kids LtdAuckland20478Extended partial pay parity
Colville Bay Pre-SchoolWaikato34045Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Community Kindy The MountHawke’s Bay30246Full Pay Parity Salary
Conductive Education Canterbury IncCanterbury70350Extended partial pay parity
Conductive Education WellingtonWellington55360Base Salary (Step 1)
Confident Learners ELCAuckland20300Full Pay Parity Salary
Connect PreschoolAuckland20496Extended partial pay parity
Cool Kids Montessori ELCAuckland47745Extended partial pay parity
Cornerstone Christian ELC MiddletonCanterbury70385Extended partial pay parity
Cornerstone Christian PreschoolManawatu-Wanganui52543Full Pay Parity Salary
Cornerstone Pre-SchoolGisborne55012Extended partial pay parity
Coromandel Community PreschoolWaikato30295Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Cosmo KidsAuckland47329Full Pay Parity Salary
Cotswold Preschool and NurseryCanterbury70457Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Country Bears Early Childhood CentreAuckland20333Extended partial pay parity
Country Educare Children’s CentreManawatu-Wanganui40244Full Pay Parity Salary
Country Gate Early LearningWaikato34084Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Country KidsAuckland10172Extended partial pay parity
Country Kids Childcare CentreTasman65406Full Pay Parity Salary
Country Kids ECE LtdManawatu-Wanganui45861Extended partial pay parity
Country Kids Pre-School LtdBay of Plenty46110Extended partial pay parity
Country KidzWaikato45431Extended partial pay parity
Country Kindy LtdManawatu-Wanganui45768Full Pay Parity Salary
Country Village PreschoolAuckland46559Extended partial pay parity
Country WondersCanterbury45356Extended partial pay parity
Countrylife Educare LtdWellington60118Base Salary (Step 1)
Covenant Kids PreschoolAuckland10344Base Salary (Step 1)
Cozy Corner EducareAuckland47783Extended partial pay parity
Crackerjacks Preschool 2020 LtdWaikato30037Extended partial pay parity
Crackerjax ELCOtago45462Full Pay Parity Salary
Craighead  Kindergarten IncCanterbury70347Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Creative Corner ELCCanterbury70337Extended partial pay parity
Creative Cubs BelfastCanterbury65009Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Creative Garden ELCAuckland47940Extended partial pay parity
Creative Garden ELC – PapakuraAuckland47563Extended partial pay parity
Creative Garden ELC – DawsonAuckland46190Extended partial pay parity
Creative KidsAuckland20186Extended partial pay parity
Creative Kids PreschoolWaikato30351No Step
Creative Minds (Kaeo) LtdNorthland10200Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Creative Minds Childcare CentreAuckland20586Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Creators Forest LakeWaikato48204Extended partial pay parity
Creators on GrandviewWaikato46843Extended partial pay parity
Creators WaipaWaikato46534Extended partial pay parity
Cromwell ELC IncOtago80037Full Pay Parity Salary
Crossroads Early Childhood Centre TrustManawatu-Wanganui40249Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Crossways Community CrecheWellington60188Extended partial pay parity
Cuddles ELCCanterbury47972Extended partial pay parity
Cuddly Kiwis Childcare EvergladeAuckland25104Extended partial pay parity
Cuddly Kiwis Childcare PapatoetoeAuckland25291Extended partial pay parity
Cumberland Early Education CentreWaikato46148Full Pay Parity Salary
Curious Cubs City ELCWaikato47154Extended partial pay parity
Curious Keas LtdWaikato45900Full Pay Parity Salary
Curious Kids ELCAuckland10120Extended partial pay parity
Curious Minds Early LearningOtago48227Full Pay Parity Salary
Cust PreschoolCanterbury46745Full Pay Parity Salary
Daisies Early Education & Care CentreWellington60110Extended partial pay parity
Daisies Early Education and Care CentreWellington47708Extended partial pay parity
Daisy Cottage MontessoriBay of Plenty40305Full Pay Parity Salary
Dandelions and DragonfliesWaikato48031Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Dandy & Lion HouseWaikato47635Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Darfield Preschool And NurseryCanterbury70401Extended partial pay parity
Daystar ELCAuckland20039Extended partial pay parity
Dazzling Stars ELCAuckland47947Extended partial pay parity
Deb’s Place ELCCanterbury48027Full Pay Parity Salary
Devonport Community CrecheAuckland20041Full Pay Parity Salary
Devonport Methodist Childcare CentreAuckland20328Extended partial pay parity
Diocesan School for Girls Foundation ClassAuckland45671Full Pay Parity Salary
Discovery ELCWellington60081Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Discovery JunctionCanterbury47599Extended partial pay parity
Discovery Junction Styx Mill LtdCanterbury47690Extended partial pay parity
Discovery Nursery and CottageWellington60362Full Pay Parity Salary
Discovery Preschool LtdWellington55417Full Pay Parity Salary
Discovery TreeWaikato46052Extended partial pay parity
Divine ELCAuckland48065Extended partial pay parity
Dominion Childcare CentreAuckland47411Extended partial pay parity
Donald St PreschoolWellington60067Extended partial pay parity
Dorie Community PreschoolCanterbury45113Base Salary (Step 1)
Douglas St Montessori by Busy BeesBay of Plenty40332Full Pay Parity Salary
Dream Catchers Early Learning ServiceAuckland48215Extended partial pay parity
Dream Catchers PreschoolAuckland47967Extended partial pay parity
Dreamers Nest Montessori ELCAuckland47019Extended partial pay parity
Dudley Creek Preschool LtdCanterbury45546Extended partial pay parity
Dunedin Hospital Early Childhood CentreOtago83007Extended partial pay parity
Dunedin Rudolf Steiner KindergartenOtago83015Extended partial pay parity
Dunsandel Childcare and Preschool LtdCanterbury65115Base Salary (Step 1)
Dunstan EducareOtago80050Full Pay Parity Salary
E Tipu e Rea ELCCanterbury70308Extended partial pay parity
Early AdventuresAuckland46043Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Early Childhood Learning CentreCanterbury70491Extended partial pay parity
Early Childhood on StaffordOtago65160Full Pay Parity Salary
Early Connections Childcare CentreAuckland47184Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Early Explorers Childcare CentreAuckland45914Extended partial pay parity
Early Impressions ChildcareWellington60190Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Early Impressions Learning CentreAuckland10346Extended partial pay parity
Early Learners Cate RdWaikato30131Extended partial pay parity
Early Learning Counties Manukau – Wattle CoveAuckland45443Full Pay Parity Salary
Early Learning Counties Manukau Park EstateAuckland47958Full Pay Parity Salary
Early Learning Counties Manukau Settlement RoadAuckland48063Full Pay Parity Salary
Early Smiles Childcare & Learning CentreAuckland47979Extended partial pay parity
Early Years – Rotokauri LTDWaikato47085Extended partial pay parity
Early Years LtdAuckland10350Full Pay Parity Salary
East Coast Bays Community CrecheAuckland20043Full Pay Parity Salary
East Taieri Preschool IncOtago83013Extended partial pay parity
Eastern Suburbs Pre-School IncBay of Plenty40095Full Pay Parity Salary
Eden Campus ELCAuckland10387Extended partial pay parity
Eden Christian KindergartenManawatu-Wanganui52512Full Pay Parity Salary
Eden Early LearningNelson45156Extended partial pay parity
Eden ELCAuckland25072Full Pay Parity Salary
Edmonton Community KindergartenAuckland20045Extended partial pay parity
Educare AdventureWellington47170Full Pay Parity Salary
Educare Albert StAuckland47695Full Pay Parity Salary
Educare Bream BayNorthland10171Full Pay Parity Salary
Educare CityNorthland10142Full Pay Parity Salary
Educare KaiapoiCanterbury47614Full Pay Parity Salary
Educare KapitiWellington46776Full Pay Parity Salary
Educare One Tree PointNorthland47768Full Pay Parity Salary
Educare OrewaAuckland47229Full Pay Parity Salary
Educare PokenoWaikato47602Full Pay Parity Salary
Educare Porirua LtdWellington48157Full Pay Parity Salary
Educare PukekoheAuckland47603Full Pay Parity Salary
Educare PuketeWaikato34070Full Pay Parity Salary
Educare TamahereWaikato47269Full Pay Parity Salary
Educare TawaWellington47527Full Pay Parity Salary
Educare Totara ParkNorthland46913Full Pay Parity Salary
Educare Tree TownWaikato30086Full Pay Parity Salary
Educare WarkworthAuckland46992Full Pay Parity Salary
Educare WigramCanterbury45380Full Pay Parity Salary
Educational Child Care CentreCanterbury70353Full Pay Parity Salary
Eduplay Childcare WestgateAuckland47642Full Pay Parity Salary
ELCM – TakaniniAuckland46356Full Pay Parity Salary
ELCM Alfriston CollegeAuckland45354Full Pay Parity Salary
ELCM Pacific CentreAuckland47839Full Pay Parity Salary
Elim ELC CambridgeWaikato30346Extended partial pay parity
Elim International Kids Early Childhood CentreWellington60108Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
ElimKids PreschoolNelson65614Extended partial pay parity
Elite Early Childhood Education LtdWaikato34097Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Elizabeth Avenue Childcare CentreWellington60366Full Pay Parity Salary
Ellerton PreschoolAuckland47680Full Pay Parity Salary
Elm Tree ELCBay of Plenty47108Full Pay Parity Salary
Endeavours KindergartenWaikato47047Extended partial pay parity
Enriching Otara ELCAuckland46956Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Epsom Community CrecheAuckland20049Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Equippers Kids ELCAuckland47479Full Pay Parity Salary
Eskdale Treehouse ELCAuckland45782Extended partial pay parity
Essence of the Pacific ELCBay of Plenty47054Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Estuary Road PreschoolCanterbury70582Extended partial pay parity
Explore & FlourishBay of Plenty47794Extended partial pay parity
Explorers ELCWaikato47308Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Expressions EECAuckland10136Full Pay Parity Salary
Ezekiel Trust Community KindergartenWaikato34014Base Salary (Step 1)
Faavae Mautu Aoga AmataAuckland20528Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Faculty of Education Early Childhood CentreAuckland45599Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Fairfield Early Education CentreWaikato34015Full Pay Parity Salary
Fairfield Educare LtdManawatu-Wanganui40209Full Pay Parity Salary
Fairleigh KindergartenCanterbury70357Extended partial pay parity
Fairlie Early LearnersCanterbury46577Extended partial pay parity
Fame PreschoolAuckland10334Extended partial pay parity
Fame Preschool MangawhaiNorthland48071Extended partial pay parity
Family Link ChildcareNorthland11402Full Pay Parity Salary
Family Ties Educare – MusselburghOtago80010Base Salary (Step 1)
Family Ties Educare – PinehillOtago83045Base Salary (Step 1)
Fanau a le Tupu A’oga AmataHawke’s Bay30244Full Pay Parity Salary
Fantails Childcare – CountryAuckland10169Extended partial pay parity
Fantails Childcare – EstateAuckland47780Extended partial pay parity
Fantails Childcare – SilverdaleAuckland46293Extended partial pay parity
Farm Friends Early Childhood CentreAuckland10008Extended partial pay parity
Farmhouse Preschool and NurseryManawatu-Wanganui47869Full Pay Parity Salary
Farmhouse Preschool KarakaAuckland46303Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Farmhouse Preschool PatumahoeAuckland45207Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Farmyard PreschoolWellington46925Full Pay Parity Salary
Fatamanu Aoga Niue ELCAuckland46910Extended partial pay parity
Fatugatiti PreschoolAuckland10128Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Feathers ELCAuckland10205Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Featherston St Montessori by Busy BeesManawatu-Wanganui48094Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Fern Garden Preschool & Childcare CentreBay of Plenty40303Full Pay Parity Salary
Fernside Preschool LtdCanterbury70166Extended partial pay parity
Ferrymead Preschool and NurseryCanterbury46822Extended partial pay parity
Fetu Aolele Multicultural ECE ServiceAuckland47200Extended partial pay parity
Fetu Taiala Aoga AmataAuckland10182Extended partial pay parity
Fetufa Tokelau Akoga Kamata Early Childhood CentreAuckland25322Base Salary (Step 1)
Fetu-I-Sasa’e Aoga AmataAuckland25184Base Salary (Step 1)
Fetu’u Moana Catholic Early Childhood PreschoolAuckland25353Extended partial pay parity
Fingerprints Christian PreschoolCanterbury45055Extended partial pay parity
Finlayson Park Childcare CentreAuckland25300Extended partial pay parity
First Class Education & Care (Bethlehem)Bay of Plenty45024Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
First Footsteps ELCHawke’s Bay55474Full Pay Parity Salary
First Steps Kids AcademyWaikato34128Extended partial pay parity
First Years Baby CareManawatu-Wanganui47835Extended partial pay parity
First Years Learning CentreManawatu-Wanganui46755Extended partial pay parity
First Years PreschoolManawatu-Wanganui55035Full Pay Parity Salary
First Years RichmondTasman65412Extended partial pay parity
Fiti Lagakali Aoga NiueAuckland10357Full Pay Parity Salary
Flagstaff Childcare LtdWaikato47937Full Pay Parity Salary
Flanshaw Early Childhood CentreAuckland20301Extended partial pay parity
Flanshaw Infant & Toddler CentreAuckland25374Extended partial pay parity
Flora and Fauna ELCWaikato48179Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Flourish Early Learning LtdWaikato34024Full Pay Parity Salary
Flying Kiwi PreschoolAuckland45176Full Pay Parity Salary
Flying Start KindergartenAuckland20493Full Pay Parity Salary
Folkestone St Infant & ChildcareAuckland20226Extended partial pay parity
Footprints ELCWaikato45259Extended partial pay parity
Footprints EducareNorthland11004Extended partial pay parity
Footsteps Adventist ELCManawatu-Wanganui48056Base Salary (Step 1)
Footsteps Adventist PreschoolHawke’s Bay55077Base Salary (Step 1)
Footsteps Christian Community PreschoolCanterbury65137Base Salary (Step 1)
Fordell PreschoolManawatu-Wanganui51527Extended partial pay parity
Forfar Nursery And PreschoolCanterbury70361Extended partial pay parity
Fossil Bay KindergartenAuckland20525Extended partial pay parity
Fotumalama Aoga AmataAuckland45578Extended partial pay parity
Fountain City MontessoriWaikato46977Extended partial pay parity
Fountain City Montessori Tawa StWaikato47759Extended partial pay parity
Four Seasons Rudolf Steiner KindergartenWaikato45608Full Pay Parity Salary
Four Winds Ngahau E FaWaikato30077Full Pay Parity Salary
Foxton Preschool and NurseryManawatu-Wanganui45931Full Pay Parity Salary
Freckles ELCCanterbury47929Full Pay Parity Salary
Frederick St Family CentreHawke’s Bay46325Extended partial pay parity
Frederick St KindergartenHawke’s Bay55490Extended partial pay parity
Freyberg Community Pre-SchoolAuckland20287Full Pay Parity Salary
Frog Puddles – Half Moon BayAuckland25126Extended partial pay parity
Fun Kids Learning CentreAuckland10343Extended partial pay parity
Fun ‘N’ Play Childcare CentreAuckland46561Full Pay Parity Salary
Fundamentals MarshlandCanterbury46377Extended partial pay parity
Fundamentals MerivaleCanterbury46055Extended partial pay parity
Funhouse Learning CentreManawatu-Wanganui50021Extended partial pay parity
Funshine ELCSouthland45688Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Future Focus – Livingstone DriveBay of Plenty48196Full Pay Parity Salary
Future Focus – Papamoa BeachBay of Plenty47597Full Pay Parity Salary
Future Focus – Terrace ViewsBay of Plenty47666Full Pay Parity Salary
Future Focus – The BachBay of Plenty45620Full Pay Parity Salary
Future Focus – The BoulevardBay of Plenty48016Full Pay Parity Salary
Future KidsHawke’s Bay55044Extended partial pay parity
Future Kids Preschool HaweraTaranaki48174Extended partial pay parity
Future Kids Preschool New PlymouthTaranaki47784Full Pay Parity Salary
Future Kids Preschool Te RapaWaikato47301Full Pay Parity Salary
Future Stars ELCAuckland47720Extended partial pay parity
Gaia (Earth) Forest PreschoolAuckland48104Full Pay Parity Salary
Galaxy Childcare – East TamakiAuckland47994Extended partial pay parity
Galaxy Childcare – MahiaAuckland47847Extended partial pay parity
Galaxy Childcare – Pasifika BilingualAuckland47073Extended partial pay parity
Garden Grove Montessori PreschoolCanterbury65031Extended partial pay parity
Garden of LifeBay of Plenty47622Extended partial pay parity
Gardner Road KindergartenAuckland20053Extended partial pay parity
Gate Pa Preschool and ChildcareBay of Plenty46017Extended partial pay parity
Geckos ELCNorthland46126Extended partial pay parity
Gems Kowhai LtdOtago47263Extended partial pay parity
Gems Miro LtdOtago45980Extended partial pay parity
Gems RataOtago47765Extended partial pay parity
Genius Kids Early Childhood Educational CentreAuckland47830Full Pay Parity Salary
Geraldine Preschool IncCanterbury70359Full Pay Parity Salary
Giggles and Scribbles ELC LtdCanterbury46769Extended partial pay parity
Giggles Learning CentreNorthland45226Full Pay Parity Salary
Giggles Te Puke ELCBay of Plenty40268Extended partial pay parity
Giraffe Early Learning CenterAuckland47954Full Pay Parity Salary
Gisborne Community Early Education Centre Te Whare Tiaki Tamariki IncGisborne55004Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Gisborne Hospital Childcare & Education Centre IncGisborne55005Extended partial pay parity
Gisborne Montessori PreschoolGisborne55001Base Salary (Step 1)
Gladstone Park Early Childhood CentreAuckland10044Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Gladstone Pre-SchoolSouthland83073Extended partial pay parity
Glenbrae KIDS ELCAuckland46696Full Pay Parity Salary
Glendowie Christian KindergartenAuckland20564Extended partial pay parity
Glendowie Montessori PreschoolAuckland45875Extended partial pay parity
Glengarry ELCAuckland47985Extended partial pay parity
Glenview KindyWaikato45795Extended partial pay parity
Globalkids ELCCanterbury45566Extended partial pay parity
Gloriavale Christian PreschoolWest Coast70555Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Glow KidsAuckland10190Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Go Bananas ChildcareWaikato46507Extended partial pay parity
Go Bananas Childcare AlfristonAuckland48233Extended partial pay parity
Go Bananas Childcare Boutique CentreWaikato34043Extended partial pay parity
Go Bananas Childcare CambridgeWaikato30352Extended partial pay parity
Go Bananas Childcare Hari CentreAuckland48158Extended partial pay parity
Go Bananas Childcare Highland ParkAuckland47875Extended partial pay parity
Go Bananas Childcare HorotiuWaikato47862Extended partial pay parity
Go Bananas Childcare KelstonAuckland47879Extended partial pay parity
Go Bananas Childcare Lincoln RoadAuckland47874Extended partial pay parity
Go Bananas Childcare Mount WellingtonAuckland47873Extended partial pay parity
Go Bananas Childcare PapatoetoeAuckland47880Extended partial pay parity
Go Bananas Childcare Rata StAuckland47881Extended partial pay parity
Go Bananas Childcare SwansonAuckland48166Extended partial pay parity
Go Bananas Childcare TakaniniAuckland47973Extended partial pay parity
Go Bananas Childcare Target RdAuckland47876Extended partial pay parity
Go Bananas Childcare Te AtatuAuckland47878Extended partial pay parity
Golden Kids Inc. ELCTasman65404Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Good Beginnings ELCManawatu-Wanganui46891Full Pay Parity Salary
Good Beginnings Educare CentreWellington60343Full Pay Parity Salary
Good Beginnings Infants & ToddlersWellington45633Full Pay Parity Salary
Good Seeds Childrens CentreAuckland25054Extended partial pay parity
Good Seeds Children’s Centre (Glendene)Auckland47535Extended partial pay parity
Good Seeds Children’s Centre (Mt Wellington)Auckland46912Extended partial pay parity
Gore PreschoolSouthland47155Full Pay Parity Salary
Gr8 Kidz Childcare and Learning CentreTaranaki50039Extended partial pay parity
Grace Christian Community PreschoolAuckland46192Extended partial pay parity
Grace KindergartenWellington60347Full Pay Parity Salary
Gracefield Early Childhood CentreWellington60219Extended partial pay parity
Grafton Private KindergartenWellington60192Full Pay Parity Salary
Grasshoppers ELC LtdWaikato45343Extended partial pay parity
Great Beginnings ELCWaikato45613Full Pay Parity Salary
Great Potentials Papakura ELCAuckland25171Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Green St ELCOtago83030Full Pay Parity Salary
Greendale Kids NurseryHawke’s Bay55092Full Pay Parity Salary
Greenlane Childcare CentreAuckland20061Extended partial pay parity
Greenpark Pre-schoolBay of Plenty30255Extended partial pay parity
Greerton ELCBay of Plenty47703Full Pay Parity Salary
Grey Lynn Montessori by Busy BeesAuckland45866Full Pay Parity Salary
Greytown Early Years IncWellington60284Extended partial pay parity
Grow Active Balfour TerraceCanterbury47550Full Pay Parity Salary
Grow Active Essex StCanterbury47841Full Pay Parity Salary
Grow Active Welles StCanterbury47664Full Pay Parity Salary
Grow and Learn ELC LtdWellington46359Extended partial pay parity
Grow Early Education LtdWaikato47175Full Pay Parity Salary
Grow ECEBay of Plenty47169Full Pay Parity Salary
Growing Learners Childcare & PreschoolAuckland46594Extended partial pay parity
Growing Minds ELCAuckland10104Full Pay Parity Salary
Growing Wings ELCWaikato48135Full Pay Parity Salary
Growing Wings on GreyWaikato30343Full Pay Parity Salary
Gulf Harbour MontessoriAuckland48217Extended partial pay parity
Gulf Harbour PreschoolAuckland20560Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Gumboots & Grasshoppers Childcare & Learning CentreWaikato47515Full Pay Parity Salary
Gumboots ELCAuckland20145Extended partial pay parity
Hadlow PreschoolWellington60238Extended partial pay parity
Haleema KindergartenWellington45458Base Salary (Step 1)
Halswell Learning TreeCanterbury46387Base Salary (Step 1)
Halswell Nest Early LearningCanterbury46767Extended partial pay parity
Halswell Quarry PreschoolCanterbury47894Extended partial pay parity
Hand and Hand Childcare CentreAuckland46742Extended partial pay parity
Hand and Hand ELC – HobsonvilleAuckland47673Extended partial pay parity
Hand and Hand ELC, HamiltonWaikato47970Extended partial pay parity
Hands at Play AotearoaAuckland48066Extended partial pay parity
Hannah N Henry Early Childhood CentreCanterbury70366Base Salary (Step 1)
Hannah’s House ECEAuckland20068Extended partial pay parity
Happy Days Child Care CentreHawke’s Bay55274Base Salary (Step 1)
Happy Days Childcare CentreWellington55412Full Pay Parity Salary
Happy Hearts ELC – Red Beach LtdAuckland48067Extended partial pay parity
Happy Hearts Riverhead ELCAuckland46819Extended partial pay parity
Happy Hive ELCAuckland48011Extended partial pay parity
Happy Kiddy Castle Early LearningAuckland20547Extended partial pay parity
Happy Kiddy Huapai ELCAuckland47659Full Pay Parity Salary
Happy Kids Parrs Park ELCAuckland47899Extended partial pay parity
Happy Kids PreschoolAuckland45656Extended partial pay parity
Happy LearningAuckland47093Extended partial pay parity
Happy Learning ChildcareAuckland47992Full Pay Parity Salary
Happy Little LearnersWaikato34108Extended partial pay parity
Happy Sprouts Educare LtdWaikato30024Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Happy Sprouts Educare PutaruruWaikato30016Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Happy Sprouts Hamilton LtdWaikato48168Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Happy Times ChildcareBay of Plenty45023Extended partial pay parity
Happy Turtle ChildcareAuckland47814Full Pay Parity Salary
HarakekeTasman45329Extended partial pay parity
Harakeke ELCBay of Plenty30084Extended partial pay parity
Harbour View KindergartenAuckland20065Full Pay Parity Salary
HardyKids Early Learning ServiceNelson45140Full Pay Parity Salary
Harewood Rd Montessori by Busy BeesCanterbury46462Full Pay Parity Salary
Harinui Early Childhood Learning CentreNorthland10406Extended partial pay parity
Harper Park ELCWest Coast47011Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Hatch ELCCanterbury47797Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Hatchlings ECE LtdWaikato47424Full Pay Parity Salary
Hatea ELCNorthland46117Extended partial pay parity
Haumia Early Childhood CentreAuckland25144Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Havelock North ELCHawke’s Bay47731Extended partial pay parity
Havelock North Village KidsHawke’s Bay55215Extended partial pay parity
Haven ELCCanterbury70391Extended partial pay parity
Haywood Cottage MontessoriCanterbury46521Extended partial pay parity
Haywood Cottage Montessori (Nido)Canterbury47805Extended partial pay parity
He Kaakano ELCNorthland10404Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
He Manu Hou TrustCanterbury47508Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
He Pounamu Early NurtureWellington47848Full Pay Parity Salary
He Waka Eke Noa ELCNorthland11503Extended partial pay parity
Headstart Childcare And Early Education CentreAuckland20320Extended partial pay parity
Heart and Soul ELCAuckland10139Extended partial pay parity
Heathcote Valley Montessori PreschoolCanterbury45402Extended partial pay parity
Hedgehog House ELCAuckland20080Full Pay Parity Salary
Helensville MontessoriAuckland10066Extended partial pay parity
Henderson ELCAuckland47190Full Pay Parity Salary
Henderson Valley Private KindergartenAuckland45473Extended partial pay parity
Heretaunga Park ELCWellington60078Full Pay Parity Salary
High Five Care and LearningWellington55422Full Pay Parity Salary
Highbury House ELCAuckland20069Full Pay Parity Salary
Highland Park Community Creche Inc.Auckland25286Base Salary (Step 1)
Hikurangi EducareNorthland10426Full Pay Parity Salary
Hill St Early Childhood CentreWellington60199Full Pay Parity Salary
Hillcrest High School Community ChildcareWaikato34066Extended partial pay parity
Hillmorton NestCanterbury46045Extended partial pay parity
Hillpark Preschool (2021) LtdWaikato47173Extended partial pay parity
Homai Nga Taonga Early Childhood CentreAuckland45764Extended partial pay parity
HoNey BeeZ Preschool & NurseryCanterbury45079Extended partial pay parity
Honeybees PreschoolAuckland46310Full Pay Parity Salary
Hoon Hay Community Pre-SchoolCanterbury70367Extended partial pay parity
Hope PreschoolSouthland46421Extended partial pay parity
Hopscotch Early Learning Childcare CentreWaikato30236Extended partial pay parity
Hopscotch PreschoolWaikato30322Extended partial pay parity
Horizons MontessoriTasman65026Extended partial pay parity
Horizons Montessori PreschoolAuckland10188Base Salary (Step 1)
House of Wonder Cambridge by Busy BeesWaikato47806Full Pay Parity Salary
House of Wonder Chartwell by Busy BeesWaikato47135Full Pay Parity Salary
House of Wonder Christchurch by Busy BeesCanterbury47950Full Pay Parity Salary
House of Wonder Gisborne by Busy BeesGisborne47504Full Pay Parity Salary
Howick Baptist Church KindergartenAuckland25015Extended partial pay parity
Hundred Acre Pre-School IncManawatu-Wanganui51901Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Huntly Early Childhood Centre Inc.Waikato34093Extended partial pay parity
Huntsbury Preschool IncCanterbury70373Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Ilam ELCCanterbury70493Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Ilam Montessori PreschoolCanterbury47787Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Imagine ChildcareWellington45988Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Imagine Childcare Alicetown LtdWellington50049Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Imagine Kids Care Huntly LtdWaikato46050Full Pay Parity Salary
Imagine That PreschoolBay of Plenty47397Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Immanuel PreschoolAuckland10312Extended partial pay parity
Immanuel Preschool (Favona Rd)Auckland47305Extended partial pay parity
Immanuel Preschool (Mangere)Auckland25026Extended partial pay parity
Immanuel Preschool (Papatoetoe)Auckland46370Extended partial pay parity
Impact Childcare LtdNorthland11515Full Pay Parity Salary
Impressions Childcare CentreWaikato30291Base Salary (Step 1)
In Our GardenHawke’s Bay55195Extended partial pay parity
Inglewood Community Childcare Centre IncTaranaki50510Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Inspire ELCAuckland47440Extended partial pay parity
Inspired Minds ELCNorthland46185Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Inspiring Kids Early Learning LtdBay of Plenty45180Full Pay Parity Salary
Inspiring Minds ELCNorthland45845Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Inspiring Minds ELCWaikato47096Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Inspiring Minds Montessori Pre-SchoolManawatu-Wanganui46752Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Iqra EducareWaikato46455Full Pay Parity Salary
Island Bay ChildcareWellington45836Full Pay Parity Salary
Islington Early Childhood Centre IncOtago83006Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Jack and Jill ELCWellington60267Full Pay Parity Salary
Jack and Jill EducareWaikato30301Full Pay Parity Salary
Jade-Star Childcare and Learning CentreOtago80058Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Japanese KindergartenAuckland10145Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Jeffrey Giraffe ELCCanterbury65092Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Jigsaw Preschool YaldhurstCanterbury48073Extended partial pay parity
Johnsonville ChildcareWellington60270Full Pay Parity Salary
JoJo’s Early Learning LtdAuckland45704Full Pay Parity Salary
Jolly Stars ELCAuckland20458Base Salary (Step 1)
Jubilee Catholic Early Childhood CentreWaikato30185Extended partial pay parity
Jumpstart NurseryTaranaki47460Extended partial pay parity
Jumpstart PreschoolTaranaki50114Extended partial pay parity
Jumpstart Preschool RimuTaranaki50129Extended partial pay parity
Jumpstart SchoolTaranaki46448Extended partial pay parity
Junior JunctionWaikato30316Extended partial pay parity
Junior Junction (Kumeu)Auckland47829Extended partial pay parity
Junior Junction (St Jude)Auckland47530Extended partial pay parity
Junior Junction Lunn AveAuckland46361Full Pay Parity Salary
Just Kids Community PreschoolCanterbury65155Extended partial pay parity
Just Kids HouseCanterbury70358Extended partial pay parity
Just Kids MerringtonCanterbury47372Extended partial pay parity
Just Kidz AlbanyAuckland47598Full Pay Parity Salary
Just Kidz BeachlandsAuckland48145Extended partial pay parity
Just Kidz FlatbushAuckland47444Extended partial pay parity
Just Kidz HendersonAuckland48017Extended partial pay parity
Just Kidz KelstonAuckland47789Extended partial pay parity
Just Kidz OrmistonAuckland48041Extended partial pay parity
Just Us KidsWellington55379Extended partial pay parity
Kadimah PreschoolAuckland48159Extended partial pay parity
Kaha Kids Childcare CentreAuckland10116Full Pay Parity Salary
Kahu KiwiNorthland10057Extended partial pay parity
Kai Kids PreschoolOtago47473Extended partial pay parity
Kaipara Kids ELCNorthland46707Extended partial pay parity
Kakano Early Childhood CentreAuckland25360Extended partial pay parity
Kakapo Creek Children’s GardenAuckland48055Extended partial pay parity
Kaleido ELCAuckland48083Extended partial pay parity
Kaleidoscope Childcare CentreBay of Plenty47129Extended partial pay parity
Kamo Childcare Centre Ltd 1Northland10076Extended partial pay parity
Kamo Kids Educational Childcare CentreNorthland11559Extended partial pay parity
Kanuka Corner Early Childhood CentreOtago47337Full Pay Parity Salary
Kapiti Children’s CentreWellington60260Full Pay Parity Salary
Karaka Learning Centre 2Auckland25277Extended partial pay parity
Karaka Learning Centre 4Auckland25003Extended partial pay parity
Karanga Mai ELCCanterbury65058Extended partial pay parity
Karikari EducareNorthland46058Full Pay Parity Salary
Karori Childcare CentreWellington60202Extended partial pay parity
Karori Kids IncWellington60230Full Pay Parity Salary
KaTui Early Childhood Learning CentreNorthland45589Extended partial pay parity
Kaukapakapa Pre-SchoolAuckland10067Extended partial pay parity
Kauri Kids Beach HavenAuckland20015Extended partial pay parity
Kauri Kids BirkdaleAuckland20020Extended partial pay parity
Kauri Kids ClendonAuckland25280No Step
Kauri Kids East Coast BaysAuckland20246No Step
Kauri Kids GlenfieldAuckland20304Extended partial pay parity
Kauri Kids HowickAuckland25017Extended partial pay parity
Kauri Kids OtaraAuckland45780No Step
Kauri Kids PapatoetoeAuckland25307No Step
Kauri Kids Stanmore BayAuckland47157Extended partial pay parity
Kauri Kids TakapunaAuckland20332No Step
Kauri Learners, Early Education, WhitiangaWaikato46903Extended partial pay parity
Kauri MontessoriNelson46020Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Kaurilands KindergartenAuckland20075Full Pay Parity Salary
Kaute Pasifika ECE Ltd PartnershipWaikato48188Extended partial pay parity
Kawerau Preschool Learning Centre (Inc)Bay of Plenty40001Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Kawhia Early Childhood Centre Kura TiakiWaikato30169Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
KC Birkenhead TrustAuckland47256Extended partial pay parity
Kelburn Preschool and NurseryWellington60066Full Pay Parity Salary
Kelly’s PreschoolAuckland46041Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Kelston Community Early Childhood CentreAuckland10347Extended partial pay parity
Kenese Aoga NiueAuckland10165Base Salary (Step 1)
Kensington EducareNorthland10321Full Pay Parity Salary
Kereru KindyNorthland10432Full Pay Parity Salary
Kereru Rudolf Steiner KindergartenHawke’s Bay46235Full Pay Parity Salary
Kereru Tots ‘n’ Dots Early Childhood CentreHawke’s Bay55342Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Kerikeri Community Childcare TrustNorthland11207Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Kerikeri PreschoolNorthland10183Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Kew Pacific Island ELCSouthland65093Extended partial pay parity
Khandallah Community CrecheWellington50060Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Khandallah Little SchoolWellington50054Extended partial pay parity
Khandallah Little School 2Wellington47969Extended partial pay parity
Khandallah Nursery SchoolWellington46894Extended partial pay parity
Kia Orana Punanga Reo ECE LtdAuckland10180Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Kid Country KumeuAuckland47845Full Pay Parity Salary
Kid Country St JohnsAuckland47235Base Salary (Step 1)
Kidd Inn ELC LtdAuckland10261Full Pay Parity Salary
Kiddie Academy ELCAuckland47757Full Pay Parity Salary
Kiddie Garden Learning CornerAuckland47552Extended partial pay parity
Kiddies Campus ELCOtago65151Extended partial pay parity
Kidditech ELCCanterbury70095Extended partial pay parity
Kiddy Winkles HuapaiAuckland48010Extended partial pay parity
Kiddy Winkles WestgateAuckland46836Extended partial pay parity
Kiddy Winks KindergartenAuckland25019Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Kidiwise ELCBay of Plenty45360Full Pay Parity Salary
Kidlywinks Childcare CentreWellington60122Full Pay Parity Salary
Kids 1st Childcare & Learning Centre LtdNorthland10425Extended partial pay parity
Kids at Play Childcare CentreAuckland20187Extended partial pay parity
Kids at Play RanfurlyOtago47660Extended partial pay parity
Kids at Play TemukaCanterbury70041Extended partial pay parity
Kids at Play TimaruCanterbury46918Extended partial pay parity
Kids Barn Childcare CentreTaranaki46200Extended partial pay parity
Kids Biz Preschool and DaycareAuckland20585Extended partial pay parity
Kids Campus T.P.S. Childcare Society IncBay of Plenty40061Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Kids Castle Education and Care CentreManawatu-Wanganui60355Extended partial pay parity
Kids Cave Early LearningWaikato46717Full Pay Parity Salary
Kids CollectiveWaikato30317Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Kids ConnectAuckland46825Full Pay Parity Salary
Kids CornerHawke’s Bay55514Extended partial pay parity
Kids Count – Kelvin RoadAuckland46450Extended partial pay parity
Kids Count – WeymouthAuckland45920Extended partial pay parity
Kids Count ECE Marne RdAuckland46032Extended partial pay parity
Kids Count Lenore RdAuckland47363Extended partial pay parity
Kids Count Tawa – The Griffin SchoolWellington55413Extended partial pay parity
Kids Cove ELC, AlbanyAuckland46778Full Pay Parity Salary
Kids Cove Infant & Toddlers AlbanyAuckland47513Full Pay Parity Salary
Kid’s Cove Learning Centre NewmarketAuckland45933Full Pay Parity Salary
Kids Crafty Clubs Learning CentreAuckland10363Extended partial pay parity
Kids Domain ELCAuckland20006Extended partial pay parity
Kids HouseHawke’s Bay55002Extended partial pay parity
Kids in the View Early LearningWaikato47960Full Pay Parity Salary
Kids’ Kampus (2000) LtdAuckland20082Extended partial pay parity
Kids Klub Childcare CentreAuckland10129Extended partial pay parity
Kids on Nineteen ELCBay of Plenty40207Base Salary (Step 1)
Kids ReserveWellington60333Extended partial pay parity
Kids Rock ELCWaikato45075Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Kidspace Quality ELCHawke’s Bay55430Extended partial pay parity
KidsZone Preschool (2013) LtdTaranaki46379Full Pay Parity Salary
Kidz & Crayonz ELCAuckland45940Extended partial pay parity
KIDZ @ 303Manawatu-Wanganui50101Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Kidz @ WintecWaikato34067Full Pay Parity Salary
Kidz Corner MiramarWellington60178Extended partial pay parity
Kidz First MedicalcareAuckland25288Extended partial pay parity
Kidz First SurgicalcareAuckland10229Extended partial pay parity
Kidz Kindy @49Marlborough65227Full Pay Parity Salary
Kidz Kindy @75Marlborough45321Full Pay Parity Salary
Kidz Kindy GisborneGisborne45435Full Pay Parity Salary
Kidz Matter 2 UsAuckland10176Extended partial pay parity
Kidz Park Albany Child Care CentreAuckland48045Extended partial pay parity
Kidz Planet Preschool LtdWellington55436Extended partial pay parity
Kidz Rock ELCBay of Plenty40281Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Kidz UnLtd (Learning Centre) LtdAuckland10382Extended partial pay parity
Kidz World – Brent RoadBay of Plenty40296Extended partial pay parity
Kidz World Rutland StBay of Plenty40316Extended partial pay parity
Kidzone Public Servants Childcare CentreWellington60263Extended partial pay parity
KidzWay ELCOtago80067Extended partial pay parity
Kihikihi Early AdventurersWaikato30045Extended partial pay parity
Kilbirnie Early LearnersWellington60328Extended partial pay parity
Kimberley Childcare GreenlaneAuckland10233Full Pay Parity Salary
Kimberley Childcare Te AtatuAuckland25356Full Pay Parity Salary
Kimihia ELCCanterbury70003Extended partial pay parity
Kind Hands LtdNorthland47574Extended partial pay parity
Kindercare – GreenhitheAuckland20198Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centre – AlbanyAuckland10217Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centre – PapatoetoeAuckland10108Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centre (19) GrevilleAuckland10337Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centre (5) RemueraAuckland20382Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centre KaroriWellington46282Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare learning Centres – AddingtonCanterbury70071Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres – AidanfieldCanterbury47421Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres (Babies & Toddlers)Auckland10317Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres (Preschool)Auckland47681Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres – Avonhead Canterbury70163Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres – BishopdaleCanterbury45054Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres – Burwood Canterbury65183Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres – ChCh CBDCanterbury47366Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres – FairfieldWaikato46758Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres – FendaltonCanterbury70543Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres – FlagstaffWaikato47291Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres – FranktonWaikato45233Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres – Grey LynnAuckland20084Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres – HendersonAuckland10125Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres – LincolnAuckland10305Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres – Lower HuttWellington60092Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres – ManurewaAuckland10238Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres – Mt Wellington Auckland20204Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres – Palmerston NorthManawatu-Wanganui47352Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres – ParaparaumuWellington47730Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres – Rangiora Canterbury45701Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres – RiccartonCanterbury70575Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres – RototunaWaikato45068Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres – SilverdaleAuckland10211Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres – SpreydonCanterbury65114Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres – WarkworthAuckland48141Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres – Wigram Skies (219)Canterbury46757Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres – WoolstonCanterbury70107Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres (10 B, T & P) ConstellationAuckland20465Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres (10 P) ConstellationAuckland20535Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres (18) DannemoraAuckland10275Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres (308) JohnsonvilleWellington45930Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres (8) PakurangaAuckland20087Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres (Aotea)Wellington45779Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres (Milford)Auckland20085Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres BelmontAuckland20083Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres Botany DownsAuckland10048Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres KohimaramaAuckland20260Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres Ltd (Kilbirnie)Wellington60103Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres Milford PAuckland20086Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres TawaWellington45680Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres -Three KingsAuckland20090Full Pay Parity Salary
Kindercare Learning Centres WhakatikiWellington45812Full Pay Parity Salary
Kinderen (A) Daycare CentreTaranaki50504Base Salary (Step 1)
Kinderen (B) Daycare CentreTaranaki50503Base Salary (Step 1)
Kindy BubzWaikato30282Extended partial pay parity
Kindy Cottage ChildcareAuckland10263Extended partial pay parity
Kindy KidzWaikato34121Extended partial pay parity
Kindy TotzWaikato30313Extended partial pay parity
Kindy TweenzWaikato30088Extended partial pay parity
Kingdom KidzNorthland10415Extended partial pay parity
Kingdomcity ChildcareAuckland48060Extended partial pay parity
Kingsway Pre-School – Red BeachAuckland20141Extended partial pay parity
Kingsway Pre-School – SilverdaleAuckland20245Extended partial pay parity
Kingsway Preschool Snells BeachAuckland25282Extended partial pay parity
KiNZ Mission HeightsAuckland45455Full Pay Parity Salary
KiNZ Myers ParkAuckland10287Full Pay Parity Salary
KiNZ OtaraAuckland25340Full Pay Parity Salary
KINZ Sandringham ELCAuckland25327Full Pay Parity Salary
Kirwee Treehouse ELCCanterbury47942Extended partial pay parity
Kiwi Clubhouse Learning CentreTaranaki40228Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Kiwi Educare LtdBay of Plenty40324Extended partial pay parity
Kiwi ExplorersTasman46003Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Kiwi Iti ELC LtdWaikato47978Extended partial pay parity
Kiwi Kapers Care and Education CentreAuckland10302Full Pay Parity Salary
Kiwi Kids Childcare LtdAuckland47097Extended partial pay parity
Kiwi Kids ELCNorthland45606Full Pay Parity Salary
Kiwi Kids Preschool LtdCanterbury70479Extended partial pay parity
Kiwi Kidz Community Early Education CentreHawke’s Bay55285Base Salary (Step 1)
Kiwi StepsWaikato46026Extended partial pay parity
Kiwi Supertots Learning Centre – PapakuraAuckland25187Extended partial pay parity
Kiwi Supertots Learning Centre Royal OakAuckland10360Extended partial pay parity
Kiwi Supertots Learning Centre, BotanyAuckland25438Extended partial pay parity
Kiwi TreasuresBay of Plenty40290Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Kiwi Treasures ELCNelson65616Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
KiwiKidz EducareWaikato34088Base Salary (Step 1)
Kiwikidz Educare – At the BeachBay of Plenty45699Full Pay Parity Salary
Ko Aroha Kids RangituhiWellington60272Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Ko Aroha Kids TakapuwahiaWellington55393Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Ko Taku Reo Preschool, AucklandAuckland10052Full Pay Parity Salary
Ko Te ArohaWellington60101Extended partial pay parity
Kohi Learning CentreAuckland20134Full Pay Parity Salary
Kohimarama Montessori Pre-School 2Auckland20096Full Pay Parity Salary
Kopuwai ELCOtago83000Extended partial pay parity
Koru Kids ELCAuckland45574Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Koru KindyAuckland45423Full Pay Parity Salary
Koru MontessoriAuckland20293Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Kowhai ChildcareWaikato30294Extended partial pay parity
Kowhai CornerNorthland10203Extended partial pay parity
Kowhai Corner Learning CentreNorthland47488Full Pay Parity Salary
Kowhai Kids ELCAuckland45230Full Pay Parity Salary
Krafty KidzAuckland20250Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Kristin School KindergartenAuckland20541Full Pay Parity Salary
Kuaotunu KindergartenWaikato34100Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Kumeu ChildcareAuckland45595Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Kumeu Montessori PreschoolAuckland46856Full Pay Parity Salary
Kumeu Village KindergartenAuckland20553Extended partial pay parity
Lake Okareka Preschool Education GroupBay of Plenty40034Extended partial pay parity
Lakeview Private KindergartenAuckland20097Extended partial pay parity
Lalaga PreschoolCanterbury65088Base Salary (Step 1)
Lalanga Moui Tongan Early Childhood CentreManawatu-Wanganui50029Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Lambs Preschool BrookfieldBay of Plenty40319Extended partial pay parity
Lambs Preschool PukekoheAuckland10013Extended partial pay parity
Lancaster Learning CentreAuckland20016Extended partial pay parity
Lansdowne Private Childcare CentreWellington60327Full Pay Parity Salary
Laugh and LearnAuckland47785Base Salary (Step 1)
Laugh Observe Learn Early Childhood EducareHawke’s Bay47604Base Salary (Step 1)
Launch active early learningHawke’s Bay47030Full Pay Parity Salary
Launch Queen StHawke’s Bay48078Full Pay Parity Salary
Launch WaipukurauHawke’s Bay47808Full Pay Parity Salary
Leap Ahead Early Childhood CentreCanterbury45720Full Pay Parity Salary
Leap Ahead Early Childhood Centre – HindsCanterbury70121Full Pay Parity Salary
Leaps & BoundsAuckland47275Extended partial pay parity
Leaps and Bounds PreschoolCanterbury65015Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Learn A Lot ChildcareWaikato30297Base Salary (Step 1)
Learn A Lot Kindy KidzManawatu-Wanganui50123Extended partial pay parity
Learning Adventures Airport OaksAuckland25366Full Pay Parity Salary
Learning Adventures AshhurstManawatu-Wanganui50036Full Pay Parity Salary
Learning Adventures FlaxmereHawke’s Bay46035Full Pay Parity Salary
Learning Adventures HendersonAuckland20589Full Pay Parity Salary
Learning Adventures KatikatiBay of Plenty46053Full Pay Parity Salary
Learning Adventures LevinManawatu-Wanganui46630Full Pay Parity Salary
Learning Adventures Mangere EastAuckland45911Full Pay Parity Salary
Learning Adventures MaraenuiHawke’s Bay46165Full Pay Parity Salary
Learning Adventures Rotorua KeaBay of Plenty40336Full Pay Parity Salary
Learning Adventures TakaniniAuckland25428Full Pay Parity Salary
Learning Adventures Te PukeBay of Plenty40340Full Pay Parity Salary
Learning at the Point Comm. KindergartenAuckland20264Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Learning Bee MontessoriCanterbury47569Extended partial pay parity
Learning Curves Childcare CentreAuckland20494Extended partial pay parity
Learning Curves Montessori Abberley Park LtdCanterbury70301Extended partial pay parity
Learning Curves Montessori LincolnCanterbury48144Extended partial pay parity
Learning Curves Montessori Nursery LtdCanterbury70143Extended partial pay parity
Learning Edge Montessori PreschoolAuckland10220Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Learning LandNelson65069Extended partial pay parity
Learning Links Borman RoadWaikato45495Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Learning Links Childcare Hector DriveWaikato47564Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Learning Links HorowhenuaManawatu-Wanganui50051Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Learning Links MontessoriOtago83018Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Learning Links PalmerstonOtago80065Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Learning Links Rewi StWaikato47781Extended partial pay parity
Learning Links Te AwamutuWaikato47589Extended partial pay parity
Learning Stars PreschoolAuckland20286Base Salary (Step 1)
Learning Steps Childcare CentreAuckland10154Extended partial pay parity
Learning UnLtd Childcare CentreAuckland20566Extended partial pay parity
Leataata O Tupulaga O Le PasefikaAuckland10289Extended partial pay parity
Leigh Community Pre-School IncAuckland20336Full Pay Parity Salary
Lets Grow ELCWaikato46371Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Levin Baptist KindergartenManawatu-Wanganui52506Extended partial pay parity
Levin MontessoriManawatu-Wanganui45712Full Pay Parity Salary
Liberty MontessoriBay of Plenty40334Extended partial pay parity
Lightbulb ELC ChildcareAuckland47324Extended partial pay parity
Lighthouse ChildcareSouthland48068Full Pay Parity Salary
Lighthouse PreschoolAuckland25292Full Pay Parity Salary
Li’l Champs ELCAuckland10096Full Pay Parity Salary
Li’l Champs ELCAuckland47268Extended partial pay parity
Li’l Champs ELCWellington48113Extended partial pay parity
Li’l Champs EducareAuckland45852Full Pay Parity Salary
Li’l Champs Educare 2Auckland46383Extended partial pay parity
Li’l Champs Educare 3Auckland46869Extended partial pay parity
Li’l Champs Montessori ELCAuckland47486Extended partial pay parity
Li’l Pumpkins Early Learning TamahereWaikato30293Extended partial pay parity
Li’l Pumpkins Preschool Centre LtdWaikato30047Extended partial pay parity
Lil Seeds LtdAuckland20442Full Pay Parity Salary
Lilliput PreschoolBay of Plenty40259Full Pay Parity Salary
Lincoln Road Childcare & KindergartenAuckland20100Extended partial pay parity
Lincoln University Early Childhood CentreCanterbury70557Full Pay Parity Salary
Lincoln Village Preschool & NurseryCanterbury45810Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Little Acorns Childcare LtdManawatu-Wanganui47245Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Adventurers’ ELCWellington46064Extended partial pay parity
Little Ants ChildcareAuckland46962Extended partial pay parity
Little Beans Preschool LtdCanterbury47014Extended partial pay parity
Little Blue Penguin Preschool and NurseryCanterbury47556Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Blue Penguin Preschool PrestonsCanterbury45639Extended partial pay parity
Little Buddies Learning CentreAuckland45947Extended partial pay parity
Little Buddies Learning Centre 2Auckland47596Extended partial pay parity
Little Bunny ChildcareAuckland48109Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Chiefs EducareWaikato34074Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Citizens ELCOtago83002Extended partial pay parity
Little Climbers ELCAuckland45925Extended partial pay parity
Little Climbers ELC – DannemoraAuckland10243Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Climbers ELC – PukekoheAuckland48133Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Climbers ELC (Otara)Auckland48097Extended partial pay parity
Little Coasties by Busy BeesAuckland47586Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Darlings Childcare CentreBay of Plenty40059Extended partial pay parity
Little DinosaursAuckland10268Extended partial pay parity
Little DiscoverersWaikato46199Extended partial pay parity
Little Doves ELCAuckland47449Full Pay Parity Salary
Little DucklingsAuckland47500Extended partial pay parity
Little Dudes Childcare CentreAuckland20074Extended partial pay parity
Little Earth Montessori KapitiWellington45121Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Earth Montessori Oteha ValleyAuckland10065Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Earth Montessori PanmureAuckland20546Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Earth Montessori RemueraAuckland46070Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Einsteins Montessori (MacDonald St)Bay of Plenty46671Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Explorers ELCWaikato47332Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Explorers PreschoolCanterbury70047Extended partial pay parity
Little FantailsWaikato34120Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Little Farm Pre- School and NurseryWellington46686Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Feet Childcare Centre (Yates Rd 2)Auckland47625Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Feet Childcare Centre (Yates Rd)Auckland47536Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Feet Childcare Centre LtdAuckland45760Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Ferns ELCCanterbury48231Extended partial pay parity
Little Flyers Early LearningManawatu-Wanganui47915Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Little Footprints Care and Education CentreWellington45802Extended partial pay parity
Little Footsteps – Scott StMarlborough65503Extended partial pay parity
Little Footsteps – Taylor Pass RoadMarlborough48077Extended partial pay parity
Little Footsteps-John StMarlborough65238Extended partial pay parity
Little Geckos Childcare CentreNorthland47726Extended partial pay parity
Little Gems ChildcareAuckland45817Extended partial pay parity
Little Guys ELCAuckland48001Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Hands Childcare & ELCAuckland46984Extended partial pay parity
Little Hands Childcare (Otara)Auckland47908Extended partial pay parity
Little Hearts ChildcareAuckland47062Extended partial pay parity
Little HoihoOtago48064Full Pay Parity Salary
Little House MontessoriCanterbury47194Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Little House Montessori Preschool CentralCanterbury47997Full Pay Parity Salary
Little House Montessori Zinnia WayCanterbury48096Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Little Kiwi ExplorersTasman47314Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Little Kiwi’s CornerWaikato46264Base Salary (Step 1)
Little Kiwis ELCAuckland10330Extended partial pay parity
Little Kiwis Playhouse ELCAuckland45315Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Learners Dinsdale LtdWaikato48069Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Liberty MontessoriBay of Plenty48191Extended partial pay parity
Little Lights KindyBay of Plenty45041Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Loves ELCAuckland47605Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Magpies Childcare CentreHawke’s Bay55254Extended partial pay parity
Little Mascots ELCAuckland47209Extended partial pay parity
Little Minds ELCWaikato46351Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Little Minds ELCTaranaki47796Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Little Moas ELCAuckland10371Extended partial pay parity
Little Monkeys Learning CentreManawatu-Wanganui50113Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Little Monkeys PreschoolManawatu-Wanganui46051Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Little Oaks by the SeaCanterbury65176Extended partial pay parity
Little Oaks ELC 2019 LtdOtago46210Extended partial pay parity
Little Oaks MontessoriManawatu-Wanganui48224Extended partial pay parity
Little Oaks Pre-SchoolCanterbury70081Extended partial pay parity
Little Oaks Preschool CheviotCanterbury65057Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Little Ones ELCSouthland65131Full Pay Parity Salary
Little One’s Garden Early Education CentreAuckland46928Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Owls PreschoolCanterbury70035Extended partial pay parity
Little Pearls Educare CentreAuckland46365Extended partial pay parity
Little Pearls Educare Centre – Mt RoskillAuckland47407Extended partial pay parity
Little PeopleAuckland20521Extended partial pay parity
Little PeopleAuckland45815Extended partial pay parity
Little People Learning CentreAuckland45544Extended partial pay parity
Little People Preschool RichmondTasman65150Extended partial pay parity
Little Peppertree PreschoolCanterbury70573Extended partial pay parity
Little PioneersAuckland46318Extended partial pay parity
Little Pipi Early Childhood CentreBay of Plenty45034Extended partial pay parity
Little Pipis Childcare IncWellington45732Extended partial pay parity
Little Poppy’s PreschoolAuckland20259Extended partial pay parity
Little PreschoolersWaikato46569Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Little Pukeko’s PreschoolAuckland10394Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Little Ranges ELCAuckland48014Extended partial pay parity
Little Rock PreschoolOtago46788Extended partial pay parity
Little Rosebuds ELCWaikato46015Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Rugrats WoodvilleManawatu-Wanganui46557Extended partial pay parity
Little Scholars ELCAuckland10270Extended partial pay parity
Little Seed ELCAuckland47710Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Little SettlersAuckland46916Extended partial pay parity
Little Sparks EducareAuckland25361Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Little Sparrows Educare (Leamington)Waikato47412Extended partial pay parity
Little Sparrows PreschoolWaikato47948Extended partial pay parity
Little Sprouts Montessori Pre-SchoolBay of Plenty45014Extended partial pay parity
Little Star Montessori House Of ChildrenAuckland20503Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Little Steps Early Childhood Education Centre LtdTaranaki47798Extended partial pay parity
Little Steps Montessori PreschoolAuckland46400Base Salary (Step 1)
Little Sunbeams CentralHawke’s Bay55492Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Little Sunbeams Christian Early Childhood CentreAuckland20089Extended partial pay parity
Little Sunbeams MayfairHawke’s Bay55365Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Little Thinkers Private KindergartenWaikato47965Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Treehouse KindergatenAuckland20153Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Tui Early Childhood CentreWaikato46476Extended partial pay parity
Little Village PreschoolAuckland48081Extended partial pay parity
Little Waikato Scholars EducareWaikato30347Extended partial pay parity
Little Waikato Scholars Prep SchoolWaikato45491Extended partial pay parity
Little Wings Early Childhood Education & Care CentreAuckland47370Extended partial pay parity
Little Wonders AorakiCanterbury46275Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Wonders Childcare (Roslyn)Otago46150Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Wonders CromwellOtago80075Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Wonders GlendowieAuckland10373Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Wonders GreenmeadowsHawke’s Bay55471Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Wonders OamaruOtago80085Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Wonders PegasusCanterbury47124Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Wonders RollestonCanterbury45493Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Wonders St KildaOtago80076Full Pay Parity Salary
Little Wonders TimaruCanterbury45694Full Pay Parity Salary
Littlelees PreschoolWaikato46889Extended partial pay parity
Littletoetoes ELC LtdAuckland46267Full Pay Parity Salary
Litttle Learners ChildcareAuckland25029Extended partial pay parity
Living & Learning Family Centre HendersonAuckland45851Full Pay Parity Salary
Living & Learning Family Centre MangereAuckland20295Full Pay Parity Salary
Lollipops  ParaparaumuWellington46961Full Pay Parity Salary
Lollipops AirportAuckland25124Full Pay Parity Salary
Lollipops AlbanyAuckland20242Full Pay Parity Salary
Lollipops Aubrey StTaranaki50092Full Pay Parity Salary
Lollipops Auckland CentralAuckland25397Full Pay Parity Salary
Lollipops Bell BlockTaranaki46108Full Pay Parity Salary
Lollipops BirkenheadAuckland20158Full Pay Parity Salary
Lollipops Blighs RoadCanterbury70145Full Pay Parity Salary
Lollipops BritomartAuckland25384Full Pay Parity Salary
Lollipops Browns BayAuckland45855Full Pay Parity Salary
Lollipops CoatesvilleAuckland45856Full Pay Parity Salary
Lollipops Educare TakaniniAuckland46457Full Pay Parity Salary
Lollipops Educare TakapunaAuckland10297Extended partial pay parity
Lollipops Green BayAuckland20448Full Pay Parity Salary
Lollipops Grey LynnAuckland20322Full Pay Parity Salary
Lollipops LynfieldAuckland47350Full Pay Parity Salary
Lollipops MillenniumAuckland25357Full Pay Parity Salary
Lollipops Mount AlbertAuckland45283Full Pay Parity Salary
Lollipops Napier PortHawke’s Bay45274Full Pay Parity Salary
Lollipops New PlymouthTaranaki50533Full Pay Parity Salary
Lollipops Newton RoadAuckland46332Full Pay Parity Salary
Lollipops North Harbour FantailsAuckland20231Full Pay Parity Salary
Lollipops North Harbour KakaposAuckland20508Full Pay Parity Salary
Lollipops OrewaAuckland10349Full Pay Parity Salary
Lollipops PapamoaBay of Plenty40295Full Pay Parity Salary
Lollipops Patten StCanterbury70157Full Pay Parity Salary
Lollipops PetoneWellington46027Full Pay Parity Salary
Lollipops PukekoheAuckland25131Full Pay Parity Salary
Lollipops Ruapehu DriveManawatu-Wanganui50121Full Pay Parity Salary
Lollipops SwansonAuckland46622Full Pay Parity Salary
Lollipops TaurangaBay of Plenty45407Full Pay Parity Salary
Lollipops Waikato HospitalWaikato30184Full Pay Parity Salary
Lollipops WaiukuAuckland25379Full Pay Parity Salary
Lollipops WaiwhetuWellington46029Full Pay Parity Salary
Lollipops WarkworthAuckland20184Full Pay Parity Salary
Lots of Hugs BroadwayManawatu-Wanganui47926Full Pay Parity Salary
Lots of Hugs Childcare 2Manawatu-Wanganui50087Full Pay Parity Salary
Lots of Hugs Childcare CentreManawatu-Wanganui40247Full Pay Parity Salary
Love and Joy ELC LtdAuckland47932Full Pay Parity Salary
Love and Learn Care and EducationManawatu-Wanganui46759Full Pay Parity Salary
Lovely Lotus ChildcareManawatu-Wanganui45946Full Pay Parity Salary
Lovingcare KindergartenAuckland10110Extended partial pay parity
Lower Hutt City Childcare CentreWellington60225Full Pay Parity Salary
Lumsden KindergartenHawke’s Bay55049Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Luna Montessori PreschoolAuckland47033Extended partial pay parity
Lupesina Aoga Amata PreschoolAuckland45515Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Lynfield College Community Childcare CentreAuckland20102Extended partial pay parity
Magic Garden Early Education LimiitedAuckland10272Extended partial pay parity
Magic Kingdom ChildcareAuckland45976Full Pay Parity Salary
Magic Sparks Care and LearningWellington45941Full Pay Parity Salary
Magic Sparks CubaManawatu-Wanganui47104Full Pay Parity Salary
Magic Sparks Kapiti LtdWellington47417Full Pay Parity Salary
Magic Sparks Nature PreschoolManawatu-Wanganui48177Full Pay Parity Salary
Magical Years Childcare CentreAuckland47456Extended partial pay parity
Magicland ChildcareAuckland47142Extended partial pay parity
Magnolia Montessori LtdWaikato47687Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Magnolia Tree Childcare CentreWaikato46363Extended partial pay parity
Maketu Kidettes Early Education CentreBay of Plenty46134Full Pay Parity Salary
Makoura ELCWellington60196Extended partial pay parity
Malamalama Moni Aoga Amata EFKS PNManawatu-Wanganui52541Full Pay Parity Salary
Mamma Bear Childcare ChristchurchCanterbury48079Extended partial pay parity
Mamma Bear WhanganuiManawatu-Wanganui48190Extended partial pay parity
Mana Montessori Preschool IncWellington60277Full Pay Parity Salary
Mana Tama Aoga NiueAuckland10187Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Manaaki Childcare LtdNorthland47396Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Manaaki Tamariki ChildcareGisborne55324Full Pay Parity Salary
Manaaki Tamariki ELCBay of Plenty40076Base Salary (Step 1)
Manaia Community PreschoolTaranaki40234Extended partial pay parity
Manawa Children’s VillageWellington48184Full Pay Parity Salary
Manu Crescent Private KindergartenTaranaki50526Full Pay Parity Salary
MIT Children’s Education CentreAuckland25030Base Salary (Step 1)
Manurewa Early Discoveries CentreAuckland25062Extended partial pay parity
Maori Hill Montessori PreschoolOtago65174Extended partial pay parity
Mapusaga Aoga AmataCanterbury65016Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Mar Addai Catholic PreschoolAuckland47548Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Maraekakaho Early Childhood CentreHawke’s Bay30193Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
MARC ELCAuckland20265Full Pay Parity Salary
Marian Early Childhood CentreAuckland10149Extended partial pay parity
Mariposa KidsAuckland20035Extended partial pay parity
Marlborough St Childcare CentreWellington60297Base Salary (Step 1)
Marsden Childcare CentreNorthland47711Extended partial pay parity
Marshwood Montessori PreschoolAuckland20581Extended partial pay parity
Marton Childcare CentreManawatu-Wanganui51506Base Salary (Step 1)
Marton Junction Community Pre-schoolManawatu-Wanganui50529Full Pay Parity Salary
Massey Child Care Centre – AlbanyAuckland47941Extended partial pay parity
Massey Child Care Centre IncManawatu-Wanganui52525Extended partial pay parity
Mata’aga A’oga AmataAuckland10143Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Matakana Village PreschoolAuckland46688Extended partial pay parity
Matamata Childcare CentreWaikato34026Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Matapihi KindergartenWaikato30355Extended partial pay parity
Matapu PreschoolTaranaki50531Full Pay Parity Salary
Matariki Early Childhood CentreBay of Plenty40070Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Maungatapu Pre-SchoolBay of Plenty45535Extended partial pay parity
McKenzie CentreWaikato34028Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
ME Family Services – Early ChildhoodAuckland25301Extended partial pay parity
Meadowood Community CrecheAuckland10090Extended partial pay parity
Melodies PreschoolCanterbury45697Extended partial pay parity
Merryland Childcare CentreAuckland47777Extended partial pay parity
Methven Pre-school Learning & Child Care CentreCanterbury70409Full Pay Parity Salary
Michael Park KindergartenAuckland10081Full Pay Parity Salary
Midcity ChildcareWaikato30205Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Mighty Mind Kids ELCAuckland47962Extended partial pay parity
Mighty Minds Bucklands BeachAuckland46033Extended partial pay parity
Mighty Minds EducareAuckland46729Extended partial pay parity
Mighty Minds Educare Glenfield LtdAuckland20544Extended partial pay parity
Mighty Minds Educare Mt WellingtonAuckland47870Extended partial pay parity
Mighty Minds Montessori House of ChildrenOtago46644Base Salary (Step 1)
Milford Baptist KindergartenAuckland20107Full Pay Parity Salary
Millidale ExplorersAuckland48098Extended partial pay parity
Millie’s House – Armagh StCanterbury47700Extended partial pay parity
Millie’s House Basin ReserveWellington60088Extended partial pay parity
Millie’s House Connolly StWellington47403Extended partial pay parity
Millie’s House Daly StWellington46576Extended partial pay parity
Millie’s House Oxford St KindyWellington60264Extended partial pay parity
Millie’s House WaiwhetuWellington60316Extended partial pay parity
Millie’s House, Hopper StWellington45859Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Minerva HouseCanterbury45565Extended partial pay parity
Mini MinersWaikato47641Extended partial pay parity
Mini Miracles Educare Western HeightsAuckland46352Full Pay Parity Salary
Mini ThinkersOtago47296Extended partial pay parity
MiniDale ExplorersAuckland47923Extended partial pay parity
Miniland Early Childhood Education AdventureAuckland48040Extended partial pay parity
Minimee Early Childhood AdventureAuckland45922Extended partial pay parity
MiniwhaisNorthland47748Full Pay Parity Salary
Minnies Pre-SchoolCanterbury70411Extended partial pay parity
Minnows KindergartenBay of Plenty30256Extended partial pay parity
Miramar ChildcareWellington46637Full Pay Parity Salary
Miro House KindergartenWaikato45117Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Moa Kids Community ELC IncCanterbury70459Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Moko ClubWaikato46480Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Moko Club NgaruawahiaWaikato46927Full Pay Parity Salary
Mokopuna Early C E and Care CentreNorthland10294Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Mokopuna ki Clendon Early Childhood ServiceAuckland45865Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Mokopuna ki RoscommonAuckland46935Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Mokopuna ki Whau Valley Early Childhood ServiceNorthland45534Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Mokopuna O Moerewa Early Childhood CentreNorthland10424Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Molly’s PreschoolAuckland46924Extended partial pay parity
Molyneux Educare IncOtago83004Full Pay Parity Salary
Montana ELCCanterbury70021Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Montessori 3-6 Trilingual Early Childhood EducationHawke’s Bay45717Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Montessori at Otari Preschool Inc.Wellington60237Extended partial pay parity
Montessori Beginnings Early Childhood Education CentreAuckland45065Extended partial pay parity
Montessori BlenheimMarlborough65613Full Pay Parity Salary
Montessori Children’s House – WellingtonWellington60354Extended partial pay parity
Montessori Children’s House KerikeriNorthland47754Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Montessori Children’s House WanakaOtago80015Extended partial pay parity
Montessori Courtyard PreschoolCanterbury70475Extended partial pay parity
Montessori Educare LtdManawatu-Wanganui52518Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Montessori House Atelier de BambiniOtago47619Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Montessori House Casa dei BambiniOtago83042Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Montessori House Casita dei BambiniOtago83078Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Montessori House of Children – Wairere DriveWaikato46466Full Pay Parity Salary
Montessori InvercargillSouthland47225Full Pay Parity Salary
Montessori Little HandsWaikato46543Full Pay Parity Salary
Montessori Oamaru by Busy BeesOtago47580Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Montessori Rotorua PreschoolBay of Plenty40091Extended partial pay parity
Montessori STARSCanterbury65039Extended partial pay parity
Moriah (Private) Kindergarten IncWellington60206Full Pay Parity Salary
Morrinsville Kids LtdWaikato46590Extended partial pay parity
Motueka Steiner KindergartenTasman65416Extended partial pay parity
Mountaineers Childcare & EducationWaikato47722Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Mountainside Educare LtdOtago46926Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Mountainview Montessori PreschoolBay of Plenty48201Extended partial pay parity
Mt Roskill Baptist KindergartenAuckland20111Base Salary (Step 1)
Mt Royal ELCAuckland10351Full Pay Parity Salary
Mt Wellies ChildcareAuckland47003Extended partial pay parity
Muddy Toes Babies ELCAuckland48054Extended partial pay parity
Muddy Toes ELCAuckland47716Extended partial pay parity
Muddy Toes ELC Stanmore BayAuckland48106Extended partial pay parity
Muddy Toes ELC WarkworthAuckland20509Extended partial pay parity
Mudpies and ButterfliesAuckland47998Extended partial pay parity
Murrays Bay Childcare CentreAuckland20112Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
My Kindy KelstonAuckland47588Extended partial pay parity
My Preschool LtdCanterbury65019Extended partial pay parity
My TreehutWaikato45803Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
MyKindy HendersonAuckland25367Extended partial pay parity
MyKindy Mt WellingtonAuckland25068Extended partial pay parity
MyKindy OnehungaAuckland47041Extended partial pay parity
MyKindy RosedaleAuckland45200Extended partial pay parity
Nanaksar Educare CentreAuckland46638Full Pay Parity Salary
Nanaksar Education PhulwariAuckland25435Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Nancy Winter Early Childhood CentreManawatu-Wanganui50103Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Natural Steps AlbanyAuckland46090Extended partial pay parity
Natural Steps Early Childhood Centre (Ellerslie Village)Auckland10138Extended partial pay parity
Natural Wonders ELCAuckland46763Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Naturally Kids Early LearningAuckland20099Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Nature Kids MotuekaTasman46202Full Pay Parity Salary
Nature Preschool New ZealandHawke’s Bay55389Extended partial pay parity
Nature’s Cove 2021 LtdBay of Plenty40100Extended partial pay parity
Nature’s Explorers KindergartenAuckland45541Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Natures Nest ELCAuckland45737Extended partial pay parity
Nature’s Point ChildcareAuckland47767Extended partial pay parity
Nature’s WonderTaranaki47134Extended partial pay parity
NatureSpace Early LearningManawatu-Wanganui46654Extended partial pay parity
Naval Community Daycare – Calliope HouseAuckland20116Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Naval ECE – Tamariki HouseAuckland10100Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Neemo Childcare CentreAuckland47102Extended partial pay parity
Neemo Childcare CentreCanterbury48076Extended partial pay parity
Nelson MontessoriNelson65409Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Nelson Park Kindergarten Toddler and BabyHawke’s Bay47428Extended partial pay parity
Nest ELCBay of Plenty47793Extended partial pay parity
New Beginnings Pre-SchoolCanterbury70395Extended partial pay parity
New Brighton Community Preschool & NurseryCanterbury70417Extended partial pay parity
New Plymouth Montessori AssociationTaranaki50511Extended partial pay parity
New Plymouth YMCA Childcare CentreTaranaki50521Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
New Shoots Children’s Centre – BayfairBay of Plenty47827Full Pay Parity Salary
New Shoots Children’s Centre – CoatesvilleAuckland48137Full Pay Parity Salary
New Shoots Children’s Centre – GreenhitheAuckland47936Full Pay Parity Salary
New Shoots Children’s Centre – Hamilton CentralWaikato46103Full Pay Parity Salary
New Shoots Children’s Centre – HillcrestAuckland47953Full Pay Parity Salary
New Shoots Children’s Centre – HobsonvilleAuckland47416Full Pay Parity Salary
New Shoots Childrens Centre – KerikeriNorthland47907Full Pay Parity Salary
New Shoots Children’s Centre – MatamataWaikato47494Full Pay Parity Salary
New Shoots Children’s Centre – PakurangaAuckland47131Full Pay Parity Salary
New Shoots Children’s Centre – RamaramaAuckland48115Full Pay Parity Salary
New Shoots Children’s Centre – SandhurstBay of Plenty47039Full Pay Parity Salary
New Shoots Children’s Centre – TaurangaBay of Plenty46364Full Pay Parity Salary
New Shoots Childrens Centre – The LakesBay of Plenty47742Full Pay Parity Salary
New Shoots Children’s Centre – WestgateAuckland47373Full Pay Parity Salary
New Shoots Children’s Centre – WhenuapaiAuckland47501Full Pay Parity Salary
New Shoots Childrens Centre (Papamoa)Bay of Plenty45747Full Pay Parity Salary
New Shoots SunnynookAuckland45945Full Pay Parity Salary
Newbies Birkdale ELCAuckland47900Extended partial pay parity
Newbies ELCAuckland46812Extended partial pay parity
Newlands Childcare IncWellington60255Full Pay Parity Salary
Newstead Country PreschoolWaikato30020Extended partial pay parity
Newtown ELCWellington60212Full Pay Parity Salary
Next GenerationAuckland47492Extended partial pay parity
Next Generation BirkenheadAuckland46047Extended partial pay parity
Next Generation ChildcareAuckland20365Extended partial pay parity
Next Generation Infant CareAuckland10058Extended partial pay parity
Nga Poutoko A MuaBay of Plenty47399Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Nga Puawai o KaikohekoheNorthland46470Full Pay Parity Salary
Nga Rito o Te Puawaitanga Early Childhood CentreManawatu-Wanganui50088Extended partial pay parity
Nga Tamariki Childcare CentreWellington60182Extended partial pay parity
Nga Tamariki PuawaiAuckland46326Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Nga Taonga Aroha Early Childhood CentreAuckland47168Extended partial pay parity
Nga Taonga Manako Early Childhood CentreAuckland47667Extended partial pay parity
Nga Wawata Educare LtdNorthland46036Extended partial pay parity
Ngaio Childcare Centre IncWellington60213Extended partial pay parity
Ngapuna ELCBay of Plenty46735Extended partial pay parity
Ngatea ELCWaikato46354Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Ngongotaha ELCBay of Plenty40344Extended partial pay parity
Noah’s Ark ELCManawatu-Wanganui46132Extended partial pay parity
Noku Te AoCanterbury65132Extended partial pay parity
Noku Te Ao Ki Te PaCanterbury46782Extended partial pay parity
Norfolk St EducareNorthland45340Full Pay Parity Salary
North Beach Community Preschool IncCanterbury70419Full Pay Parity Salary
North East Valley Baptist Community CentreOtago47419Full Pay Parity Salary
North Haven Child Care & Education CentreCanterbury70421Extended partial pay parity
Northcote Baptist Community PreschoolAuckland20118Full Pay Parity Salary
Northcote ELCAuckland47183Full Pay Parity Salary
Northcote Point Community CrecheAuckland20119Extended partial pay parity
Northcote Pre-School Community Trust (Kete Wananga)Auckland20120Extended partial pay parity
Northland Community Pre-SchoolWellington46130Full Pay Parity Salary
Nova Montessori Children’s HouseCanterbury70057Extended partial pay parity
Nukutukulea Aoga Niue Incorp.Auckland10080Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Nurserydale Childcare CentreAuckland20122Extended partial pay parity
Nurture and Bloom ELC – Te AnauSouthland47336Full Pay Parity Salary
Nurture and Bloom ELC-Te RapaWaikato48117Full Pay Parity Salary
Nurture by Nature Early Childhood CentreNorthland20004Extended partial pay parity
Nurture Early Learning – OnehungaAuckland46703Extended partial pay parity
Nurture ELCAuckland45568Extended partial pay parity
Nurture Early Learning Red BeachAuckland47571Extended partial pay parity
Nurturing Hearts ELCAuckland20172Extended partial pay parity
Oak Tree The Early Childhood Learning CentreAuckland10045Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Oakfields – Little Oaks Preschool LtdCanterbury47318Extended partial pay parity
Oasis ELCTasman45147Extended partial pay parity
Oasis Education CentreTasman65081Extended partial pay parity
Oasis Preschool MapuaTasman65138Extended partial pay parity
Ohaeawai Community Preschool and ELCNorthland46331Extended partial pay parity
Ohakea Childcare CentreManawatu-Wanganui51511Base Salary (Step 1)
Ohope Beach Montessori PreschoolBay of Plenty45390Base Salary (Step 1)
Okara EducareNorthland45829Full Pay Parity Salary
Old MacDonalds Childcare MorrinsvilleWaikato47924Extended partial pay parity
Old MacDonalds Rural Education & Care CentreWaikato46892Extended partial pay parity
Olive Shoots Early Childhood CentreAuckland20327Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Olive Tree ELCAuckland10159Extended partial pay parity
Oma Rapeti ELCAuckland20052Extended partial pay parity
Oma Rapeti ELC KumeuAuckland47770Extended partial pay parity
Omaka ELCMarlborough47701Full Pay Parity Salary
Omanu PreschoolBay of Plenty47400Full Pay Parity Salary
Omokoroa Pre SchoolBay of Plenty46656Full Pay Parity Salary
One Tree Hill Community KindergartenAuckland20125Full Pay Parity Salary
oneCHILD Ta’i Tamati Turanga RangatiraAuckland48091Extended partial pay parity
Onepoto Awhina Educare CentreAuckland20124No Step
Open Spaces Preschool LtdNorthland10196Extended partial pay parity
Opotiki Community Childcare CentreBay of Plenty40069Full Pay Parity Salary
Opunake Communities Kindergarten IncTaranaki50535Extended partial pay parity
Orakei Montessori Pre-SchoolAuckland20446Extended partial pay parity
Oromahoe KindergartenNorthland45935Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Otago Childcare Centre IncOtago83021Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Otago University Childcare Association – College CentreOtago83065Full Pay Parity Salary
Otago University Childcare Association – Te PaOtago83022Full Pay Parity Salary
Otaki ELCWellington55390Full Pay Parity Salary
Otaki Montessori PreschoolWellington60235Extended partial pay parity
Otara Community PreschoolAuckland25283No Step
Otatara Children’s CentreHawke’s Bay55050Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Otatara PreschoolSouthland45287Full Pay Parity Salary
Ottawa Gardens Preschool and NurseryCanterbury65043Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Our Family Early Learning LtdAuckland20050Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Our Kids ELCAuckland20055Full Pay Parity Salary
Our Kids ELC – Glen EdenAuckland20185Full Pay Parity Salary
Our Kids ELC – Mataki WayAuckland47714Full Pay Parity Salary
Our Kids ELC – OnehungaAuckland47274Full Pay Parity Salary
Our Place PreschoolWaikato46366Extended partial pay parity
Over the Rainbow ELCAuckland10335Base Salary (Step 1)
Owlets Forest ELCWaikato47242Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Oxford ELCCanterbury70422Extended partial pay parity
Oxford KindyCanterbury45303Full Pay Parity Salary
Paeroa ELCWaikato34050Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Paeroa Early Learning CollectiveWaikato46629Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Paihia Early Childhood CentreNorthland11555Full Pay Parity Salary
Pakuranga Baptist KindergartenAuckland25041Full Pay Parity Salary
Pakuranga Learning CentreAuckland45823Extended partial pay parity
Pakuranga Montessori by Busy BeesAuckland46692Full Pay Parity Salary
Pakuranga Montessori Learning CentreAuckland25013Full Pay Parity Salary
Palms Educare (Browns Bay)Auckland46604Extended partial pay parity
Palms PreschoolAuckland20238Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Panmure Bridge Childcare CentreAuckland25044Base Salary (Step 1)
Papakura ChildcareAuckland47638Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Papakura First Presbyterian Pre-SchoolAuckland25045Extended partial pay parity
Papanui PreschoolCanterbury70069Full Pay Parity Salary
Papatoetoe Footsteps Community PreschoolAuckland25354Extended partial pay parity
Papatoetoe Kids ELCAuckland48035Full Pay Parity Salary
Paradise ELCSouthland65142Extended partial pay parity
Parkview PreschoolAuckland48205Extended partial pay parity
Parnell Early Childhood CentreAuckland25079Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Parua Bay ChildcareNorthland45341Extended partial pay parity
Pascals AlbanyAuckland45419Full Pay Parity Salary
Pascals BlenheimMarlborough46120Full Pay Parity Salary
Pascals Herne BayAuckland10194Full Pay Parity Salary
Pascals St AlbansCanterbury45683Full Pay Parity Salary
Pascals St JohnsAuckland45626Full Pay Parity Salary
Pasifika Early Learning – Le Malelega a le To’elauAuckland45591Extended partial pay parity
Pasifika Early Learning – TaitaWellington50045Extended partial pay parity
Pasifika Early Learning NaenaeWellington47871Extended partial pay parity
Pasifika Early Learning Puna O Le Atamai Aoga AmataAuckland10181Extended partial pay parity
Pasifika Learning CentreManawatu-Wanganui47248Base Salary (Step 1)
Pathways Rudolf Steiner KindergartenBay of Plenty40053Extended partial pay parity
Patoka Rural KindergartenHawke’s Bay55180Full Pay Parity Salary
Pauanui Pre-SchoolWaikato34119Base Salary (Step 1)
Pauatahanui Preschool Inc.Wellington60203Extended partial pay parity
Paula’s Preschool RichmondTasman65161Full Pay Parity Salary
Peachgrove Road Educare LtdWaikato46906Full Pay Parity Salary
Peacocks Early Learning – StonefieldsAuckland47578Full Pay Parity Salary
Peacocks ELCAuckland45822Full Pay Parity Salary
Peacocks ELC EpsomAuckland46930Extended partial pay parity
Peacocks ELC RockfieldAuckland46441Full Pay Parity Salary
Pebbles Montessori  Sumner (2-6)Canterbury46378Extended partial pay parity
Pebbles Montessori CashmereCanterbury46833Extended partial pay parity
Pebbles Montessori Sumner (0-3)Canterbury45400Extended partial pay parity
Peekaboo Childcare CentreAuckland10342Extended partial pay parity
Peekaboo Childcare Forrest HillAuckland47957Extended partial pay parity
Peel Forest PreschoolCanterbury65056Full Pay Parity Salary
Pelega O Matua FanauHawke’s Bay55421Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Pelorus Community Preschool – Kohungahunga o Te HoiereMarlborough65228Full Pay Parity Salary
Penguins School of Early LearningAuckland25149Extended partial pay parity
Penguins School of Early Learning 2Auckland47707Extended partial pay parity
Peninsula Community Preschool Inc.Wellington50079Full Pay Parity Salary
Peninsula KidsAuckland47317Full Pay Parity Salary
Pennylane Early Childhood CentreCanterbury45635Full Pay Parity Salary
Peppertree Preschool LtdCanterbury65078Extended partial pay parity
Phoenix PreschoolCanterbury70311Extended partial pay parity
Piccolo Park Dannemora LtdAuckland48006Full Pay Parity Salary
Piccolo Park ELCAuckland46285Full Pay Parity Salary
Piccolo Park ELCAuckland46732Full Pay Parity Salary
Piccolo Park Mt RichmondAuckland47694Full Pay Parity Salary
Piccolo PreschoolTaranaki50509Extended partial pay parity
Picton Community ELCMarlborough65506Extended partial pay parity
Picton PreschoolMarlborough65170Extended partial pay parity
Piha Community PreschoolAuckland20337Extended partial pay parity
Piki Te OraHawke’s Bay30209Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Pineapples ELCAuckland10323Extended partial pay parity
Pioneers Elm RowOtago83014Full Pay Parity Salary
Pioneers KoputaiOtago80016Full Pay Parity Salary
Pioneers Russell St & NurseryOtago83008Full Pay Parity Salary
Pipis Childcare and PreschoolNorthland45296Full Pay Parity Salary
Pipitea Childcare CentreWellington60250Extended partial pay parity
Pitter PatterAuckland45624Extended partial pay parity
Pitter Patter ChildcareAuckland25381Extended partial pay parity
Piwaka ELCAuckland20156Full Pay Parity Salary
Piwakawaka ELCCanterbury70338Extended partial pay parity
Planet Sunshine Early Childhood ServiceGisborne45558Extended partial pay parity
Play & Learn ECE – FairfieldOtago83062Full Pay Parity Salary
Play and Learn – Karaka WestAuckland47776Extended partial pay parity
Play And Learn (King St)Auckland10024Extended partial pay parity
Play and Learn Clarks BeachAuckland25331Full Pay Parity Salary
Play School ELCWellington50086Full Pay Parity Salary
Play To Learn ELCWaikato45687Extended partial pay parity
Playday (Orakei Presbyterian Church)Auckland20491Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Playhouse ChildcareWellington60310Full Pay Parity Salary
Playhouse Early Childhood CentreAuckland20527Extended partial pay parity
Playtopia EducareBay of Plenty47148Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
PlaywayAuckland25391Full Pay Parity Salary
Plum Tree Preschool MillwaterAuckland46012Extended partial pay parity
Poetiare O RongomaiAuckland10232Full Pay Parity Salary
Pohutukawa ELCWellington45658Extended partial pay parity
Pohutukawa KidzAuckland47537Extended partial pay parity
Pohutukawa KindergartenAuckland25347Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Pohutukawa Kindergarten GlendowieAuckland47172Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Pohutukawa PreschoolBay of Plenty46814Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Pokeno Child Care CentreWaikato47555Full Pay Parity Salary
Pokeno Explorers Ltd t/a Urban ExplorersWaikato46765Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Polkadots PreschoolCanterbury70156Full Pay Parity Salary
Polyhigh Community Childcare CentreWellington60189Full Pay Parity Salary
PolykidsOtago83054Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Ponsonby Montessori KindergartenAuckland20443Extended partial pay parity
Ponsonby Montessori Kindergarten IIAuckland48142Extended partial pay parity
Ponsy Kids Community PreschoolAuckland10085Extended partial pay parity
Poppies KindergartenAuckland20135Extended partial pay parity
Poppies Preschool Gardiners RoadCanterbury46634Extended partial pay parity
Poppies Preschool St MartinsCanterbury70149Extended partial pay parity
Porirua Whanau Centre ChildcareWellington55382Base Salary (Step 1)
Port Ahuriri Children’s CentreHawke’s Bay55051Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Portobelo AvonheadCanterbury70033Extended partial pay parity
Portobelo KaiapoiCanterbury45304Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Potiki Early Childhood CentreAuckland25095Extended partial pay parity
Prebbleton Childcare & Education CentreCanterbury65063Extended partial pay parity
Prebbleton KindergartenCanterbury45616Extended partial pay parity
Prebbleton Nursery & Education CentreCanterbury65177Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Precious Pipis Childcare Brixton RoadAuckland20294Extended partial pay parity
Precious Pipis Childcare CentreAuckland47983Extended partial pay parity
Precious Years Learning CentreAuckland47179Extended partial pay parity
Premier Preschool JohnsonvilleWellington55271Full Pay Parity Salary
Premium PreschoolWellington60068Full Pay Parity Salary
Pt England KIDS ELCAuckland47459Full Pay Parity Salary
Puanga KakahoCanterbury45128Full Pay Parity Salary
Puawai Childcare CentreWellington46710Full Pay Parity Salary
Pukapuka PreschoolAuckland25005Base Salary (Step 1)
Pukeatua Childcare CentreWellington46195Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Pukeatua Kohanga ReoWellington45553Full Pay Parity Salary
Pukehina Kidettes Early Education CentreBay of Plenty47778Full Pay Parity Salary
Pukeko Country PreschoolWaikato34080No Step
Pukeko ELCAuckland46997Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Pukeko Preschool ClaudelandsWaikato30102Extended partial pay parity
Pukeko Preschool Mangere EastAuckland25012Extended partial pay parity
Pukeko Preschool ManurewaAuckland45316Extended partial pay parity
Pukeko Preschool Pakuranga HeightsAuckland46138Extended partial pay parity
Pukeko Preschool PapatoetoeAuckland25061Extended partial pay parity
Pukeko TreehouseWaikato46978Extended partial pay parity
Pukekohe ELCAuckland46911Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Pukekohe High School Childcare CentreAuckland25240Extended partial pay parity
Pukekos Educare ThamesWaikato34089Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Puketapu Community Early Childhood Education CentreHawke’s Bay55352Extended partial pay parity
Pumanawa BishopdaleCanterbury70029Extended partial pay parity
Punahau Early Childhood Care CentreManawatu-Wanganui40238Base Salary (Step 1)
Punavai o le Atamai PreschoolOtago83069Extended partial pay parity
Punavai o le Gagana SamoaHawke’s Bay30130Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Pupuke Early Education CentreAuckland20251Extended partial pay parity
Purerehua ELCWaikato47348Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Queens Park Early Childhood EducationSouthland65146Extended partial pay parity
Queens PreschoolOtago83026Extended partial pay parity
Queenstown Preschool and NurseryOtago90105Full Pay Parity Salary
Rainbow Adventurers ChildcareAuckland20371Extended partial pay parity
Rainbow Bears PreschoolAuckland20027Extended partial pay parity
Rainbow Cottage KindergartenAuckland20140Extended partial pay parity
Rainbow Early Childhood CentreWaikato34049Base Salary (Step 1)
Rainbow Kids ChildcareWaikato47182Full Pay Parity Salary
Rainbow PreschoolOtago83027Extended partial pay parity
Rainbows Gordonton Early Childhood CentreWaikato30097Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Ra-itu Koanga ReoWaikato30118Base Salary (Step 1)
Rakaia Little Learners PreschoolCanterbury70168Extended partial pay parity
Rangi Ruru Pre-SchoolCanterbury70438Extended partial pay parity
Rangiora High School Nursery SchoolCanterbury70437Full Pay Parity Salary
Ranui Christian PreschoolAuckland47885Base Salary (Step 1)
Raphael House KindergartenWellington60301Extended partial pay parity
Raroera Te Puawai Puna ReoWaikato30220Base Salary (Step 1)
Rata St Pre-schoolManawatu-Wanganui40255Full Pay Parity Salary
Ravenswood Stars Nursery & PreschoolCanterbury47982Extended partial pay parity
Reach for the Stars ELCAuckland20243Extended partial pay parity
Reach Forward ELCAuckland45332Extended partial pay parity
Reach Forward ELC – WarkworthAuckland47522Extended partial pay parity
Real Kids ELCAuckland46702Full Pay Parity Salary
Red Beach ELCAuckland10056Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Red Kite PreschoolAuckland45454Full Pay Parity Salary
Red Kite Preschool Mt AlbertAuckland10267Full Pay Parity Salary
Redhills Community Kindergarten IncAuckland20142Full Pay Parity Salary
Redwood Early Childhood CentreCanterbury70441Extended partial pay parity
Reefton ELCWest Coast65226Full Pay Parity Salary
Reggio Bambini Private Preschool & Infant CentreWellington46570Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Remarkable Kids Learning CentreAuckland47818Full Pay Parity Salary
Remarkable Start Early LearningOtago47374Extended partial pay parity
Remarkable Start Jacks Point LtdOtago48082Extended partial pay parity
Remuera Baptist KindergartenAuckland20143Extended partial pay parity
Remuera Montessori LtdAuckland20144Extended partial pay parity
Renwick PreschoolMarlborough65126Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Renwick Preschool And Childcare CentreMarlborough65611Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Rewanui ELCGisborne55363Extended partial pay parity
Rhyme and Reason – ELCCanterbury48107Full Pay Parity Salary
Riccarton Park Montessori PreschoolCanterbury65011Extended partial pay parity
Richmond ELCSouthland45645Full Pay Parity Salary
Richmond PreschoolTasman65413Extended partial pay parity
Rise & Shine Childcare CentreAuckland10218Full Pay Parity Salary
Rising Stars Early Childhood CentreAuckland10157Full Pay Parity Salary
Rising Stars Lynfield Early Childhood CentreAuckland10164Full Pay Parity Salary
Rising Stars PreschoolCanterbury45371Extended partial pay parity
Rising Stars PreschoolTaranaki45895Extended partial pay parity
River Kids ELCWaikato34106Full Pay Parity Salary
Rivercity PreschoolManawatu-Wanganui47402Extended partial pay parity
Riverhead Montessori Learning CentreAuckland20199Extended partial pay parity
Riverhills ELCAuckland25105Extended partial pay parity
Riverlee ELCWaikato46297Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Riverside EducareOtago45299Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Riverton ChildcareSouthland65166Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Robins NestBay of Plenty40306Extended partial pay parity
Rockabye ELCAuckland10055Extended partial pay parity
Rocket Kids ELCAuckland20167Extended partial pay parity
Rockmybaby ChildcareHawke’s Bay30180Full Pay Parity Salary
Rockmybaby ECE NapierHawke’s Bay55309Full Pay Parity Salary
Rose and Clive ELCWaikato48143Extended partial pay parity
Rose Ring KindergartenBay of Plenty40071Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Rosebank Early Childhood CentreAuckland25396Extended partial pay parity
Rosy Cheeks ELCCanterbury70151Full Pay Parity Salary
Rotokauri Early Education CentreWaikato47587Full Pay Parity Salary
Rotorua Childcare CentreBay of Plenty40092Extended partial pay parity
Rotorua Community Creche & Kindergarten Inc.Bay of Plenty40049Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Rotorua Girls’ High School Childcare CentreBay of Plenty40065Extended partial pay parity
Rotorua Hospital Early Childhood CentreBay of Plenty45030Full Pay Parity Salary
Rototuna Early Education CentreWaikato30275Full Pay Parity Salary
Royals ELCHawke’s Bay46996Extended partial pay parity
Rural Scholars ELCCanterbury70170Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Ruru House LtdTaranaki47610Extended partial pay parity
Rutherford PreschoolAuckland20148Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Rutherford St KindergartenNelson47503Extended partial pay parity
S I T Early Childhood CentreSouthland90104Extended partial pay parity
Samoa Taumafai Aoga AmataWaikato30175Base Salary (Step 1)
Samuel Marsden PreschoolWellington60326Full Pay Parity Salary
Sancta Maria Montessori PreschoolCanterbury46127Extended partial pay parity
Sancta Maria Montessori Preschool (Sherborne)Canterbury47620Extended partial pay parity
Sand Dunes Quality ELCWellington60064Full Pay Parity Salary
Sandcastles MatakanaAuckland10292Extended partial pay parity
Saplings Early Learning LtdAuckland45174Extended partial pay parity
Sathya Sai Preschool – RongomaiAuckland10191Base Salary (Step 1)
Scallywaggs Graduation KindergartenHawke’s Bay45440Extended partial pay parity
Scallywaggs Junior and Middle KindergartenHawke’s Bay55047Extended partial pay parity
Scallywaggs Kindergarten & Care WaipawaHawke’s Bay47799Extended partial pay parity
Scallywaggs Senior KindergartenHawke’s Bay55316Extended partial pay parity
Scallywaggs Tots & ToddlersHawke’s Bay46766Extended partial pay parity
School of Fish ChildcareAuckland46284Full Pay Parity Salary
Scribbles Early Education CentreAuckland46097Full Pay Parity Salary
Scribbles Early Education Centre – Mt RoskillAuckland47191Full Pay Parity Salary
Scuola MontessoriBay of Plenty45918Full Pay Parity Salary
Scuola Montessori (15th Avenue)Bay of Plenty46535Full Pay Parity Salary
Secret Garden ELC LtdAuckland25418Full Pay Parity Salary
Seedlings ELCCanterbury46309Extended partial pay parity
Seedlings ELC Knights Stream ParkCanterbury47132Extended partial pay parity
Seedlings Nature KindergartenTaranaki46657Full Pay Parity Salary
Seedlings PreschoolBay of Plenty40075Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Seedlings PreschoolBay of Plenty46813Extended partial pay parity
Seeds and Sprouts Childcare LtdNorthland46096Base Salary (Step 1)
Seeds ELCAuckland47570Extended partial pay parity
Selwyn House PreschoolCanterbury65087Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Selwyn KidsCanterbury45427Base Salary (Step 1)
Seugagogo Aoga Amata PreschoolAuckland25304Extended partial pay parity
Seven Oaks PreschoolCanterbury47889Base Salary (Step 1)
Seven Stars KindergartenAuckland47959Full Pay Parity Salary
Shalom KindergartenBay of Plenty40046Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Shine Montessori EducareWellington60121Extended partial pay parity
Shine Montessori Educare AvalonWellington60083Extended partial pay parity
Shining Starz ELCAuckland25425Extended partial pay parity
Shirley First LearnersCanterbury70554Base Salary (Step 1)
Shore KidsAuckland20040Extended partial pay parity
Silverstream ELC by Busy BeesWellington60221Full Pay Parity Salary
Small Fries Christian Childcare CentreAuckland45873Extended partial pay parity
Small Fries Christian Childcare Centre – BeachlandsAuckland47933Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Small Kauri Early Childhood Education  CentreAuckland10293Full Pay Parity Salary
Small Miracles Pre-SchoolAuckland20536Extended partial pay parity
Small Pukeko’s ELCNorthland45832Extended partial pay parity
Small Steps ELCWaikato45777Extended partial pay parity
Small Steps ECE CentreAuckland25355Full Pay Parity Salary
Small Wonders Childcare CentreWellington47529Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Small World Preschool and NurseryCanterbury65064Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Smart Start Care and Education CentreManawatu-Wanganui45310Full Pay Parity Salary
Smart Start PreschoolNorthland10416Extended partial pay parity
Smiley Faces EducareWellington60216Extended partial pay parity
Smoochie McGill Early LearningAuckland10039Extended partial pay parity
Somerset ELCWaikato45217Full Pay Parity Salary
Songbird Early Childhood CentreBay of Plenty40286Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
South Wellington Montessori SchoolWellington60368Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Southside Kids Childcare CentreWellington60345Full Pay Parity Salary
Sovereign Star Nursery and PreschoolCanterbury46610Extended partial pay parity
Sparrows ELCWaikato46343Extended partial pay parity
Spotted Frog PreschoolAuckland46797Extended partial pay parity
Springbank HeadstartNorthland45628Extended partial pay parity
Springbank Pre SchoolNorthland10409Extended partial pay parity
Springs Community ELCCanterbury70371Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
St Albans Community PreschoolCanterbury70455Extended partial pay parity
St Andrews Chilton KindergartenAuckland25009Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
St Andrews Christian Pre-SchoolAuckland25059Extended partial pay parity
St Andrews College PreschoolCanterbury65068Full Pay Parity Salary
St Andrews PreschoolAuckland25437Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
St Andrew’s PreschoolBay of Plenty40300Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
St Clair Corner ELCOtago83041Extended partial pay parity
St Clair Corner Infants and Toddlers Centre LtdOtago80057Extended partial pay parity
St Georges PreschoolAuckland45630Extended partial pay parity
St Heliers Little SchoolAuckland45847Extended partial pay parity
St James KidsWayAuckland25078Extended partial pay parity
St John The Evangelist PreschoolAuckland25060Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
St Johns MontessoriAuckland45281Extended partial pay parity
St John’s Progressive ChildcareNorthland11512Full Pay Parity Salary
St Lukes Mokopuna Apii Punanga Reo IncWaikato47575Extended partial pay parity
St Margaret’s Pre-schoolCanterbury46761Full Pay Parity Salary
St Marks PreschoolWellington60305Extended partial pay parity
St Mary’s Early Childhood Education CentreWellington60356Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
St Mary’s Family Pre-SchoolAuckland25091Extended partial pay parity
St Marys Pre-SchoolMarlborough65504Full Pay Parity Salary
St Pauls KindergartenAuckland20152Base Salary (Step 1)
St Peter Chanel PreschoolAuckland10309Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
St Peter’s Anglican PreschoolCanterbury47728Base Salary (Step 1)
Star Early LearningNelson45447Extended partial pay parity
Star EducareAuckland47688Extended partial pay parity
Star Kids ChildcareAuckland47174Full Pay Parity Salary
Starfish Early Childhood  CentreAuckland20502Full Pay Parity Salary
Steiner CottageWellington60069Extended partial pay parity
Stella Maris Te Aho Tahuhu o Te Matauranga KatorikaGisborne48116Extended partial pay parity
Stellar Kids ELC BirkenheadAuckland20060Extended partial pay parity
Stem MontessoriCanterbury48230Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Step AheadNorthland47152Extended partial pay parity
Stepping Stones @ BraebrookCanterbury46914Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Stepping Stones Childcare CentreWellington60232Extended partial pay parity
Stepping Stones Daycare LtdAuckland20466Extended partial pay parity
Stepping Stones Early Childhood EducationTaranaki45953Base Salary (Step 1)
Stepping Stones Learning EnvironmentBay of Plenty45015Full Pay Parity Salary
Stepping Stones PreschoolNorthland10410Full Pay Parity Salary
Steps to Strides ELCAuckland20545Extended partial pay parity
Stewart Island EC Education CentreSouthland65152Extended partial pay parity
Stoke MontessoriNelson65154Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Stokes Valley Community Childcare Centre Inc.Wellington46817Extended partial pay parity
Stratford Community Childcare CentreTaranaki50500Full Pay Parity Salary
Strawberry Garden ChildcareHawke’s Bay47240Extended partial pay parity
Sugartree Lane PreschoolAuckland47447Full Pay Parity Salary
Suits and Gumboots Country Daycare LtdWaikato45796Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Summerfield ELCAuckland10022Extended partial pay parity
Sunbeams Private KindergartenAuckland46525Full Pay Parity Salary
Sunflowers Preschool LtdCanterbury46632Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Sunny DaysHawke’s Bay55048Extended partial pay parity
Sunny Days Community PreschoolAuckland20067Extended partial pay parity
Sunny Side Early EducareWaikato46502Extended partial pay parity
Sunnynook Community Early LearningAuckland20477Extended partial pay parity
Sunnynook Pre-SchoolAuckland20162Extended partial pay parity
Sunshine Childcare  PreschoolWaikato45290Full Pay Parity Salary
Sunshine Childcare on VickeryWaikato45631Full Pay Parity Salary
Sunshine Christian PreschoolAuckland45500Base Salary (Step 1)
Super Kids Learning CentreAuckland46408Full Pay Parity Salary
SUPERKIDZ ELCAuckland47495Extended partial pay parity
Superstart ChildcareAuckland45265Full Pay Parity Salary
Superstart ELCAuckland46306Full Pay Parity Salary
Surrey Park ELCSouthland45622Extended partial pay parity
Swannanoa PreschoolCanterbury70466Extended partial pay parity
Sweet Pea ELCCanterbury47484Full Pay Parity Salary
Swinburn HouseHawke’s Bay55053Extended partial pay parity
Sydenham Community PreschoolCanterbury70463Extended partial pay parity
Symonds St Early Childhood CentreAuckland20009Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Tadpoles Early Childhood CentreAuckland47099Full Pay Parity Salary
Taeaofou I Puaseisei PreschoolAuckland46081Full Pay Parity Salary
Taeaofou I Puaseisei Preschool – WinthropAuckland47415Full Pay Parity Salary
Tafesilafa’i ELC (TELC)Canterbury70550Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Taikura Rudolf Steiner KindergartenHawke’s Bay55043Full Pay Parity Salary
Taipa TreasuresNorthland11560Full Pay Parity Salary
Takapuna Kids Early Childhood CentreAuckland20079Extended partial pay parity
Takapuna Learning SpaceAuckland20121Extended partial pay parity
Talented Tots Childcare & Learning CentreAuckland10250Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Talented Tots Early Childhood CentreAuckland25329Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Tamarau ELCGisborne47914Extended partial pay parity
Tamariki AkorangaManawatu-Wanganui30116Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Tamariki Ei Tiare Punanga ReoAuckland47732Full Pay Parity Salary
Tamariki Footsteps Christian Community PreschoolAuckland47213Extended partial pay parity
Tamariki Garden ELCAuckland25239Extended partial pay parity
Tamariki Station Ainslie LtdWaikato47842Extended partial pay parity
Tamariki Station LtdWaikato46477Extended partial pay parity
Taokotaianga Apii Kuki Airani Early Childhood CentreHawke’s Bay55485Full Pay Parity Salary
Tararua EducareManawatu-Wanganui52539Full Pay Parity Salary
Taulapapa Leata Su’a Aoga AmataAuckland10062Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Taupiri Educare LtdWaikato46277Full Pay Parity Salary
Taupo Childrens CornerWaikato30094Full Pay Parity Salary
Taupo Childrens CornerWaikato45021Full Pay Parity Salary
Taupo Kids CommunityWaikato40040Full Pay Parity Salary
Tauranga Hospital Play ServiceBay of Plenty40269Extended partial pay parity
Tauriko TotsBay of Plenty47729Extended partial pay parity
Tautua Aoga AmataAuckland10325Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Tawa ELCWaikato40067Full Pay Parity Salary
Tawa Montessori PreschoolWellington55405Extended partial pay parity
Te Ako o te Tui Early Childhood Centre – GraftonAuckland47443Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Te Akonga ELCAuckland10017Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Te Anau Childcare Centre IncSouthland90107Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Te Ao Hou Community Childcare CentreAuckland25125Full Pay Parity Salary
Te Ara Ki Te Reo Ki KuirauBay of Plenty30112Full Pay Parity Salary
Te Ara Metua Punanga Reo Kuki AiraniWaikato34102Full Pay Parity Salary
Te Aroha Noa Early Childhood CentreManawatu-Wanganui50074Base Salary (Step 1)
Te Aroha o te NgakauBay of Plenty47647Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Te Atatu South Childcare CentreAuckland20449Extended partial pay parity
Te Hononga Puna ReoAuckland10395Base Salary (Step 1)
Te Kainga Potiki o Paharakeke Early Childhood CentreHawke’s Bay46859Full Pay Parity Salary
Te Karaka PreschoolGisborne55341Full Pay Parity Salary
Te Kauwhata Childcare & Learning CentreWaikato30071Base Salary (Step 1)
Te Kohanga Amorangi o WhakawateaWaikato30353Base Salary (Step 1)
Te Kohanga Reo o HineteiwaiwaAuckland20583Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Te Kohanga Reo o Kawakawa Mai TawhitiGisborne46474Full Pay Parity Salary
Te Kohanga Reo o Mana TamarikiManawatu-Wanganui50099Base Salary (Step 1)
Te Kohao KohungahungaWaikato46625Full Pay Parity Salary
Te Kopae PiriponoTaranaki45424No Step
Te Korio Children’s CentreManawatu-Wanganui52516Extended partial pay parity
Te Korowai ELCAuckland47675Full Pay Parity Salary
Te Kuiti Community Childcare Centre Inc.Waikato30132Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Te Manaaki PreschoolBay of Plenty40102Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Te Mirumiru Early Childhood Education CentreNorthland45842Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Te Pahu Preschool GroupWaikato34046Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Te PakaritoBay of Plenty47111Full Pay Parity Salary
Te Papapa PreschoolAuckland46391Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Te Pito o te Puna Wai o Waipapa – Hagley Community PreschoolCanterbury48026Extended partial pay parity
Te Puawaitanga o Ngati Ruanui ECETaranaki45160Full Pay Parity Salary
Te Pukeiti Early Childhood CentreWaikato46211Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Te Puna ELCBay of Plenty46436Full Pay Parity Salary
Te Puna KohungahungaAuckland10377Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Te Puna o Tarawa ECEBay of Plenty34111Extended partial pay parity
Te Puna O Te Aroha Puna ReoWaikato47236Extended partial pay parity
Te Puna Reo o Hinemataroa MontessoriBay of Plenty47925Extended partial pay parity
Te Puna Reo o Manga TangaroaNorthland48197Full Pay Parity Salary
Te Puna Reo O Nga KakanoWellington60102Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Te Puna Reo o Ngati ToaWellington46375Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Te Puna Reo o PuawaiBay of Plenty46705Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Te Puna Reo O Puhi KaitiGisborne45087Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Te Puna Reo o PukehinahinaBay of Plenty46704Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Te Puna Reo O RaparaparirikiGisborne46197Extended partial pay parity
Te Puna Reo o RitimanaAuckland20146Extended partial pay parity
Te Puna Reo o Te KohaoWaikato47271Full Pay Parity Salary
Te Puna Reo OkahukuraAuckland25341Full Pay Parity Salary
Te Punanga O Te Reo Kuki AiraniWellington60285Full Pay Parity Salary
Te Putahitanga o te Rukenga o Nga WaiWaikato47865Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Te Rapa Early Education CentreWaikato34038Full Pay Parity Salary
Te Rau Oriwa Puna ReoWaikato30125Base Salary (Step 1)
Te Rawhiti KindergartenWellington50028Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Te Rawhiti Kindergarten 3Wellington47663Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Te Reanga Childcare CentreManawatu-Wanganui52526Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Te Rito, Te Kainga ReoNorthland46855Full Pay Parity Salary
Te Rito, Te Whare ReoNorthland47549Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Te Rourou Whakatipuranga O AwaruaSouthland90033Extended partial pay parity
Te Rua Kopere Whare KohungahungaBay of Plenty48160Base Salary (Step 1)
Te Tuareka O Manurewa Punanga ReoAuckland46171Full Pay Parity Salary
Te Waenganui Childcare CentreNorthland46580Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Te Waipuna Ariki o MatangireiaBay of Plenty45555Extended partial pay parity
Te Waka Huruhurumanu ki OtautahiCanterbury65143Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Te Whare Aroha O Nga MokopunaHawke’s Bay55036Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Te Whare Kohungahunga o Y TamarikiGisborne55494Extended partial pay parity
Te whare ManaakiNelson47107Full Pay Parity Salary
Te Whare Punanga Takawaenga Atawhai O AorereAuckland25002Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Te Whare Rama Light House Balcairn StCanterbury70364Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Te Whare Rama Light House Cobham StCanterbury65167Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Te Whare Rama Light House Edinburgh StCanterbury45785Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Te Whare Rama Light House Lyttelton StCanterbury70451Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Te Whare Whai HuaGisborne30179Full Pay Parity Salary
Te Whare Whitinga o te RaBay of Plenty47017Extended partial pay parity
Te Wharemarie TamarikiWellington60171Extended partial pay parity
Templeton Nursery and PreschoolCanterbury65072Extended partial pay parity
Teuila Kids ELCAuckland10234Full Pay Parity Salary
Teviot Valley Educare Centre IncOtago80034Full Pay Parity Salary
Thames Coast Community Kindergarten IncWaikato34085Extended partial pay parity
Thames Early Childhood Education CentreWaikato34039Extended partial pay parity
The Activity RoomCanterbury70544Extended partial pay parity
The Ark PreschoolTasman65421Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
The BarnyardWaikato45414Extended partial pay parity
The Bee HiveAuckland48057Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
The Blue CottageBay of Plenty47260Full Pay Parity Salary
The Blue Cottage Early Learning Otumoetai RoadBay of Plenty47617Full Pay Parity Salary
The Busy Hands Montessori LtdWaikato34126Extended partial pay parity
The Cathedral Grammar School Pre-SchoolCanterbury70472Extended partial pay parity
The Cats Pyjamas PreschoolCanterbury70158Full Pay Parity Salary
The Cat’s Pyjamas Preschool and Nursery West MeltonCanterbury45907Full Pay Parity Salary
The Champion Centre Tamariki ToioraCanterbury70339Base Salary (Step 1)
The Children’s ArkAuckland47920Extended partial pay parity
The Childrens Corner HowickAuckland10383Extended partial pay parity
The Children’s GardenNelson46999Extended partial pay parity
The Children’s Garden ChildcareBay of Plenty45006Extended partial pay parity
The Children’s Garden PreschoolBay of Plenty40302Extended partial pay parity
The Children’s House GreymouthWest Coast47106Full Pay Parity Salary
The Children’s House HokitikaWest Coast65196Full Pay Parity Salary
The Cottage Kindergarten LtdAuckland45871Full Pay Parity Salary
The DEN: Discover Education in NatureHawke’s Bay47593Extended partial pay parity
The Enchanted GardenCanterbury70461Extended partial pay parity
The FarmyardGisborne46155Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
The Fire StationAuckland46572Full Pay Parity Salary
The Forest ECE LtdWaikato48044Full Pay Parity Salary
The Garden Early Childhood CentreBay of Plenty47346Full Pay Parity Salary
The Garden Early Childhood Centre Gate PaBay of Plenty30083Full Pay Parity Salary
The Gardens Early Childhood EducationAuckland25401Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
The Gardens ECEAuckland10355Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
The Gardens Education Mill Road LtdAuckland46789Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
The Grange ELCAuckland20310Full Pay Parity Salary
The Homestead ELCAuckland46074Extended partial pay parity
The James St Pre-SchoolCanterbury70542Extended partial pay parity
The Junction ELCAuckland10332Extended partial pay parity
The Learning BarnCanterbury47769Extended partial pay parity
The Learning CastleAuckland46337Extended partial pay parity
The Learning Centre LtdAuckland25335Full Pay Parity Salary
The Learning Corner ELCAuckland20098Extended partial pay parity
The Learning Corner ELCAuckland45972Extended partial pay parity
The Learning GardenManawatu-Wanganui52545Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
The Learning LadderAuckland45905Extended partial pay parity
The Learning LaneAuckland10005Extended partial pay parity
The Learning NestWaikato47395Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
The Learning SpaceAuckland25271Extended partial pay parity
The Little Steps TuakauWaikato45924Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
The Meadows ELCWaikato47788Extended partial pay parity
The Miller Nest ELCAuckland45355Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
The Montessori Preschool – Mt AlbertAuckland48225Extended partial pay parity
The Nest LtdTaranaki47964Full Pay Parity Salary
The Nest Private Kindergarten @ CliveHawke’s Bay45615Extended partial pay parity
The No 1 Kindy LtdAuckland20445Extended partial pay parity
The Oaks ELCCanterbury48211Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
The Oaks MontessoriCanterbury47995Extended partial pay parity
The Ole SchoolhouseBay of Plenty40033Full Pay Parity Salary
The Orchard Child Care & PreschoolBay of Plenty46270Full Pay Parity Salary
The Owls Nest Preschool LtdCanterbury47188Full Pay Parity Salary
The Park Early Education CentreWaikato45254Full Pay Parity Salary
The Park ELCWellington45843Full Pay Parity Salary
The Playhouse Pre-SchoolAuckland25402Extended partial pay parity
The Playhouse Pre-School 2Auckland46205Extended partial pay parity
The Point Early Childhood CentreAuckland46603Extended partial pay parity
The Pudney HubHawke’s Bay48189Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
The Rabbit Patch – Saffron StCanterbury45445Full Pay Parity Salary
The Rabbit Patch PreschoolCanterbury70426Full Pay Parity Salary
The Rainbow ELCCanterbury65085Extended partial pay parity
The Redwoods Country KindergartenTaranaki47724Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
The Ridge ChildcareNorthland45727Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
The Rose Centre Community Pre-SchoolAuckland20292Base Salary (Step 1)
The Rumpus RoomAuckland46019Full Pay Parity Salary
The Rumpus Room WaterviewAuckland47083Full Pay Parity Salary
The Salvation Army Early Childhood Education CentreAuckland46737Extended partial pay parity
The Salvation Army Early Childhood Education CentreWellington47491Extended partial pay parity
The Salvation Army William Booth EducareWellington60257Extended partial pay parity
The Secret Garden Childcare LtdManawatu-Wanganui45883Extended partial pay parity
The Secret Garden HuapaiAuckland46798Extended partial pay parity
The Secret Garden PreschoolAuckland47601Extended partial pay parity
The Stables MontessoriCanterbury47737Extended partial pay parity
The Tot SpotBay of Plenty45904Extended partial pay parity
The Toy Maker’s Cottage PreschoolAuckland47171Full Pay Parity Salary
The Treasure Cove ELCAuckland10295Extended partial pay parity
The Treasure Cove ELCAuckland25046Extended partial pay parity
The Treasure Cove ELC – TawaAuckland10306Extended partial pay parity
The Tree HouseAuckland25035Full Pay Parity Salary
The Tree HouseBay of Plenty45094Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
The Tree House Early LearningTasman47386Extended partial pay parity
The Tree Hut Preschool LtdCanterbury70540Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
The Treehouse on RanolfBay of Plenty30273Extended partial pay parity
The Treehouse Private Kindergarten and NurseryBay of Plenty48093Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
The Village ELCAuckland47837Full Pay Parity Salary
The Village Preschool & Childcare CentreBay of Plenty45025Full Pay Parity Salary
The Vines Early LearningAuckland25413Extended partial pay parity
The Walnut Tree PreschoolCanterbury70147Full Pay Parity Salary
The WildernessCanterbury48123Full Pay Parity Salary
The Wildlings Early YearsAuckland25004Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
The WillowsCanterbury47281Full Pay Parity Salary
The Wishing Tree ELCAuckland47095Full Pay Parity Salary
Three Bears Titirangi ChildcareAuckland20329Full Pay Parity Salary
Three Kings Community Kindergarten IncAuckland20557Full Pay Parity Salary
Three Little Birds – HikurangiNorthland47696Extended partial pay parity
Three Little Birds Childcare – Mill RoadNorthland47092Extended partial pay parity
Three Little Birds Childcare & Education CentreNorthland46461Extended partial pay parity
Three Little Birds KaitaiaNorthland11518Extended partial pay parity
Three Trees Learning CentreCanterbury47609Full Pay Parity Salary
Thrive ELCMarlborough47119Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Thriving Kids ELCAuckland45122Full Pay Parity Salary
Tiaki ELCBay of Plenty40331Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Tic Tac Toe Educare Little Sprouts KindergartenWaikato48167Extended partial pay parity
Tic Tac Toe Educare Tots n ToddlersWaikato45977Extended partial pay parity
Tiddlywinks Preschool LtdCanterbury70164Full Pay Parity Salary
Tikipunga EducareNorthland10178Full Pay Parity Salary
Timaru Christian PreschoolCanterbury46180Full Pay Parity Salary
Tindalls Garden ECEAuckland48100Full Pay Parity Salary
Tino E Tasi PreschoolCanterbury65086Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Tiny Explorers ELCAuckland47379Extended partial pay parity
Tiny Legends ELCManawatu-Wanganui50130Full Pay Parity Salary
Tiny Smiles Early Learning (New Plymouth)Taranaki50116Extended partial pay parity
Tiny StarsAuckland10260Extended partial pay parity
Tiny Tots Childcare CentreAuckland20181Full Pay Parity Salary
Tiny Tots EducareBay of Plenty40214Extended partial pay parity
Tiny Tots PreschoolCanterbury70481Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Tiny Tuis ELCAuckland46095Full Pay Parity Salary
Tiny Turtles EducareAuckland46967Full Pay Parity Salary
Tiny Voices Herne BayAuckland48228Full Pay Parity Salary
Tiny Voices HobsonvilleAuckland47846Full Pay Parity Salary
Tiny Voices NapierHawke’s Bay47840Full Pay Parity Salary
Tiny Voices SilverdaleAuckland47851Full Pay Parity Salary
Tiny Voices WellingtonWellington47956Full Pay Parity Salary
Tiny Wonders ELCAuckland45872Extended partial pay parity
Tippytoes ChildcareAuckland10359Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Tipu Montessori SchoolAuckland25189Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Titirangi Private KindergartenAuckland20176Extended partial pay parity
Titirangi Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten 1Auckland20495Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Titiro Whakamua – Looking Forward Early Childhood CentreWellington55419Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Titoki Montessori Pre-SchoolAuckland20173Extended partial pay parity
TnT KidscareWaikato30218Extended partial pay parity
Toddlers Turf Childcare CentreAuckland25077Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Toi Ohomai Childcare CentreBay of Plenty40042Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Toki ExplorersAuckland47762Extended partial pay parity
Tokomairiro ELC IncOtago83044Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Tokomairiro ELC on SpenserOtago45648Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Tokomaru Early Childhood Centre Inc.Manawatu-Wanganui52548Full Pay Parity Salary
Tokoroa Childcare CentreWaikato34068Extended partial pay parity
Tom Parker HouseHawke’s Bay46018Extended partial pay parity
Tongan Tamaki Fe’ofa’aki PreschoolAuckland10256Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
ToTally KidsAuckland20577Extended partial pay parity
Totara Hill MontessoriAuckland20064Full Pay Parity Salary
Totara North Early Childhood CentreNorthland11529Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Tots CornerAuckland20485Extended partial pay parity
Tots Love CountryWaikato34122Extended partial pay parity
Tots on The RockAuckland45915Full Pay Parity Salary
Town and Country KidsAuckland47257Extended partial pay parity
Toybox on RawhitiAuckland45886Extended partial pay parity
Treasure Hunt Montessori PreschoolAuckland10326Extended partial pay parity
Tree Bears Nursery and PreschoolCanterbury65079Full Pay Parity Salary
Treetops ELC BotanyAuckland10240Extended partial pay parity
Treetops ELC Botany JunctionAuckland20222Extended partial pay parity
Treetops ELC PukekoheAuckland47774Extended partial pay parity
Trillium Montessori School Ltd.Canterbury47227Extended partial pay parity
Trinity KindergartenAuckland10177Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Tu Manu Ae Le Tu Logologo Aoga AmataAuckland25110Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Tuahiwi Community PreschoolCanterbury70478Full Pay Parity Salary
Tuakau Learning CentreWaikato46223Full Pay Parity Salary
Tuakau’s Little Stars Early Childhood CentreWaikato10174Extended partial pay parity
Tuatara KidsWellington50073Full Pay Parity Salary
Tui Art ELCAuckland47616Full Pay Parity Salary
Tui Early LearnersManawatu-Wanganui47692Full Pay Parity Salary
Tui Early Learners – birth to schoolManawatu-Wanganui40229Full Pay Parity Salary
Tui Early Learners Nestlings/FledglingsManawatu-Wanganui50105Full Pay Parity Salary
Tui Early Learners North StManawatu-Wanganui52500Full Pay Parity Salary
Tui Early Learners Young InvestigatorsManawatu-Wanganui50037Full Pay Parity Salary
Tui’s Nest Childcare CentreAuckland20115Extended partial pay parity
Tuitui EducareAuckland46739Extended partial pay parity
Turangi KindyWaikato45660Full Pay Parity Salary
twinkle twinkleBay of Plenty47801Full Pay Parity Salary
Twizel ELC IncCanterbury70489Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Two Rivers Early Learning VillageWaikato45289Extended partial pay parity
Universal KidsAuckland48111Extended partial pay parity
Uplands KindergartenAuckland20178Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Uptown Kids Epsom Childcare CentreAuckland25408Full Pay Parity Salary
Uxbridge ELCAuckland25081Extended partial pay parity
Valleys Little and Junior TreasuresNorthland46764Extended partial pay parity
Victoria ELCGisborne55008Extended partial pay parity
Victoria University of Wellington Clermont Terrace Early Childhood ServicesWellington60283Extended partial pay parity
Victoria University of Wellington Fairlie Terrace Early Childhood ServiceWellington60253Extended partial pay parity
Vintage KidsAuckland10168Extended partial pay parity
Vintage Kids – Point ChevalierAuckland48087Extended partial pay parity
Vintage Kids One Tree HillAuckland47165Extended partial pay parity
Wa Ora Montessori PreschoolWellington55391Full Pay Parity Salary
Waianiwa KindergartenSouthland80024Base Salary (Step 1)
Waiapu Kids – AbbotsfordHawke’s Bay55272Extended partial pay parity
Waiapu Kids – Merivale Whanau ArohaBay of Plenty40312Extended partial pay parity
Waiapu Kids – St Francis Whanau ArohaBay of Plenty30127Extended partial pay parity
Waiapu Kids – St GeorgesBay of Plenty40068Extended partial pay parity
Waiapu Kids – St. Matthews Early Childhood CentreHawke’s Bay55045Extended partial pay parity
Waiapu Kids – Te Hapara Whanau ArohaGisborne55078Extended partial pay parity
Waiapu Kids St Mary’s Family CentreBay of Plenty40048Extended partial pay parity
Waiheke Community Childcare CentreAuckland20180Extended partial pay parity
Waikanae Beach KidsWellington60351Full Pay Parity Salary
Waikanae Montessori PreschoolWellington60198Extended partial pay parity
Waikato Montessori Early EducationWaikato30285Full Pay Parity Salary
Waikids Early Childhood CentreWaikato34075Full Pay Parity Salary
Waikiwi Childcare & PreschoolSouthland90110Extended partial pay parity
Waimate Childcare Centre Inc.Canterbury70497Extended partial pay parity
Waipuna Preschool CentreAuckland20182Full Pay Parity Salary
Wairarapa Montessori LtdWellington55371Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Waitaki Valley PreschoolCanterbury83076Extended partial pay parity
Waitara & District Community ChildcareTaranaki50516Extended partial pay parity
Waiuku Learning SpaceAuckland25390Full Pay Parity Salary
Waiuku Montessori PreschoolAuckland47466Extended partial pay parity
Waka Huia ChildcareCanterbury70423Extended partial pay parity
Wakari Hospital Early Childhood CentreOtago47192Extended partial pay parity
Wakefield Village Kindergarten LtdTasman65197Full Pay Parity Salary
Walbrook -Butterfly’s GardenAuckland20183Extended partial pay parity
WanaExcel B4 SchoolOtago48163Full Pay Parity Salary
Wanaexcel Education HubOtago47061Full Pay Parity Salary
Wanaka Pre-School Early Childhood CentreOtago83036Full Pay Parity Salary
Waterview Early Learning CenterAuckland20514Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Wee Nippers Early Childhood CentreSouthland46046Extended partial pay parity
Wee Nippers Mosgiel LtdOtago46744Extended partial pay parity
Wee Wisdom Montessori DruryAuckland10042Extended partial pay parity
Weka Pre-School LtdSouthland65148Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Wellington City Rudolf Steiner KindergartenWellington60357Extended partial pay parity
Wellington Early Intervention CentreWellington55372Full Pay Parity Salary
Wellsford Preschool Education CentreAuckland25269Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
WELTEC Early Learning Ctr – Te Whare AkoWellington60369Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
West Harbour Christian KindergartenAuckland46098Extended partial pay parity
West Melton Nursery and Preschool LtdCanterbury65099Extended partial pay parity
Westminster Christian PreschoolAuckland10004Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Westpark Early LearningCanterbury48023Extended partial pay parity
Westport ELCWest Coast65603Base Salary (Step 1)
Weymouth Early Discoveries CentreAuckland45806Extended partial pay parity
Whaingaroa Childcare CenterWaikato30000Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Whales Tales Montessori PreschoolCanterbury47377Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Whanau Tree HouseWellington47640Extended partial pay parity
Whanganui Central Baptist Kindergarten (CBK)Manawatu-Wanganui51501Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Whanganui Montessori PreschoolManawatu-Wanganui51528Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Whangarei Childcare CentreNorthland11513Extended partial pay parity
Whangarei Hospital Play & RecreationNorthland10144Full Pay Parity Salary
Whanui ELCWaikato34118Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Whare Amai Puna ReoGisborne45863Base Salary (Step 1)
Whenuakite Country KidsWaikato30176Full Pay Parity Salary
Whippersnappers ELCCanterbury45864Extended partial pay parity
White Heron @ the BridgeAuckland45913Extended partial pay parity
White Heron Learning Centre – ManurewaAuckland20511Extended partial pay parity
Whitianga Explorers 2 Ltd t/a Peanuts ELCWaikato46598Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Whitianga Explorers Ltd t/a Mercury Bay PreschoolWaikato30303Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Whitireia Community Polytechnic Ch-CareWellington60200Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Whiz KidsNorthland45570Full Pay Parity Salary
Wild and Love Early Learning VillageAuckland47987Extended partial pay parity
Wilde Meadow LtdAuckland47996Full Pay Parity Salary
Wildflowers ELCTasman48199Extended partial pay parity
WildHeart – Makuru MataCanterbury48182Extended partial pay parity
Willow Tree ELCAuckland47554Full Pay Parity Salary
Willows ELCOtago47020Full Pay Parity Salary
Windsor Montessori PreschoolSouthland47866Full Pay Parity Salary
Wise Owl Early Childhood CentreWellington60245Full Pay Parity Salary
Wise Owl ELCAuckland25358Full Pay Parity Salary
Wonder Bees ELCAuckland10276Extended partial pay parity
Wonder Kids KapitiWellington60334Full Pay Parity Salary
Wonder Kids Lower HuttWellington48036Full Pay Parity Salary
Wonder Kids, StratfordTaranaki50527Full Pay Parity Salary
Wonder Kids, WhanganuiManawatu-Wanganui50107Full Pay Parity Salary
WonderKids Childcare & PreschoolAuckland46005Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Wonderland Learning CentreAuckland47938Base Salary (Step 1)
WondernautsWaikato34029Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
Woodlands Park Community KindergartenAuckland20191Extended partial pay parity
Woolston Preschool IncCanterbury70505Extended partial pay parity
Wymondley ELCAuckland45322Base Salary (Step 1)
Y Kids Community Early Childhood CentreGisborne55460Extended partial pay parity
Y Kids ELCNelson65231Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
YMCA Community Early YearsManawatu-Wanganui46853Extended partial pay parity
YMCA ELCWaikato34110Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
YMCA ELC EllerslieAuckland10184Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
YMCA ELC ManurewaAuckland45934Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
YMCA ELC MasseyAuckland10258Parity Salary (Step 1 -6)
York Place Preschool & NurseryOtago83032Extended partial pay parity
Young and Amazing LtdAuckland46256Extended partial pay parity
Young Explorers ELCAuckland45540Extended partial pay parity
Young Learners Early ChildhoodAuckland48002Extended partial pay parity
Young Petals ELC DruryAuckland25036Full Pay Parity Salary
Young World Childcare CentreAuckland47316Extended partial pay parity
Your Place ChildcareAuckland47807Extended partial pay parity
ZEAK Ltd T/A Small Oaks Early LearningAuckland25248Full Pay Parity Salary
Zigzagzoo ELCOtago45594Extended partial pay parity
Zigzagzoo Remarkables ParkOtago46204Extended partial pay parity

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