Ministry and Minister Embarrassed by Paltry 34% of Centres Signing Up to Extended Funding

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1. Article – Pay Parity Policy Poleaxed?

2. Links to further information and help.

3. The names of the 947 centres agreeing in the November funding period to pay certificated teachers at least at the Ministry of Education pay steps 1 – 11 including the manager if the manager is a qualified teacher for salary attestation from 1 Jan 2023.

1. Pay Parity Policy Poleaxed?

Sarah Alexander

December 14, 2022

Both the Ministry and Minister are embarrassed by the paltry 34% of centres signing up to extended funding rates for pay parity from 1 January 2023. According to the Ministry’s 13 December special Early Learning Bulletin to announce an extension to funding rates, the number of centres that signed up is below expectation.  

The Ministry’s “best estimate” is that by adding an increase of 4.5% to the funding rates the number of eligible centres signing-up will increase from 34% to 40%. The funding increase applied in urgency to try to lift the sign-up rate is confirmation that the Ministry has not provided the Minister with the right advice from the beginning. 

The addition of 4.5% brings the funding rates per hour per child closer, although still not the same, to funding rates given exclusively to kindergarten associations for full pay parity. For example, from 1 January 2023 all-day centres funded for 100% qualified teachers and claiming extended parity rates will get $9.32 per hour for children 2 years and older (compared with kindergarten $9.48) and get $15.21 per hour per child for 20 Hours ECE (compared with kindergarten $15.46). (See the tables comparing funding rates for kindergarten and non-kindergarten centres)

This brings us back to the Ministry not getting it right from the start in 2020. It did not advise the Minister to begin by opening access to Kindergarten Assocation funding rates to all centres that paid their teaching staff at least at the KTCA pay rates. Had it done so back then, by this year we would probably already have at least 40% centres providing proper pay parity on the full salary scale to their teaching staff. Also, our sector would have had a better chance of retaining the many experienced teachers who have now left to better paying jobs or to teaching in ECE overseas.

I believe the latest announcement is a sign that the Minister has an uphill battle to deliver pay parity in this term of government. Advice from Ministry officials has dumped the Minister in a situation in which lifting the sign-up rate to 40% for partial pay parity is all he can hope to achieve right now.

The question is why is the Minister struggling to fulfil the original promise?

  • Either the Ministry is set on providing the wrong advice to the Minister due to vested interests in it and the Minister is not aware. In which case the fault lies with the Ministry.
  • Or has the Minister accepted that the goal posts must shift from the original promise of pay parity and he must go into the next election with a plan of saying only that they have successfully increased the number of centres opting-in? In which case the fault lies with the Minister for not being strong enough with the Ministry to advise him properly. Blame cannot be laid at the feet of Treasury, since it is up to the Minister to have made sure he was properly advised.

The test will be in the May 2023 Budget. Either proper pay parity at full pay parity rates will be provided by the end of the 2023 year or it won’t and the 2020 election promise that garnered much support for Labour will be seen to be a lie.

Pay Parity Promise Chis Hipkins on Twitter

It should be noted also that the Ministry of Education appears to not yet have a plan to increase ECE salary attestation rates should school teachers win a pay increase, that will flow to the KTCA. The government’s offer is reported to include a $4000 base pay increase for 2022-23 and a further increase of $3000 in the 2023-24 year.  

2. Further information

Pay Parity Calculation Sheet for Service Providers – this will help you to know if you can afford to opt-in or can’t afford not to opt-in (including Dec 2022 announced funding increase)

Ministry of Education’s guide to pay parity and determining pay steps for teachers and service providers

Funding rates (including the just announced increase)

Lower pay is still lower pay even if it is called pay parity

Why pay parity and funding has become a dog’s breakfast

3. The 947 centres that have signed-up

The names of Centres Agreeing in the November funding period to Pay Certificated Teachers at Least at the Ministry of Education Pay Steps 1 – 11 including the manager if the manager is a qualified teacher for salary attestation from 1 Jan 2023.

Centre NameEducation RegionService Number
1 + 1 PreschoolAuckland Office10254
A1 Kids Childcare CentreAuckland Office46510
Acorn Meadows Education and Childcare LtdAuckland Office10159
Adelaide Early Childhood CentreLower Hutt Office60241
Adventure Kids Early Learning CentreAuckland Office47353
Adventure Valley ChildcareAuckland Office45714
Aiga Paia A’oga AmataLower Hutt Office60338
Aiga Salevalasi Charitable TrustAuckland Office20268
Akoteu Tenga’i MusitaAuckland Office46218
Akoteu Toonga FunganiAuckland Office10130
Albany Community PreschoolAuckland Office20002
All Saints Early Learning CentreAuckland Office20486
Andersons Bay Community KindergartenDunedin Office83001
Aoga Amata (AAPICA) Centre AvondaleAuckland Office45488
A’oga Amata (Porirua) E F K SLower Hutt Office55374
A’oga Fa’a Samoa IncorporatedAuckland Office20197
Aoraki ExplorersChristchurch Office65084
Apakura Te Kakano Puna ReoHamilton Office30230
Apples Childcare and Learning CentreAuckland Office10370
Apples Childcare and Learning Centre OnehungaAuckland Office47252
Aranui Montessori PreschoolAuckland Office47367
Aratupu Preschool and Whanau HubChristchurch Office70407
Aro Arataki Children’s CentreAuckland Office20062
Aro Valley Community PreschoolLower Hutt Office60246
Arrowtown Preschool Cotter AveDunedin Office45441
Arrowtown Preschool Durham StreetDunedin Office90111
Arthur Burns PreschoolDunedin Office80012
Atawhai KidsNelson Office47561
Athenree MontessoriHamilton Office47496
Aubrey Early Learning CentreAuckland Office25370
Aurora Tamariki Early Years Care and KindergartenDunedin Office47091
AUT Centre for Refugee Education Early Childhood CentreAuckland Office25150
Avonhead Montessori PreschoolChristchurch Office70381
Avonside Early Childhood CentreChristchurch Office70321
Awapuni Early LearnersNapier Office55217
Awatere Early Learning CentreNelson Office46145
Awhina ChildcareNapier Office55397
Beginnings Early Learning CentreAuckland Office25174
Belmont Montessori PreschoolAuckland Office20000
BestStart AbacusRotorua Office45037
BestStart AidanfieldChristchurch Office65135
BestStart Albany 1Auckland Office10117
BestStart Albany 2Auckland Office10348
BestStart AlexandraDunedin Office45256
BestStart AllentonChristchurch Office70113
BestStart Apirana AvenueAuckland Office25393
BestStart Ascot AvenueAuckland Office20159
BestStart AvondaleAuckland Office20280
BestStart Bader StreetHamilton Office46037
BestStart BalcluthaDunedin Office80044
BestStart BarringtonChristchurch Office47725
BestStart Baverstock OaksAuckland Office46118
BestStart Bay KindyRotorua Office46113
BestStart Beach HavenAuckland Office48085
BestStart BeckenhamChristchurch Office65077
BestStart BirkdaleAuckland Office47993
BestStart Blenheim CentralNelson Office65512
BestStart Borman RoadHamilton Office47493
BestStart Botany JunctionAuckland Office47629
BestStart Botany RoadAuckland Office10003
BestStart BrooklynHamilton Office47023
BestStart Buchanans RoadChristchurch Office45132
BestStart BurnsideChristchurch Office70547
BestStart CambridgeHamilton Office47706
BestStart CashmereChristchurch Office70332
BestStart Clarence StreetHamilton Office30100
BestStart ClaudelandsHamilton Office30063
BestStart Coast BoulevardRotorua Office47584
BestStart Cornwall StreetLower Hutt Office45669
BestStart Coronation RoadAuckland Office25055
BestStart Cranford StreetChristchurch Office47166
BestStart DannemoraAuckland Office25377
BestStart Delta AvenueAuckland Office48074
BestStart Dey StreetHamilton Office30288
BestStart Dilworth AvenueAuckland Office10141
BestStart DinsdaleHamilton Office30249
BestStart Dixon HeightsHamilton Office47854
BestStart Doncaster Drive KindyRotorua Office30033
BestStart Dublin StreetAuckland Office25052
BestStart East Tamaki RoadAuckland Office47126
BestStart Elles RoadDunedin Office45957
BestStart EpsomAuckland Office10225
BestStart Everglade BabiesAuckland Office25166
BestStart Everglade PreschoolAuckland Office25253
BestStart Fairy SpringsRotorua Office40283
BestStart FaringdonChristchurch Office46844
BestStart Faringdon EastChristchurch Office47618
BestStart FendaltonChristchurch Office46567
BestStart Ferry RoadChristchurch Office48003
BestStart Flat BushAuckland Office45877
BestStart Flat Bush School RoadAuckland Office47999
BestStart Foxton Beach KindyLower Hutt Office40251
BestStart Gillies AvenueAuckland Office20263
BestStart Girven RoadRotorua Office30166
BestStart Glasgow StreetWhanganui Office45192
BestStart Glen EdenAuckland Office47671
BestStart GlenfieldAuckland Office20236
BestStart Great North RoadAuckland Office45654
BestStart GreenmeadowsNapier Office30257
BestStart Greenwood StreetHamilton Office46393
BestStart GreertonRotorua Office30082
BestStart Grey LynnAuckland Office10284
BestStart Halswell JunctionChristchurch Office47928
BestStart Halswell RoadChristchurch Office45051
BestStart Harrison StreetWhanganui Office51529
BestStart Havelock NorthNapier Office55446
BestStart Hei HeiChristchurch Office70008
BestStart Herewini StreetRotorua Office40063
BestStart HighfieldChristchurch Office48030
BestStart HillcrestRotorua Office30064
BestStart HokowhituWhanganui Office40241
BestStart HowickAuckland Office25194
BestStart HuntingtonHamilton Office47752
BestStart HuntsburyChristchurch Office47961
BestStart InglewoodWhanganui Office50120
BestStart Johnstones Road KindyAuckland Office46217
BestStart Jones Crescent KindyHamilton Office30203
BestStart JudeaRotorua Office45619
BestStart KaiapoiChristchurch Office70065
BestStart KaikoheWhangarei Office11552
BestStart Kaikorai Valley RoadDunedin Office45673
BestStart KaiwharawharaLower Hutt Office50063
BestStart Kamo CentralWhangarei Office10408
BestStart Kapiti  RoadLower Hutt Office47136
BestStart KarakaAuckland Office46887
BestStart KatikatiRotorua Office40051
BestStart Kauri FlatsAuckland Office47689
BestStart Kawaha PointRotorua Office30048
BestStart Kelvin GroveWhanganui Office47338
BestStart Kelvin StreetDunedin Office90032
BestStart Kenderdine RoadAuckland Office25193
BestStart Kensington CrossingWhangarei Office48029
BestStart Kilmarnock StreetChristchurch Office70172
BestStart Lambie DriveAuckland Office10299
BestStart Lambie Drive 1Auckland Office10123
BestStart Leeds StreetLower Hutt Office55383
BestStart Lemon StreetWhanganui Office50508
BestStart LynmoreRotorua Office40058
BestStart LyttonNapier Office45435
BestStart MacDonald StreetRotorua Office30028
BestStart MahoraNapier Office55089
BestStart Maich RoadAuckland Office25049
BestStart Mangere East 3Auckland Office47286
BestStart Mangorei RoadWhanganui Office45335
BestStart Manukau 1Auckland Office25337
BestStart Manurewa CentralAuckland Office25298
BestStart Manuroa Road 1Auckland Office10034
BestStart MarchwielChristchurch Office70403
BestStart Marne Road KindyAuckland Office10032
BestStart Marne StreetWhanganui Office46762
BestStart Marshland RoadChristchurch Office45826
BestStart Maui StreetHamilton Office30325
BestStart Maunu VillageWhangarei Office45909
BestStart MeadowbankAuckland Office20468
Beststart MellingLower Hutt Office47418
BestStart MerivaleChristchurch Office70405
BestStart Montel AvenueAuckland Office45295
BestStart Montessori ArrowtownDunedin Office90115
BestStart Montessori BethlehemRotorua Office45675
BestStart Montessori FlagstaffHamilton Office30120
BestStart Montessori JohnsonvilleLower Hutt Office60353
BestStart Montessori KilbirnieLower Hutt Office50061
BestStart Montessori MosgielDunedin Office80081
BestStart Montessori OtumoetaiRotorua Office40047
BestStart Montessori RongotaiLower Hutt Office55364
BestStart Montessori St AlbansChristchurch Office45307
BestStart Montessori TaradaleNapier Office55518
BestStart Montessori The Children’s HouseAuckland Office20066
BestStart Montessori The GardensDunedin Office80021
BestStart MorrinsvilleHamilton Office30035
BestStart MosgielDunedin Office80020
BestStart Motutaiko StreetRotorua Office45185
BestStart Mount EdenAuckland Office20131
BestStart Mount WellingtonAuckland Office46112
BestStart Murphys ParkAuckland Office48025
BestStart NaenaeLower Hutt Office46715
BestStart Napier CentralNapier Office55321
BestStart NewmarketAuckland Office20584
BestStart NewtonAuckland Office10300
BestStart Ngatai RoadRotorua Office45038
BestStart North HarbourAuckland Office20233
BestStart North RoadDunedin Office45952
BestStart NorthwoodChristchurch Office65124
BestStart Nottingham AvenueChristchurch Office70549
BestStart Oamaru KindyDunedin Office83077
BestStart Omahu RoadNapier Office55456
BestStart OmokoroaRotorua Office47626
BestStart OnehungaAuckland Office20575
BestStart Onslow RoadAuckland Office25097
BestStart OpihiChristchurch Office65042
BestStart Oraha RoadAuckland Office47490
BestStart Pacey AvenueWhanganui Office50098
BestStart Paerata RiseAuckland Office48105
BestStart Palm SpringsRotorua Office40309
BestStart Palmerston North 1Whanganui Office52537
BestStart Palmerston North 2Whanganui Office40243
BestStart PapakuraAuckland Office46662
BestStart Papakura East KindyAuckland Office25080
BestStart Papamoa PlazaRotorua Office47816
BestStart PapanuiChristchurch Office70427
BestStart PapatoetoeAuckland Office10046
BestStart ParaparaumuLower Hutt Office50067
BestStart ParklandsChristchurch Office65096
BestStart ParksideChristchurch Office70551
BestStart ParnellAuckland Office20519
BestStart Parton RoadRotorua Office40271
BestStart Peachgrove RoadHamilton Office30216
BestStart PetoneLower Hutt Office45152
BestStart Pharazyn StreetLower Hutt Office60098
BestStart Pharazyn Street KindyLower Hutt Office60112
BestStart PioneerChristchurch Office70429
BestStart Pipiwai KindyWhangarei Office10148
BestStart Pipiwai RoadWhangarei Office11565
BestStart Pleasant PointChristchurch Office45433
BestStart PonsonbyAuckland Office20104
BestStart Porchester RoadAuckland Office46460
BestStart Portage Road KindyAuckland Office46862
BestStart Powells Road KindyHamilton Office46585
BestStart PrestonsChristchurch Office46848
BestStart Primrose StreetHamilton Office34095
BestStart Pukekohe WestAuckland Office47952
BestStart Puketaha RoadHamilton Office30276
BestStart PukuatuaRotorua Office40320
BestStart Puni RoadAuckland Office10063
BestStart Pyes PaRotorua Office46896
BestStart QueenstownDunedin Office65156
BestStart Railway RoadWhanganui Office45337
BestStart RangioraChristchurch Office70109
BestStart RaumatiLower Hutt Office60240
BestStart RaurekaNapier Office55318
BestStart RedwoodChristchurch Office45134
BestStart Remuera RoadAuckland Office10385
BestStart RiccartonChristchurch Office65098
BestStart Richmond KindyRotorua Office47036
BestStart Richmond RoadAuckland Office20123
BestStart Riverbend RoadNapier Office45277
BestStart RollestonChristchurch Office65014
BestStart RongotaiLower Hutt Office60315
BestStart RototunaHamilton Office30128
BestStart RoydvaleChristchurch Office70564
BestStart Rugby ParkDunedin Office65186
BestStart Russell StreetWhanganui Office50080
BestStart Salisbury StreetChristchurch Office70447
BestStart Seymour Road KindyAuckland Office20289
BestStart Shelly Bay RoadAuckland Office47772
BestStart SilverdaleAuckland Office47990
BestStart SilverstreamChristchurch Office47361
BestStart Sir Tristram AvenueHamilton Office48070
BestStart Somerset StreetHamilton Office30148
BestStart South Road 1Whanganui Office50093
BestStart South Road 2Whanganui Office45336
BestStart SpringlandsNelson Office65223
BestStart St AlbansChristchurch Office70521
BestStart St AndrewsHamilton Office30055
BestStart St LukesAuckland Office25343
BestStart St MartinsChristchurch Office70374
BestStart Stoddard RoadAuckland Office45373
BestStart Stokes ValleyLower Hutt Office60096
BestStart Styx MillChristchurch Office70011
BestStart SunsetRotorua Office45013
BestStart TaitaLower Hutt Office47526
BestStart TaradaleNapier Office55475
BestStart Tauranga CentralRotorua Office45040
BestStart TawaLower Hutt Office60331
BestStart Tawa SouthLower Hutt Office50084
BestStart Te ArohaHamilton Office34114
BestStart Te Atatu PeninsulaAuckland Office10060
BestStart Te Atatu RoadAuckland Office45083
BestStart Te AwamutuHamilton Office34056
BestStart Te Heuheu Street KindyRotorua Office45870
BestStart Te WharikiChristchurch Office48013
BestStart Tironui RoadAuckland Office10105
BestStart Tory StreetLower Hutt Office60332
BestStart Totara ParkLower Hutt Office47795
BestStart Totara StreetRotorua Office40277
BestStart Vardon RoadHamilton Office46087
BestStart Vivian StreetWhanganui Office40233
BestStart Waiata ShoresAuckland Office47764
BestStart Waihi EastHamilton Office30172
BestStart Waihopai KindyDunedin Office80049
BestStart WaikanaeLower Hutt Office60340
BestStart Waikite Valley KindyRotorua Office47010
BestStart Wainoni RoadChristchurch Office45477
BestStart Wairakei RoadChristchurch Office70093
BestStart WaitangiruaLower Hutt Office46411
BestStart WaiukuAuckland Office25345
BestStart WarringtonChristchurch Office47302
BestStart Wattle DownsAuckland Office25278
BestStart Welcome BayRotorua Office45045
BestStart WeymouthAuckland Office46011
BestStart WhangamataHamilton Office34063
BestStart WhangaparaoaAuckland Office47918
BestStart WigramChristchurch Office65158
BestStart Willowpark RoadNapier Office55509
BestStart Wolverton StreetAuckland Office25417
Bethlehem Community Preschool IncRotorua Office45004
Birkenhead Point Montessori Pre-schoolAuckland Office20249
Bishopdale Community  PreschoolChristchurch Office70329
Bizzy Bodz Early Learning Centre – HuntlyHamilton Office30207
Bloom Early Learning and PlayRotorua Office47393
Blooming Stars ChildcareAuckland Office25371
Blossoms Educare  LimitedAuckland Office25338
Blossoms Educare Glen InnesAuckland Office47264
Blossoms Educare MangereAuckland Office47040
Blossoms Educare OtahuhuAuckland Office45929
Blossoms Educare OtaraAuckland Office47884
Blossoms Educare PapakuraAuckland Office46298
Blossoms Educare PukekoheAuckland Office46077
Blossoms Educare Rangiora LimitedChristchurch Office47327
Blossoms Educare RiversideAuckland Office46498
Blossoms Educare Rolleston LimitedChristchurch Office47205
Blossoms Educare TakaniniAuckland Office46661
Bottle Lake PreschoolChristchurch Office70063
Bright Bears Early Childhood CentreAuckland Office10152
Bright Beginnings Childcare CentreWhanganui Office40201
Bright Beginnings Childcare CentreWhanganui Office50048
Bright Beginnings Early Learning Centre – HowickAuckland Office47886
Bright Beginnings Early Learning Centre – Mt RoskillAuckland Office47277
Bright Beginnings Early Learning Centre – PanmureAuckland Office46879
Bright Beginnings ELC Peachgrove RdHamilton Office47802
Bright Stars Early Education CentreWhangarei Office10379
Bright Stars Educare LimitedHamilton Office30315
Brightlands Childcare Centre, Airport OaksAuckland Office48015
Brooklyn KidsLower Hutt Office45958
Buckland St Childcare CentreHamilton Office30238
Buckle My Shoe Early Learning CentreRotorua Office40311
Bumblebees Childcare CentreAuckland Office46922
Bumblebees Whitford Childcare CentreAuckland Office47505
Busy Bees AshburtonChristchurch Office45723
Busy Beez Childcare CentreLower Hutt Office60381
Busy Minds Early Learning CentreAuckland Office20550
Buttercups Early Learning CentreAuckland Office46059
Cambridge MontessoriHamilton Office30278
Cambridge Road Community KindergartenHamilton Office34003
Campbells Bay Early Learning CentreAuckland Office47612
Canterbury Educare Prestons PreschoolChristchurch Office47201
Capital Kids Co-OperativeLower Hutt Office60215
Carol White Family CentreAuckland Office10364
Carrigane Childcare CentreLower Hutt Office60234
Carrigane Infant CentreLower Hutt Office60280
CAS Early Learning CentreDunedin Office90038
Castor Bay Infant Care CentreAuckland Office45222
Central Kids Early Learning Centres – Golden SandsRotorua Office45611
Central Kids Early Learning Centres – Nga RirikiRotorua Office30233
Central Kids Early Learning Centres – TaumarunuiHamilton Office34036
Central Kids Early Learning Centres – TokoroaHamilton Office34061
Central Kids Early Learning Centres – WhaihangaHamilton Office30245
Children’s Play and Recreation CentreDunedin Office83068
Children’s Ward Playroom – Southland HospitalDunedin Office90117
Childspace Early Learning Centre -WiltonLower Hutt Office55348
Childspace Early Learning Ctr- KaroriLower Hutt Office60379
Childspace Ltd – NorthlandLower Hutt Office55384
Childspace NgaioLower Hutt Office55439
Chilton St James Preschool – WaterlooLower Hutt Office60304
ChoiceKids Alfriston RoadAuckland Office45923
ChoiceKids Ormiston RoadAuckland Office47457
ChoiceKids Roscommon RoadAuckland Office46446
City Limits Early Learning Centre LtdHamilton Office30056
Claudelands Early Education CentreHamilton Office34023
Cole Street Early Learning CentreLower Hutt Office55355
Collectively Kids LtdAuckland Office20478
Community Kindy The MountRotorua Office30246
Cornerstone Christian PreschoolWhanganui Office52543
Cosmo KidsAuckland Office47329
Cotswold Preschool and NurseryChristchurch Office70457
Country Educare Children’s CentreLower Hutt Office40244
Country Kindy LtdWhanganui Office45768
Creative Kids PreschoolHamilton Office30351
Cromwell Early Learning Centre IncDunedin Office80037
Cumberland Early Education CentreHamilton Office46148
Cust PreschoolChristchurch Office46745
Devonport Community CrecheAuckland Office20041
Diocesan School for Girls Foundation ClassAuckland Office45671
Discovery TreeHamilton Office46052
Divine Early Learning CentreAuckland Office48065
Dot Kids Early Learning Centre – CartertonLower Hutt Office45581
Dot Kids Early Learning Centre – GreytownLower Hutt Office60349
Dot Kids Early Learning Centre – PahiatuaLower Hutt Office45801
DOT Kids LtdLower Hutt Office50064
Douglas St Early Learning CentreRotorua Office30248
Douglas St MontessoriRotorua Office40332
Dunedin Hospital Early Childhood CentreDunedin Office83007
Dunedin Rudolf Steiner KindergartenDunedin Office83015
Dunstan EducareDunedin Office80050
Early Childhood Learning CentreChristchurch Office70491
Early Learning Counties Manukau – Wattle CoveAuckland Office45443
Early Learning Counties Manukau Park EstateAuckland Office47958
Early Learning Counties Manukau Settlement RoadAuckland Office48063
East Taieri Preschool IncDunedin Office83013
Eastern Suburbs Pre-School IncRotorua Office40095
Eden Christian KindergartenWhanganui Office52512
Eden Early Learning CentreAuckland Office25072
Educare AdventureLower Hutt Office47170
Educare Albert StAuckland Office47695
Educare Bream BayWhangarei Office10171
Educare KaiapoiChristchurch Office47614
Educare KapitiLower Hutt Office46776
Educare One Tree PointWhangarei Office47768
Educare OrewaAuckland Office47229
Educare PokenoAuckland Office47602
Educare PukekoheAuckland Office47603
Educare PuketeHamilton Office34070
Educare TamahereHamilton Office47269
Educare TawaLower Hutt Office47527
Educare Totara ParkWhangarei Office46913
Educare Tree TownHamilton Office30086
Educare WarkworthAuckland Office46992
Educare WigramChristchurch Office45380
ELCM – TakaniniAuckland Office46356
ELCM Alfriston CollegeAuckland Office45354
Elizabeth Avenue Childcare CentreLower Hutt Office60366
Ellerton PreschoolAuckland Office47680
Elm Tree Early Learning CentreRotorua Office47108
Expressions EECAuckland Office10136
Faavae Mautu Aoga AmataAuckland Office20528
Fairfield Early Education CentreHamilton Office34015
Fairfield Educare LtdLower Hutt Office40209
Fairleigh KindergartenChristchurch Office70357
Family Link ChildcareWhangarei Office11402
Farmhouse Preschool and NurseryLower Hutt Office47869
Farmyard PreschoolLower Hutt Office46925
Fatamanu Aoga Niue Early Learning CentreAuckland Office46910
Fetu Aolele Multicultural ECE ServiceAuckland Office47200
Fetu Taiala Aoga AmataAuckland Office10182
Fetu’u Moana Catholic Early Childhood PreschoolAuckland Office25353
Ficino Montessori PreschoolAuckland Office47084
Fingerprints Christian PreschoolChristchurch Office45055
First Footsteps Early Learning CentreNapier Office55474
First Years PreschoolLower Hutt Office55035
Flying Kiwi PreschoolAuckland Office45176
Flying Start KindergartenAuckland Office20493
Four Seasons Rudolf Steiner KindergartenRotorua Office45608
Four Winds Ngahau E FaHamilton Office30077
Foxton Preschool and NurseryLower Hutt Office45931
Freckles Early Learning CentreChristchurch Office47929
Freyberg Community Pre-SchoolAuckland Office20287
Frimley Early Learning CentreNapier Office30177
Funhouse Learning CentreWhanganui Office50021
Geraldine Preschool IncorporatedChristchurch Office70359
Giggles Learning CentreWhangarei Office45226
Giraffe Early Learning CenterAuckland Office47954
Giraffe Early Learning Centre HuapaiAuckland Office48010
Glenavon Early Childhood CentreAuckland Office20540
Glendowie Christian KindergartenAuckland Office20564
Glenview KindyHamilton Office45795
Gore PreschoolDunedin Office47155
Grace KindergartenLower Hutt Office60347
Gracefield Early Childhood CentreLower Hutt Office60219
Grafton Private KindergartenLower Hutt Office60192
Greenlane Childcare CentreAuckland Office20061
Greerton Early Learning CentreRotorua Office47703
Grey Lynn Montessori PreschoolAuckland Office45866
Greytown Early Years IncorporatedLower Hutt Office60284
Grow Active Balfour TerraceChristchurch Office47550
Grow Active Essex StreetChristchurch Office47841
Grow Active Welles StChristchurch Office47664
Grow ECERotorua Office47169
Growing Learners Childcare & PreschoolAuckland Office46594
Growing Minds Early Learning CentreAuckland Office10104
Hadlow PreschoolLower Hutt Office60238
Hagley Community PreschoolChristchurch Office48026
Happy Days Childcare CentreLower Hutt Office55412
Happy Feet Childcare Mt  WellingtonAuckland Office25089
Happy Feet Childcare OtahuhuAuckland Office10051
Happy Feet Childcare PapamoaRotorua Office46579
Happy Feet Childcare RichmondNelson Office45605
Happy Feet Lake TerraceChristchurch Office65139
Happy Steps Early Learning CentreWhangarei Office47088
Harbour View KindergartenAuckland Office20065
HardyKids Early Learning Centre – MotuekaNelson Office47199
HardyKids Early Learning Centre MapuaNelson Office65229
Hardykids Early Learning ServiceNelson Office45140
Hatchlings ECE LtdHamilton Office47424
Havelock North Village KidsNapier Office55215
Helensville MontessoriAuckland Office10066
High Five Care and LearningLower Hutt Office55422
Highbury House Early Learning CentreAuckland Office20069
Hikurangi EducareWhangarei Office10426
Hill Street Early Childhood CentreLower Hutt Office60199
House of Wonder CambridgeHamilton Office47806
House of Wonder ChartwellHamilton Office47135
House of Wonder ChristchurchChristchurch Office47950
House of Wonder GisborneNapier Office47504
Imagine Kids Care Huntly LimitedHamilton Office46050
Immanuel PreschoolAuckland Office10312
Immanuel Preschool (Favona Rd)Auckland Office47305
Immanuel Preschool (Mangere)Auckland Office25026
Immanuel Preschool (Papatoetoe)Auckland Office46370
Impact Childcare LtdWhangarei Office11515
In Our GardenNapier Office55195
Inspiring Kids Early Learning LimitedRotorua Office45180
Iqra EducareHamilton Office46455
Island Bay ChildcareLower Hutt Office45836
Islington Early Childhood Centre IncDunedin Office83006
Jack and Jill EducareHamilton Office30301
Johnsonville ChildcareLower Hutt Office60270
Judsons Road Early Childhood CentreChristchurch Office46009
Kadimah PreschoolAuckland Office20335
Kaitiaki Kids ChildcareAuckland Office46512
Kanuka Corner Early Childhood CentreDunedin Office47337
Karanga Mai Early Learning CentreChristchurch Office65058
Karikari EducareWhangarei Office46058
Karori Childcare CentreLower Hutt Office60202
Katikids EducareRotorua Office45018
Kauri Kids Beach HavenAuckland Office20015
Kauri Kids BirkdaleAuckland Office20020
Kauri Kids ClendonAuckland Office25280
Kauri Kids East Coast BaysAuckland Office20246
Kauri Kids GlenfieldAuckland Office20304
Kauri Kids HowickAuckland Office25017
Kauri Kids OtaraAuckland Office45780
Kauri Kids PapatoetoeAuckland Office25307
Kauri Kids Stanmore BayAuckland Office47157
Kauri Kids TakapunaAuckland Office20332
Kawatiri KidsNelson Office46060
Kelburn Preschool and NurseryLower Hutt Office60066
Kensington EducareWhangarei Office10321
Kereru Rudolf Steiner KindergartenNapier Office46235
Kid Country KumeuAuckland Office47845
Kidd Inn Early Learning Centre LtdAuckland Office10261
Kidlywinks Childcare CentreLower Hutt Office60122
Kids at Play RanfurlyDunedin Office47660
Kids at Play TemukaChristchurch Office70041
Kids at Play TimaruChristchurch Office46918
Kids Cove ELC, AlbanyAuckland Office46778
Kids Cove Infant & Toddlers AlbanyAuckland Office47513
Kid’s Cove Learning Centre NewmarketAuckland Office45933
Kids Crafty Clubs Learning CentreAuckland Office10363
Kids Forever Christian PreschoolAuckland Office20368
Kid’s Land Educare CentreAuckland Office45417
Kids.Com.EducareRotorua Office40200
Kids.Com.Educare Central LtdRotorua Office40054
Kids.Com.Educare SilverstreamLower Hutt Office60221
Kidspace Early Learning Centre  Pakuranga 3Auckland Office46692
Kidspace Early Learning Centre Pakuranga 1Auckland Office10393
Kidspace Early Learning Centre Pakuranga 2Auckland Office25090
Kidspace Quality Early Learning CentreNapier Office55430
Kidz First MedicalcareAuckland Office25288
Kidz First SurgicalcareAuckland Office10229
Kidz Matter 2 UsAuckland Office10176
Kidzone Public Servants Childcare CentreLower Hutt Office60263
Kindercare Learning Centre – AlbanyAuckland Office10217
Kindercare Learning Centre – PapatoetoeAuckland Office10108
Kindercare Learning Centre (19) GrevilleAuckland Office10337
Kindercare Learning Centre (5) RemueraAuckland Office20382
Kindercare Learning Centre KaroriLower Hutt Office46282
Kindercare Learning Centre Ltd (Boulcott)Lower Hutt Office60092
Kindercare Learning Centres – AidanfieldChristchurch Office47421
Kindercare Learning Centres – ArmaghChristchurch Office47366
Kindercare Learning Centres – Avonhead (211)Christchurch Office70163
Kindercare Learning Centres – Burwood (208)Christchurch Office65183
Kindercare Learning Centres – Clyde (201)Christchurch Office70575
Kindercare Learning Centres – Customs Street PreschoolAuckland Office47681
Kindercare Learning Centres – Ferry Road (209)Christchurch Office70107
Kindercare Learning Centres – FlagstaffHamilton Office47291
Kindercare Learning Centres – Grey LynnAuckland Office20084
Kindercare Learning Centres – HendersonAuckland Office10125
Kindercare Learning Centres – LincolnAuckland Office10305
Kindercare Learning Centres – MasseyHamilton Office45233
Kindercare Learning Centres – Palmerston NorthWhanganui Office47352
Kindercare Learning Centres – ParaparaumuLower Hutt Office47730
Kindercare Learning Centres – Peachgrove RoadHamilton Office46758
Kindercare Learning Centres – Puriri (206)Christchurch Office70543
Kindercare Learning Centres – Rangiora (212)Christchurch Office45701
Kindercare Learning Centres – Sawyers Arms (213)Christchurch Office45054
Kindercare Learning Centres – Strickland (207)Christchurch Office65114
Kindercare Learning Centres – Thomas RoadHamilton Office45068
Kindercare learning Centres – Tower Junction (215)Christchurch Office70071
Kindercare Learning Centres – Wigram Skies (219)Christchurch Office46757
Kindercare Learning Centres (10 B, T & P) ConstellationAuckland Office20465
Kindercare Learning Centres (10 P) ConstellationAuckland Office20535
Kindercare Learning Centres (16) HilltopAuckland Office10211
Kindercare Learning Centres (18) DannemoraAuckland Office10275
Kindercare Learning Centres (20) Custom St WestAuckland Office10317
Kindercare Learning Centres (21)  Sylvia ParkAuckland Office20204
Kindercare Learning Centres (308) JohnsonvilleLower Hutt Office45930
Kindercare Learning Centres (8) PakurangaAuckland Office20087
Kindercare Learning Centres (Aotea)Lower Hutt Office45779
Kindercare Learning Centres (Milford)Auckland Office20085
Kindercare Learning Centres BelmontAuckland Office20083
Kindercare Learning Centres Botany DownsAuckland Office10048
Kindercare Learning Centres KohimaramaAuckland Office20260
Kindercare Learning Centres Ltd (Kilbirnie)Lower Hutt Office60103
Kindercare Learning Centres Milford PAuckland Office20086
Kindercare Learning Centres Randwick ParkAuckland Office10238
Kindercare Learning Centres TawaLower Hutt Office45680
Kindercare Learning Centres -Three KingsAuckland Office20090
Kindercare Learning Centres WhakatikiLower Hutt Office45812
Kinderhaven Preschool GlenfieldAuckland Office20544
Kinderland EducareAuckland Office46324
Kingdom KidzWhangarei Office10415
KiNZ Mission HeightsAuckland Office45455
KiNZ Myers ParkAuckland Office10287
KiNZ OtaraAuckland Office25340
KINZ Sandringham Early Learning CentreAuckland Office25327
Kiwi Kids Childcare CentreLower Hutt Office50068
Ko Taku Reo Preschool, AucklandAuckland Office10052
Kohi Learning CentreAuckland Office20134
Kohimarama Montessori Pre-School 2Auckland Office20096
Kowhai CornerWhangarei Office10203
Kowhai Corner Learning CentreWhangarei Office47488
Kristin School KindergartenAuckland Office20541
Kumeu Village KindergartenAuckland Office20553
Lalanga Moui Tongan Early Childhood CentreWhanganui Office50029
Launch active early learningNapier Office47030
Launch Queen StreetNapier Office48078
Launch WaipukurauNapier Office47808
Leap Ahead Early Childhood CentreChristchurch Office45720
Leap Ahead Early Childhood Centre – HindsChristchurch Office70121
Learning Curves Early Childhood Education CentreHamilton Office30281
Learning Tree Childcare ApolloAuckland Office47082
Learning Tree Early Childcare CentreAuckland Office10236
Learning Tree HobsonvilleAuckland Office47435
Learning Tree SilverdaleAuckland Office47559
Learning Tree WestgateAuckland Office47081
Leataata O Tupulaga O Le PasefikaAuckland Office10289
Levin MontessoriLower Hutt Office45712
Lifewise ECE Glen EdenAuckland Office47069
Lifewise ECE Waimumu RoadAuckland Office46730
Li’l Champs Early Learning CentreAuckland Office10096
Li’l Champs EducareAuckland Office45852
Li’l Champs Educare 2Auckland Office46383
Lil Seeds LtdAuckland Office20442
Lincoln University Early Childhood CentreChristchurch Office70557
Little Acorns Childcare LtdWhanganui Office47245
Little CoastiesAuckland Office47586
Little Darlings Childcare CentreRotorua Office40059
Little Doves Early Learning CentreAuckland Office47449
Little Einsteins EducareHamilton Office30349
Little Einsteins Montessori (MacDonald Street)Rotorua Office46671
Little Farm Pre- School and NurseryLower Hutt Office46686
Little Kiwis Playhouse Early Learning CentreAuckland Office45315
Little Orchard Preschool – McGarvey Road 1Rotorua Office45306
Little Orchard Preschool – McGarvey Road 2Rotorua Office45305
Little Owls PreschoolChristchurch Office70035
Little People Preschool RichmondNelson Office65150
Little People Preschool WakefieldNelson Office65197
Little Pohutukawa PreschoolAuckland Office47380
Little Red Fox Early Learning CentreNelson Office48037
Little Red Fox ELC Golden BayNelson Office48128
Little Seeds Early Learning CentreWhanganui Office45308
Little VillaRotorua Office40052
Living & Learning Family Centre HendersonAuckland Office45851
Living & Learning Family Centre MangereAuckland Office20295
Lovingcare KindergartenAuckland Office10110
Luna Montessori PreschoolAuckland Office47033
Lynfield College Community Childcare CentreAuckland Office20102
Magnolia Montessori LtdHamilton Office47687
Makoura Early Learning CentreLower Hutt Office60196
Mana Tama Aoga NiueAuckland Office10187
Manaaki Tamariki Childcare and Education CentreNapier Office55324
Mapusaga Aoga AmataChristchurch Office65016
MARC Early Learning CentreAuckland Office20265
Marlborough St Childcare CentreLower Hutt Office60297
Marshwood Montessori PreschoolAuckland Office20581
Marton Junction Community Pre-schoolWhanganui Office50529
Massey Child Care Centre – AlbanyAuckland Office47941
Massey Child Care Centre IncWhanganui Office52525
Matapu PreschoolWhanganui Office50531
McKenzie CentreHamilton Office34028
Methven Pre-school Learning & Child Care CentreChristchurch Office70409
Michael Park KindergartenAuckland Office10081
Milford Baptist KindergartenAuckland Office20107
Minnies Pre-SchoolChristchurch Office70411
Miramar ChildcareLower Hutt Office46637
Molly’s PreschoolAuckland Office46924
Molyneux Educare IncDunedin Office83004
Montessori BlenheimNelson Office65613
Montessori Courtyard PreschoolChristchurch Office70475
Montessori InvercargillDunedin Office47225
Moriah (Private) Kindergarten IncLower Hutt Office60206
Mountain View Preschool LimitedRotorua Office40274
Mt Cook PreschoolLower Hutt Office60329
My Kindy KelstonAuckland Office47588
Natural Steps AlbanyAuckland Office46090
Natural Steps Early Childhood Centre (Ellerslie Village)Auckland Office10138
New Beginnings Infant and Toddler CentreWhangarei Office10206
New Shoots Children’s Centre – BayfairRotorua Office47827
New Shoots Children’s Centre – GreenhitheAuckland Office47936
New Shoots Children’s Centre – Hamilton CentralHamilton Office46103
New Shoots Children’s Centre – HillcrestAuckland Office47953
New Shoots Children’s Centre – HobsonvilleAuckland Office47416
New Shoots Childrens Centre – KerikeriWhangarei Office47907
New Shoots Children’s Centre – MatamataHamilton Office47494
New Shoots Children’s Centre – PakurangaAuckland Office47131
New Shoots Children’s Centre – RamaramaAuckland Office48115
New Shoots Children’s Centre – SandhurstRotorua Office47039
New Shoots Children’s Centre – TaurangaRotorua Office46364
New Shoots Childrens Centre – The LakesRotorua Office47742
New Shoots Children’s Centre – WestgateAuckland Office47373
New Shoots Children’s Centre – WhenuapaiAuckland Office47501
New Shoots Childrens Centre (Papamoa)Rotorua Office45747
New Shoots SunnynookAuckland Office45945
Newbees PreschoolWhangarei Office10009
Newlands Childcare IncorporatedLower Hutt Office60255
Next GenerationAuckland Office47492
Next Generation BirkenheadAuckland Office46047
Next Generation ChildcareAuckland Office20365
Next Generation Infant CareAuckland Office10058
Nga Kakano o Te Manuka Puna ReoAuckland Office25430
Nga Tamariki Childcare CentreLower Hutt Office60182
Ngatea Early Learning CentreHamilton Office46354
Norfolk Street EducareWhangarei Office45340
Northcote Early Learning CentreAuckland Office47183
Northcote Point Community CrecheAuckland Office20119
Nurture and Bloom Early Learning CentreAuckland Office25387
Nurture and Bloom Early Learning Centre-Te RapaHamilton Office48117
Oak Tree The Early Childhood Learning CentreAuckland Office10045
OhuaLower Hutt Office60109
Ohua PoipoiaLower Hutt Office48049
Okara EducareWhangarei Office45829
Otago University Childcare Association – College CentreDunedin Office83065
Otago University Childcare Association – Te PaDunedin Office83022
Otaki Early Learning CentreLower Hutt Office55390
Otatara PreschoolDunedin Office45287
Pacific Early Learning Community CentreAuckland Office47839
Paeroa Early Learning CentreHamilton Office34050
Paihia Early Childhood CentreWhangarei Office11555
Pakuranga Montessori Learning CentreAuckland Office25013
Papakura First Presbyterian Pre-SchoolAuckland Office25045
Patoka Rural KindergartenNapier Office55180
Paula’s Preschool RichmondNelson Office65161
Peachgrove Road Educare LtdHamilton Office46906
Peacocks Early Learning – StonefieldsAuckland Office47578
Peacocks Early Learning CentreAuckland Office45822
Peacocks Early Learning Centre EpsomAuckland Office46930
Peacocks Early Learning Centre RockfieldAuckland Office46441
Pelorus Community Preschool – Kohungahunga o Te HoiereNelson Office65228
Peninsula Community Preschool Inc.Lower Hutt Office50079
Peter Pan ChildcareAuckland Office47143
Piccolini Private Nursery and Kindergarten – HastingsNapier Office46882
Piccolini Private Nursery and Kindergarten Havelock NorthNapier Office45579
Picton Community Early Learning CentreNelson Office65506
Piki Te OraNapier Office30209
Pinnacles Early Learning CentreDunedin Office47551
Pioneers Elm RowDunedin Office83014
Pioneers KoputaiDunedin Office80016
Pioneers Russell Street & NurseryDunedin Office83008
Play & Learn ECE – FairfieldDunedin Office83062
Play and Learn – Karaka WestAuckland Office47776
Play And Learn (King Street)Auckland Office10024
Play and Learn Clarks BeachAuckland Office25331
Playhouse ChildcareLower Hutt Office60310
Poetiare O RongomaiAuckland Office10232
Pohutukawa Early Learning CentreLower Hutt Office45658
Poppy Lane PreschoolRotorua Office47844
Premier Preschool JohnsonvilleLower Hutt Office55271
Premium PreschoolLower Hutt Office60068
Puawai Childcare CentreLower Hutt Office46710
PunavaiDunedin Office83069
Queen Margaret College Pre-schoolLower Hutt Office50055
Rangi Ruru Pre-SchoolChristchurch Office70438
Rangiora High School Nursery SchoolChristchurch Office70437
Raphael House KindergartenLower Hutt Office60301
Raroera Te Puawai Puna ReoHamilton Office30220
Ready Steady PlayChristchurch Office65059
Real Kids Early Learning CentreAuckland Office46702
Redwood KidsNapier Office55513
Reefton Early Learning CentreNelson Office65226
Rising Stars Early Childhood CentreAuckland Office10157
Rising Stars Lynfield Early Childhood CentreAuckland Office10164
Rockmybaby ChildcareNapier Office30180
Rockmybaby ECE NapierNapier Office55309
Rosebank Early Childhood CentreAuckland Office25396
Rosy Cheeks Early Learning CentreChristchurch Office70151
Rotokauri Early Education CentreHamilton Office47587
Rotorua Girls’ High School Childcare CentreRotorua Office40065
Rotorua Hospital Early Childhood CentreRotorua Office45030
Rototuna Early Education CentreHamilton Office30275
Royal Road Pre-SchoolAuckland Office25178
Rutherford Street KindergartenNelson Office47503
Saint Kentigern PreschoolAuckland Office45629
Samuel Marsden PreschoolLower Hutt Office60326
Sancta Maria Montessori PreschoolChristchurch Office46127
Sancta Maria Montessori Preschool (Sherborne)Christchurch Office47620
Sand Dunes Quality Early learning CentreLower Hutt Office60064
Sara Petesa A’oga AmataAuckland Office10170
Savali Ole Filemu Aoga AmataAuckland Office25333
School of Fish ChildcareAuckland Office46284
Scuola MontessoriRotorua Office45918
Scuola Montessori (15th Avenue)Rotorua Office46535
Scuola Montessori (Masterton)Lower Hutt Office47800
Seashells Early Childhood CentreWhangarei Office46403
Secret Garden ELC LimitedAuckland Office25418
Seedlings Nature KindergartenWhanganui Office46657
Seven Stars KindergartenAuckland Office47959
Small Kauri Early Childhood Education  CentreAuckland Office10293
Small Miracles Pre-SchoolAuckland Office20536
Small PoppiesWhangarei Office20223
Small Steps ECE CentreAuckland Office25355
Smart Start Care and Education CentreWhanganui Office45310
Smiling Stars ChildcareAuckland Office10398
Somerset Early Learning CentreHamilton Office45217
Southbrook Early Learning CentreChristchurch Office70051
Southern Cross Campus PreschoolAuckland Office47634
Spotted Frog PreschoolAuckland Office46797
Sprouts PreschoolWhanganui Office47282
St Andrews Christian Pre-SchoolAuckland Office25059
St Andrews College PreschoolChristchurch Office65068
St Lukes Mokopuna Apii Punanga Reo IncHamilton Office47575
St Margaret’s Pre-schoolChristchurch Office46761
St Marks PreschoolLower Hutt Office60305
St Marys Family CentreRotorua Office40048
St Marys Pre-SchoolNelson Office65504
St Mary’s Tahatai CentreRotorua Office30021
Starfish Early Childhood  CentreAuckland Office20502
Starship Play Service Day Stay and Intensive CareAuckland Office10030
Starship Play Service Ward 23B/ClinicAuckland Office20267
Starship Play Service Ward 24A & 24BAuckland Office10198
Starship Play Service Ward 25ABAuckland Office45183
Starship Play Service Ward 27A & 27BAuckland Office20228
Starship Play Service: Greenlane Surgical UnitAuckland Office47080
Starship Play Services: OutpatientsAuckland Office10028
Steiner CottageLower Hutt Office60069
Stepping Stones Daycare LtdAuckland Office20466
Steps to Strides Early Learning CentreAuckland Office20545
Sticky Fingers Childcare and Education CentreNapier Office55011
Sunny Days Community PreschoolAuckland Office20067
Sunshine Childcare  PreschoolHamilton Office45290
Sunshine Childcare on VickeryHamilton Office45631
Taikura Rudolf Steiner KindergartenNapier Office55043
Tamariki Ei Tiare Punanga ReoAuckland Office47732
Tamariki Garden Early Learning CentreAuckland Office25239
Tararua EducareLower Hutt Office52539
Taupiri Educare LtdHamilton Office46277
Tauranga Hospital Play ServiceRotorua Office40269
Tawa Early Learning CentreRotorua Office40067
Tawa Montessori PreschoolLower Hutt Office55405
Te Ao Hou Community Childcare CentreAuckland Office25125
Te Ara Metua Punanga Reo Kuki AiraniHamilton Office34102
Te Hononga Puna ReoAuckland Office10395
Te Kainganui Early Education CentreLower Hutt Office60265
Te Karaka PreschoolNapier Office55341
Te Kohanga Reo o Kawakawa Mai TawhitiNapier Office46474
Te Kohao KohungahungaHamilton Office46625
Te Kopae PiriponoWhanganui Office50532
Te Korowai Early Learning CentreAuckland Office47675
Te Mata KidsNapier Office45878
Te Pahu Preschool GroupHamilton Office34046
Te PakaritoRotorua Office47111
Te Puna Reo O Nga KakanoLower Hutt Office60102
Te Puna Reo O RaparaparirikiNapier Office46197
Te Puna Reo o Te KohaoHamilton Office47271
Te Puna Reo OkahukuraAuckland Office25341
Te Punanga O Te Reo Kuki AiraniLower Hutt Office60285
Te Rapa Early Education CentreHamilton Office34038
Te Rau Oriwa Puna ReoHamilton Office30125
Te Rawhiti KindergartenLower Hutt Office50028
Te Rawhiti Kindergarten 3Lower Hutt Office47663
Te Rourou Whakatipuranga O AwaruaDunedin Office90033
Te Tuareka O Manurewa Punanga ReoAuckland Office46171
Te Whare Kohungahunga o Y TamarikiNapier Office55494
Te whare ManaakiNelson Office47107
Teviot Valley Educare Centre IncDunedin Office80034
Thames Early Childhood Education CentreHamilton Office34039
The Activity RoomChristchurch Office70544
The Bee HiveAuckland Office48057
The Cats Pyjamas PreschoolChristchurch Office70158
The Cat’s Pyjamas Preschool and Nursery West MeltonChristchurch Office45907
The CubbyHouse Early Childhood Centre – MastertonLower Hutt Office45719
The CubbyHouse Early Childhood Centre – Napier RoadWhanganui Office47144
The CubbyHouse Early Childhood Centre – New PlymouthWhanganui Office46320
The CubbyHouse Early Childhood Centre – Palmerston NorthWhanganui Office45580
The Fire StationAuckland Office46572
The Garden Early Childhood Centre Gate PaRotorua Office30083
The James Street Pre-SchoolChristchurch Office70542
The Learning Corner Early Learning CentreAuckland Office20098
The Learning Corner Early Learning CentreAuckland Office45972
The Ole SchoolhouseRotorua Office40033
The Orchard Child Care & PreschoolRotorua Office46270
The Owls Nest Preschool LimitedChristchurch Office47188
The Park Early Education CentreHamilton Office45254
The Park Early Learning CentreLower Hutt Office45843
The Point Early Learning Centre, GisborneNapier Office47307
The Rabbit Patch – Saffron StreetChristchurch Office45445
The Rabbit Patch PreschoolChristchurch Office70426
The Rainbow Corner Early Learning CentreAuckland Office46626
The Rainbow Corner Early Learning Centre – Beach HavenAuckland Office47616
The Rainbow Corner Early Learning Centre – Flat Bush OneAuckland Office47746
The Rainbow Corner Early Learning Centre – Flat Bush TwoAuckland Office47747
The Rainbow Corner Early Learning Centre – ManurewaAuckland Office47949
The Rainbow Corner Early Learning Centre BayfairRotorua Office40313
The Rainbow Corner Early Learning Centre BlenheimNelson Office65620
The Rainbow Corner Early Learning Centre EnderleyHamilton Office47893
The Rainbow Corner Early Learning Centre Gulf HarbourAuckland Office48000
The Rainbow Corner Early Learning Centre HastingsNapier Office45858
The Rainbow Corner Early Learning Centre TakaniniAuckland Office47049
The Rainbow Corner Educational Trust Bethlehem LimitedRotorua Office47986
The Rainbow Corner Educational Trust Invercargill LtdDunedin Office47892
The Rainbow Corner Educational Trust Queenstown LimitedDunedin Office46934
The Rainbow Corner Montessori LimitedWhanganui Office50096
The Salvation Army Early Childhood Education CentreAuckland Office46737
The Salvation Army William Booth EducareLower Hutt Office60257
The Toy Maker’s Cottage PreschoolAuckland Office47171
The Treasure Cove Early Learning CentreAuckland Office10295
The Treasure Cove Early Learning CentreAuckland Office25046
The Treasure Cove ELC – TawaAuckland Office10306
The Tree Hut Preschool LimitedChristchurch Office70540
The Walnut Tree PreschoolChristchurch Office70147
Three Bears Titirangi ChildcareAuckland Office20329
Thrive Learning CentreRotorua Office47617
Tiaki Early Learning CentreRotorua Office40331
Tic Tac Toe Educare Tots n ToddlersHamilton Office45977
Tigger’s Montessori PreschoolChristchurch Office46462
Tikipunga EducareWhangarei Office10178
Timaru Christian PreschoolChristchurch Office46180
Tiny Tuis Early Learning CentreAuckland Office46095
Tokoroa Childcare CentreHamilton Office34068
Tots on The RockAuckland Office45915
Tuahiwi Community PreschoolChristchurch Office70478
Tuakau Learning CentreAuckland Office46223
Turangi KindyRotorua Office45660
Uplands KindergartenAuckland Office20178
Wa Ora Montessori PreschoolLower Hutt Office55391
Waiapu Kids – AbbotsfordNapier Office55272
Waiapu Kids – Merivale Whanau ArohaRotorua Office40312
Waiapu Kids – St Francis Whanau ArohaRotorua Office30127
Waiapu Kids – St GeorgesRotorua Office40068
Waiapu Kids – St. Matthews Early Childhood CentreNapier Office55045
Waiapu Kids – Te Hapara Whanau ArohaNapier Office55078
Waiheke Community Childcare CentreAuckland Office20180
Waikanae Beach KidsLower Hutt Office60351
Waikato Montessori Early Education CentreHamilton Office30285
Waikids Early Childhood CentreHamilton Office34075
Waikiwi Childcare & PreschoolDunedin Office90110
Waitaki Valley PreschoolDunedin Office83076
Wakari Hospital Early Childhood CentreDunedin Office47192
Wanaexcel Education HubDunedin Office47061
Wellington City Rudolf Steiner KindergartenLower Hutt Office60357
Wellington Early Intervention CentreLower Hutt Office55372
Whangarei Childcare CentreWhangarei Office11513
Whangarei Hospital Play & RecreationWhangarei Office10144
Whare Amai Puna ReoNapier Office45863
Whitby EducareLower Hutt Office60085
White Heron @ DawsonAuckland Office46190
White Heron @ the BridgeAuckland Office45913
White Heron Learning Centre – ManurewaAuckland Office20511
Wilde Meadow LimitedAuckland Office47996
Windsor Montessori PreschoolDunedin Office47866
Wise Owl Early Childhood CentreLower Hutt Office60245
Wonder Bees Early Learning CentreAuckland Office10276
Woodend Preschool and NurseryChristchurch Office65030
Y Kids Community Early Childhood CentreNapier Office55460
Young Petals Early Learning Centre DruryAuckland Office25036

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