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We welcome your contact and feedback to help us make this website as useful and easy to use as possible. Also, please let us know of errors, broken links, statements or information that needs updating or is wrong. All feedback will be treated as anonymous.


As a general rule we do not answer questions related to individual situations. Before you contact us, please scroll to the end of this page for the FAQ. Also note that the agency for teacher training and recruitment questions is TEACHNZ.

To find early childhood services, read reviews and compare go to the National Registrar of Early Childhood Services.

If you wish to keep up with what’s happening, grow your expertise and understanding for management, teaching or research then become an OECE member. Find out more, by going to the Join Us page.


If you do not receive a personal reply, please don’t worry as it will be read. We are sorry that due to the large volume of emails we receive not every individual email can be replied to.

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Media enquiries outside of working hours:  [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Question

Yes!  We would love to hear from you. If you would like to do good (and be seen to do good), there are ways to help.

To discuss what you might offer or do, contact us at [email protected].

To be published by The OECE you need to have a high level of knowledge about the topic you are writing about.

Send us a brief resume to tell us who you are, your education history, and a brief outline of the topic or story you are keen to write.

Email: [email protected].

I have a question about funding for my ECE service, who do I ask? Contact the Ministry of Education at [email protected].

See general information on funding rates on the Office of ECE website here.

I have a question about what is permissible for my ECE service to charge in fees, who do I ask? Email the Ministry of Education at [email protected].

I have a question about submission or storage of information on children and my service in the Ministry of Education’s national database (ELI), who can I ask?

Email the Ministry of Education at [email protected].

The Early Resolution Service within the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is a free phone-based service for employees and employers to use for help to resolve a workplace issue quickly, and before it becomes too serious or needs a more formal process.

Contact WorkSafe for workplace health and safety queries.  You can also report health and safety issues, such as workplace bullying, to WorkSafe.

Should children be affected make a formal complaint to the Ministry of Education, so it knows and it can make a licensing intervention if necessary.

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