Early Childhood Advisory Committee

On this page we introduce ECAC which is the Early Childhood Advisory Committee.

Kaupapa Matua | Purpose

ECAC is an independent oversight group for early childhood education.  It provides advice to the Ministry of Education, the Government, and other organisations where relevant. 

Diverse stakeholders and experts are brought together in ECAC to form a strong and informed voice for ECE.  

ECAC recognises all early childhood education services equally, as part of the early childhood education system.  

Tā Mātou Mahi | Our Work

“Mahia i runga i te rangimarie me te ngākau mahaki, ka whiwhi ngā hua tonu tātou

(With a peaceful mind and a respectful heart, we will always get results)

To provide independent oversight of early childhood education policies, plans, and actions.


For the Government, the Ministry of Education and other agencies and organisations to gain perspective and insight from the field on policies, plans and actions for more comprehensive understanding of implications and consequences for children, families, and the quality of early childhood education and care delivery.


ECAC supports the early education sector within Aotearoa New Zealand by promoting participation in ECE and engagement of early childhood professionals to ensure safe and high-quality service delivery for all children, families and whānau.

ECAC recognises and upholds the importance of professional behaviours and positions as expressed by the OECE in the following areas:

  • Te Tiriti o Waitangi and Indigenous Rights
  • The rights of children in ECE
  • Group size and ratios
  • Qualified early childhood trained teachers
  • Children’s right to attend ECE and the provision of free ECE
  • Involving parents and caregivers and engagement in learning
  • Men in ECE teaching
  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Food safety and safe eating
  • Physical contact and touch
  • Teacher pay and conditions of work
  • ECE service conduct responsibilities
  • Enforcement and monitoring of minimum standards
  • ECE governance and management
  • Complaints system

Read the OECE’s position statements on each of the above.

ECAC Members 2023

Members can come from any organisation, group or part of the early childhood sector. They bring their thinking, expertise and perspectives and are not asked to represent the viewpoint of their employer or organisation. ECAC is non-partisan.

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