Early Childhood Advisory Committee

On this page we introduce the Early Childhood Advisory Committee – ECAC.

Everyone can have their voices heard by participating in our surveys.

Our members can comment and discuss issues with other members and with us, helping to shape knowledge, understandings, and future directions.

Additionally, the OECE has an advisory committee.

NZ early childhood managers  conference. Would you like to be on the advisory committee?

Early Childhood Advisory Committee – ECAC

ECAC helps to inform the work and outputs of the Office of Early Childhood Education in NZ. People are on ECAC for their expertise and respect in their respective fields or parts of the sector.

If you would like to be on ECAC, or would like to nominate someone respected for their expertise (knowledge and experience that they could bring to ECAC), complete the form below.

After submitting your form, if your screen appears blank please scroll back to the top of the page to see our thank you message.

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