NZIRECE Journal Editor and Board

The NZIRECE Journal was launched in 1997 and was New Zealand’s first academic peer-reviewed journal for early childhood education.

NZIRECE Journal Editor

Dr Wendy Boyd
Wendy Boyd, Chief Editor

Associate Professor Wendy Boyd is the Chief Editor.

Dr Boyd has an extensive list of publications, including academic books, journal articles, and articles for practitioners and the public.

She teaches at Southern Cross University in New South Wales. In 2011 Dr Boyd won the Vice Chancellor’s Citation Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Dr Boyd is also a very experienced early childhood educator and centre manager (with over 25 years of practical experience). She is highly regarded in the early childhood field and an advocate for high quality early childhood education and care.

NZ-International Research in ECE Board Members

Dr Kaye Cederman (Trinity College, Dublin)
Dr Elspeth McInnes (University of South Australia, Adelaide)
Prof Pam Whitty (University of New Brunswick, Canada)
Tui Summers (Te Rito Maioha, NZ)
Dr Jo Ailwood (University of Newcastle, New South Wales)
Dr Carla Solvason (University of Worcester, UK)
Dr Qilong Zhang (United Arab Emirates University, )
Gillian Postlewaight (Eastern Institute of Technology, NZ)
Dr Chris Jenkin (Auckland University of Technology, NZ)
Nicola Watson (University of Worcester, UK)
Dr Cara Swit (University of Canterbury, Christchurch, NZ)

Invited Editors and Peer Reviewers for Individual NZIRECE Issues

The Editors of special issues, general issues, and the names of peer reviewers, can be found on our page showing the NZIRECE journal editors and reviewers.

About the NZ-International Research in ECE Journal

The New Zealand International Research in Early Childhood Education Journal (NZIRECE) is a fully peer-reviewed academic journal.  

The NZIRECE publishes NZ and international research and theory relating to young children (0 – 8 yrs), that has relevance to New Zealand. 

“Early childhood education” in the journal title is defined as encompassing children’s care, health, development and learning (provided in diverse settings and by a range of people including parents and teachers).

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