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Why are we offering the Men in ECE Invitation Award? It says to men that we welcome and need male teachers in the childhood education (ECE) sector.

Achieving a gender balance of men and women in ECE teaching is important for the quality of ECE for children. Our sector also needs to address old stereotypes and occupational gender bias.  Men may not consider taking up early childhood teaching because it is a female dominated occupation. So, we are putting out the welcome mat and offering this Award.

The Award is comprised of:

  1. A grant of $400.00 to go toward the cost of study.
  2. An Office of ECE 12-month educator membership.


Award applicants may be based anywhere in NZ, but must meet each of the following criteria:

  • Be male.
  • Be born in NZ or have full NZ residency.
  • Provide proof of acceptance by a NZ public tertiary education institution into an ECE diploma or degree programme leading to a qualification recognised by the Teaching Council for working as a certificated teacher in early childhood education.
  • Be about to commence teacher education study or enrolled in a teacher education programme for not more than 60 days from the date of course commencement.
  • Not have applied for or been granted any other scholarship or grant other than a student allowance to assist with the costs of teacher training.

Please note that we reserve the right not to grant the Award to any applicant and in any year. We will not enter into discussions or provide explanations.

Apply for a Men in ECE Invitation Award

Download and complete the application form.

Past Men in ECE Invitation Award Winners

Suhaib Imran 2022
Dunedin based. Studying for a Master of Teaching and Learning (ECE) at the University of Otago.
Sponsor: NZ Childcare Finance
See an article about Suhaib Imran

Liam Bowen 2021
Auckland based. Studying for a Grad Diploma in ECE at the University of Auckland
Sponsor: Honeybees Early Childhood Centre
See an article about Liam Bowen

Josh Allen, 2018 
Wellington based, Full-time study for a B.Ed degree in ECE at the University of Victoria, Wellington
Sponsor: Ole Schoolhouse Early Childhood Centre, Rotorua.
See an article about Josh Allen

Matthew Lambert, 2015
Auckland based. Full-time study for a B.Tch degree in ECE
Sponsor: Ole Schoolhouse Early Childhood Centre, Rotorua. 
See an article about Matthew Lambert

Simon Murphy, 2014
Nelson based.  Studying at the University of Canterbury
Sponsor: Shine Montessori Educare Early Childhood Centre, Lower Hutt

Patrick Lockley, 2014
Hamilton based. Full-time studying at Wintec
Sponsor: Ole Schoolhouse Early Childhood Centre, Rotorua.
See an article about Patrick Lockley

Joshua McKay, 2014
Blenheim based. Full-time study at the TTPOoA/NZ Childcare Assn
Sponsor: Ole Schoolhouse Early Childhood Centre, Rotorua.
See an article about Joshua McKay

Ben Goris, 2014
Auckland based. Full-time study at UNITEC
Sponsor: Educational Personnel
See an article about Ben Goris

Shaun Masterson, 2013
Kumeu based. Studying at UNITEC
Sponsored by UNITEC.

Jade Bollond 2013
Auckland based. Studying at UNITEC
Sponsored by the Ole Schoolhouse Early Childhood Centre
See an article about Jade Bollond

Robert Barlow 2013
Hamilton based. Studying at Wintec
Sponsored by the Ole Schoolhouse Early Childhood Centre
See an article about Robert Barlow 

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