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The Office of Early Childhood Education – OECE

“Driving high-quality care, learning and teaching for all infants and young children and high-quality working environments for teachers and service providers”

The OECE is NZ’s national body for early childhood education and care

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Here’s a brief description about us.

Our role

The role of the Office of Early Childhood Education is to focus on the care and education of infants and young children. We place the interests of children and their parents, family and whānau in early childhood education at the centre of our work. Our work involves driving high-quality ECE provision.

What we do at the OECE and what we offer

As the national body for ECE, we are a lead public advisor on early childhood education and care. This involves providing information, research and advice to government and others on ECE quality, policy, and childcare. (If you would like to know more about the structure of our sector, different players and groups, go to the chart showing who’s who)

Should you support support high quality ECE, and we hope that you do, it would be great to have your support and involvement.

People and services can influence and have a stronger voice on issues and future directions by being part of the OECE.

Members find that the insights and analysis we provide helps them to think more critically and grow their understanding of ECE matters.

At the OECE we regularly engage in research – carrying out investigations, surveys, and reporting on early childhood practices, issues and concerns. We have NZ’s largest early childhood education knowledge centre.

Additionally, we publish the NZ-International Research in ECE Journal. The journal was launched in 1997 and was New Zealand’s very first academic peer-reviewed journal for early childhood education. We thus have over 20 years of high-quality research articles on our website for people and organisations to easily access anytime they are looking specifically for NZ research and international research that has relevance to our educational and cultural context.

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Our people

The OECE is headed by a Chief Advisor. The Chief Advisor’s staff include a Communications Manager and office executive assistants.

The NZIRECE Journal team includes the Editor and and Editorial Board. Editorial board members and peer-reviewers come from NZ and around the world. Guest editors are appointed for special journal issues.

Our Early Childhood Advisory Committee “ECAC” comprises stakeholders and leaders in ECE who represent diverse interests and groups.

About Our People

Chief Advisor

Dr Sarah Alexander is highly qualified in ECE.  She also brings a huge depth of experience and knowledge to the role.

NZIRECE Editors and Board

Meet Associate Professor Wendy Boyd and the team behind the NZIRECE journal –  NZ’s first ECE peer-reviewed journal.  

Early Childhood Advisory Committee (ECAC)

ECAC members bring a diversity of perspectives, helping to inform our ECE work and outputs.

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