Childcare Subsidy – WINZ Subsidy Rates, Household Income Thresholds and Eligibility

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NZ money in wallet the funding, wages, and fees of early childhood education in NZ

The WINZ childcare subsidy is not paid to parents, it is given to the early childhood service. Parents can expect therefore to have the subsidy amount deducted from the fees they would ordinarily pay.

Whether parents or caregivers receive the subsidy / fee reduction depends on the level of family household income. It is provided for up to 9 hours a week where the parent/ caregiver is not working and up to 50 hours a week where the parent/caregiver is working or in training.  In most cases families are not eligible for the Childcare Subsidy for more than 9 hours a week if the child’s other parent/s or caregiver can care for them.

eligibility for WINZ subsidy

It is available only for children up to 5 years of age (or over 5 if they’re going to a cohort entry school).  Children on a Child Disability Allowance are eligible for the Childcare Subsidy up to their 6th birthday.   

Families whose children attend a service that receives 20-Hours ECE funding cannot get the Childcare Subsidy for the first 20 hours even if the service charges a “fee” (i.e. ‘optional’ payment) as many services do. Families can however ask their ECE service not to include their child in their claim for 20-Hours ECE funding, so the WINZ subsidy can be applied – but we advise families to first check if they would be better off under the childcare subsidy rates or not.   

From 1st April 2022 the maximum WINZ subsidy rates and thresholds are as follows: 

Number of children Gross weekly total household 
income before tax  
Childcare Subsidy 
(per hour, per child) 
Childcare Subsidy
(per week, per child for 50 hours) 
OneLess than $838.00$5.69$284.50
One$838.00 to $1,256.99$4.53$266.50
One$1,257.00 to $1,360.99$3.17$158.50
One$1,361.00 to $1,465.99$1.77$88.50
One$1,466.00 or moreNilNil
TwoLess than $963.00$5.69$284.50
Two$963.00 to $1,444.99 $4.53$266.50
Two$1,380.00 to $1,489.99$3.17$158.50
Two$1,490.00 to $1,599.99$1.77$83.50
Two$1,600.00 or moreNilNil
Three or moreLess than $1,079.00$5.69$284.50
Three or more$1,079.00 to $1,612.99$4.53$266.50
Three or more$1,613.00 to $1,748.99$3.17$158.50
Three or more$1,749.00 to $1,884.99$1.77$88.50
Three or more$1,885.00 or moreNilNil

Check with WINZ for more information or to check your eligibility

Additional claim information and advice on managing arrears is available for ECE Services on our website.

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