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Suhaib Imran: A Bright Future in ECE Teaching for Former Pharmacist

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Men in Early Childhood Education Scholarship Winner NZ

New Zealand is a long way from Suhaib Imran’s original home in India, and early childhood is a long way from his original career as a pharmacist. But Suhaib is looking forward to exploring his passion for working alongside children.

After growing up in Hyderabad and becoming a registered pharmacist, Suhaib came to New Zealand in 2016. He studied as a pharmacy technician in Auckland and then began working on the children’s hospital ward before working in various hospital and community pharmacies around the country. During his time in New Zealand, Suhaib has visited every town in the country and worked in places as diverse as New Plymouth and Dunedin and has loved meeting new people. These interactions with children and their families helped Suhaib discover his passion for helping children grow and develop.

“I strongly believe that children are capable beings and communicators, especially when we slow down and truly listen”, he says. “When we show respect, compassion and understanding in our interactions, we pave the way forward to develop and nurture lasting respectful relationships, which will help create love and a sense of wonder for learning and life”.

Now Suhaib is studying for a Master of Teacher and Learning (ECE) at the University of Otago. He is looking forward to bringing his new skills and passion to an ECE centre where he hopes to be a positive and encouraging teacher creating a safe space for young children to grow.

“As a teacher, I want children to feel included and empowered to be lifelong learners”, he says. “I am dedicated to encouraging young minds to develop, achieve, and make their learning experience enjoyable and memorable”.

To help with his studies, Suhaib has been awarded the Men in ECE Invitation Award for 2022.

Suhaib says he is very grateful to everyone involved in the award and particularly his sponsors, including NZ Childcare Finance for helping to bear the cost of his studies.

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