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Call for Papers for Publication in the NZIRECE Journal

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This is a call for papers.

The NZIRECE journal publishes research results, critiques, methodological papers and theoretical articles relating to children’s education and care in the early years.  Papers relating to teacher recruitment and support, children’s learning and curriculum, the effects of funding or other policies, culture, diversity and inclusion, early intervention, and child safety and health are particularly invited. Papers examining a research method, an aspect of methodology, or contributing to the development of theory are also invited.  

Paper Types

Papers may take the following forms:

1. Article

  • Reporting original research. A report of original research (3,000-5,000 words). This is blind peer-reviewed.
  • Providing an in-depth and critical review. A critical and in-depth analysis of theory, a research method/s, or research on an early childhood topic (3,000-5,000 words). This is blind peer-reviewed.

2. Research Note:

A description of an original research project, a description of part of an original project, or a reflective examination of some aspect of the research experience. Initial findings of an ongoing project are also welcomed (up to 2,000 words). This is not normally sent out for blind peer-review but will be reviewed within the editorial team. This option may suit student researchers and first-time writers.  It may also suit experienced researchers who would like to share their research or publish an aspect of it, but do not have time to prepare a full article.

3. Other: Other paper types (such as Commentaries, and Occasional papers) may be considered by the Editor on an individual basis. Please check and discuss the appropriateness of your paper with the Editor before submitting. These papers are blind peer-reviewed.

Script Preparation

See the instructions for preparing a manuscript. Please follow the instructions closely when preparing your manuscript.

Manuscripts which exceed word limits, do not adhere to manuscript requirements, or have spelling and grammatical errors will be returned for correction prior to commencement of the review process.

Manuscripts submitted for publication elsewhere should not be submitted to the NZIRECE journal. The NZIRECE journal publishes only original work.

Submission Process

Please remove your name/s and any identifying information from your manuscript if it is being submitted for blind peer-review.

Should you be submitting a Research Note which is not blind peer-reviewed, your name and workplace affiliation should be included on the cover page.

Email your manuscript and a covering letter to NZIRECE Journal Lead Editor, Associate Professor Wendy Boyd, Email: [email protected] 

Please note that there is no charge for manuscript publication.

Authors are provided with a personal copy of their published article as a pdf.  In submitting an article to the journal, the author(s) accepts that upon publication, copyright of the article belongs to the journal.

Article copyright belongs to the OECE / ChildForum. You are welcome to add a link to this research article on your website.

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