Here you’ll find evidence, facts, and details to make you think and improve your knowledge and understanding. Evidence covers best practices, policy effects, and what’s happening. The sources include empirical research, reviews, and survey reports.

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Is Our Publicly-Funded Early Childhood Education Good Enough for Children?

Findings on the quality and standards of ECE Services as reported by teaching staff. At…

Mandatory Vaccination of the ECE Sector Workforce

Survey on Mandatory Vaccination of the ECE Sector Workforce. Report published by the Office of…

Pay Parity Campaign Booklet

Pre-school teachers often earn far less than they could elsewhere with their levels of education.…

Staff Pay and Workforce Retention

This report of results on staff pay and workforce retention takes data from the 2020…

ECE Sector Confidence Survey, May 2021

In this report of the ECE Sector Confidence Survey 2021, read what people say about:…

The State of Early Childhood Education, 2011 Report

October 31, 2011. Overview Early Childhood Education has been something of a hot potato for…

The Descriptive Quality of Kindergarten, Kōhanga Reo, Childcare, and Playcentre

Descriptive quality – A values based approach to defining quality. By Dr Sarah Alexander. Paper…

“Purple People-Eater” or Early Childhood Education Quality Assurance?

“Purple People-Eater” or Early Childhood Education Quality Assurance? The early childhood centre charter was thought…

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