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Bhavini and Rrahul Dosshi, owners of Rainbow Corner Centres Buy PORSE and Opening New Centres Costing Millions

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February 7, 2019.

A Bucklands Beach couple, Rrahul and Bhavini Dosshi are now the sole owners of PORSE in-home childcare and the PORSE training business. The sale of PORSE was completed on 3 December 2018.

While the final sale price paid to its former owner Evolve Education group is not yet publicly known, it is expected that the new owners will quickly see a considerable rise in the net worth of both the home-based and the training businesses.

Mr Dosshi said: “PORSE has a very successful education and training programme and is the only provider to offer online qualification programmes – we see this as a very important advantage, especially as the review suggests all educators will need a minimum Level 4 qualification in the future.”

The Dosshi’s Rainbow Group of companies of which PORSE is now part of, is developing an integrated childcare business management app and will be marketing this to other ECE services. It has established a catering company to provide meals and snacks for children at early childhood centres around New Zealand.

In 2011 the Dosshi’s opened their first Rainbow Corner centre in Gisborne.  In addition to owning PORSE in-home education with around 60 licensed services and the ECE training business, their financial portfolio includes: a childcare centre in Mumbai/ India, a centre in Fiji, two Rainbow Corner Home-based services in Mangere East, a Rainbow Corner centre in Takanini and a centre in Mangere.  Three new multi-million dollar childcare centres are opening this year in Auckland and one in Hamilton.

Last year the licence held by Rainbow Corner Centre in Takanini was downgraded to provisional by the Ministry of Education for 9 months due to multiple beaches in minimum requirements across areas of health and safety, curriculum, premises and facilities and management and administration.

Mr Dosshi said the immediate plan for PORSE is to continue expansion.

In 2018 the Rainbow Corner Group of Companies were the Title Sponsors of the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards, the Indian Newslink Sir Anand Satyanand Lecture and the Indian Newslink Sports and Community Awards.

“The Title sponsorship of three premier events of our favourite newspaper will help us to leverage our band value and increase awareness of our products and services,” Mr and Mrs Dosshi said at the time.


PORSE was started by mother and entrepreneur Jenny Yule in 1994. By 2009 PORSE operated 36 offices across New Zealand with 200 staff supporting the work of 2,000 educators.  PORSE was sold to a new publicly listed company EVOLVE Education in 2014.

In 2017 the Ministry of Education downgraded around 42 in-home PORSE services to a provisional licence due to failure to meet minimum standards.  The quickest time it took for a PORSE service to reach compliance while still caring for children was 2 days and the longest was 11 months.

In 2017 a PORSE educator shook and inflicted serious injuries on an infant, resulting in possible permanent brain injury, a broken arm and detached retinas.  At sentencing the district court judge said that the educator was totally out of her depth in the work she was doing caring for children. The educator also suffered from depression and panic attacks and was under extreme financial pressure to continue working due to her family losing its business. was young and immature. The judge declined to comment on the checking that was done by PORSE before it took her on.

Last year PORSE continued to have compliance problems – the Ministry suspended the licenses of 11 PORSE services and downgraded the licences of 3 to provisional.

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