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Overseas Teacher Finder’s Fee – The money spent and where it is going

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Overseas Teacher Finders Fee – The money spent and where it is going
6 May 2024

Almost $1 million was paid out in the overseas finders fee (OFF) to ECE service providers last year.

Early messaging from the Ministry of Education conveyed overseas teacher recruitment was something that was desirable for centres to do to meet staffing needs.   

Many centres have successfully recruited overseas ECE teachers, and we encourage you to consider this option if you have any immediate teacher supply needs.

Iona Holsted, Secretary for Education, email to service providers 15/9/2022.

An Official Information Act request reveals that in 2023, 235 centres received one or more Finders Fees from the Ministry of Education. There were 271 OFF payments of $3,450 per teacher totalling $934,950.00. (The lists are added to the end of this article.)    

The OFF was paid exclusively to education and care centres and overwhelmingly to private, corporate, or commercial service providers (226 private/commercial centres out of 235 centres in total). This includes:

  • 104 Beststart centres (a private family trust)
  • 3 of the 5 centres owned by the current president of the Early Childhood Council, and 2 of the 4 centres owned by the immediate past president of the Early Childhood Council. 
  • 5 New Shoots centres
  • 6 Kindercare centres

Most centres receiving the OFF were in major urban areas. 

The OFF is not targeted to geographical areas where qualified staff may be harder to find and recruit, and the Finders Fee does not work well as a teacher-supply initiative for community-operated incorporated society ECE centres.

Centres are not asked to provide receipts or proof of actual expenditure when claiming the OFF.

One licensed centre received 3 OFF payments in 2023 even though it is advertised as being limited to one teacher per centre, per MoE financial year which begins 1 July and ends 30 June the following year.

There is no requirement to repay the OFF for overseas teachers who are not provided suitable employment for the expected minimum of 12 months. There is no follow-up by the Ministry of Education to check if the teacher is retained, has appropriate support, understands NZ employment law, and is being paid appropriately.

The current rules for the Finders Fee are that the teacher’s role must be starting from 1st July 2022 – 30th June 2024 and their contract must be at least 12 months in a licensed ‘early learning’ (sic education) centre. Centres must apply for the Finder’s Fee within 90 days of the teacher commencing employment. To receive the Finders Fee centres are asked to supply:

  • Evidence that the teacher is currently in New Zealand. The Ministry of Education will accept the following: – a boarding pass showing New Zealand as the final destination or – proof of NZ address through a tenancy/sale and purchase agreement or a signed letter from the person the teacher is staying with.
  • A GST tax invoice addressed to the Ministry of Education for $3,000 + GST (total $3,450)

Community-Owned Services Receiving a Finder’s Fee

ECE Service NameOFF FundingOverseas or NZ trained teacher?Qty
City Impact Church – North Shore3450Overseas-trained1
Covenant Kids Preschool3450Overseas-trained1
Hope Preschool3450Overseas-trained1
Just Kids– Celebration Centre Trust3450Overseas-trained1
Kuaotunu Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten3450Overseas-trained1
Little Pearls Educare Centre – Mt Albert3450NZ-trained1
Little Pearls Educare Centre – Mt Roskill3450NZ-trained1
Montessori Children’s House Wanaka3450Overseas-trained1
Rise & Shine Childcare – Christian3450Overseas-trained1
Information reported here was supplied under the Official Information Act

Private / Corporate / or Commercial Services Receiving the Finders Fee

ECE Service NameOFF FundingOverseas or NZ trained teacher?Qty
Adventureland ELC3450Overseas-trained1
All About Children – 51 Mahia3450Overseas-trained1
All About Children – Reggio3450NZ-trained1
AŌ Kids – Papakura3450Overseas-trained1
Bay Buddies Preschool3450Overseas-trained1
Bay Buddies Preschool Tamatea3450Overseas-trained1
Bear Park Henderson3450Overseas-trained1
Bear Park Herne Bay6900Overseas-trained2
Bear Park Hobsonville Point3450Overseas-trained 
Bear Park Kohimarama 3450Overseas-trained 
BestStart Albany 2 3450Overseas-trained 
BestStart Apirana Ave 6900Overseas-trained 
BestStart Ascot Ave6900Overseas-trained 
BestStart Avondale6900Overseas-trained2
BestStart Bader St3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Balclutha3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Baverstock Oaks6900Overseas-trained2
BestStart Beach Haven6900Overseas-trained2
BestStart Birkdale6900Overseas-trained2
BestStart Botany Rd6900Overseas-trained2
BestStart Bremner Rd3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Cashmere3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Claudelands3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Coast Boulevard3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Cornwall St3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Dannemora6900Overseas-trained2
BestStart Delta Ave6900Overseas-trained2
BestStart Dilworth Ave3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Dinsdale3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Dublin St6900Overseas-trained2
BestStart East Tamaki Rd3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Elles Rd3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Epsom6900Overseas-trained2
BestStart Faringdon3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Faringdon East3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Fendalton3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Ferry Rd3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Gillies Ave3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Glasgow St6900Overseas-trained2
BestStart Glen Eden3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Glenfield3450NZ-trained1
BestStart Grey Lynn3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Halswell Junction3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Hanleys Farm3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Harrison St3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Herewini St3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Howick3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Huntsbury3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Inglewood3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Johnstones Rd3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Kaiwharawhara3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Karaka3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Kelvin Grove3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Kelvin St3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Kenderdine Rd3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Kilmarnock St3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Lakeside Village3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Lambie3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Leeds St6900Overseas-trained2
BestStart Lemon St3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart MacDonald St3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Mangere East 33450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Manuroa Rd 13450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Marchwiel3450Overseas-trained1
Beststart Melling6900Overseas-trained2
BestStart Montel Ave3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Montessori Bethlehem3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Motutaiko St3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Mount Eden3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Mount Wellington6900Overseas-trained2
BestStart Naenae3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Newton3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Ngatai Rd3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart North Harbour3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Onehunga3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Onslow Rd6900Overseas-trained2
BestStart Oraha Rd3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Paerata Rise3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Palm Springs3450 Overseas-trained1
BestStart Papakura3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Papamoa Plaza3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Paraparaumu3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Petone3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Petone3450NZ-trained1
BestStart Pipiwai3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Ponsonby6900Overseas-trained2
BestStart Queenstown6900Overseas-trained2
BestStart Raumati3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Riverbend Rd6900Overseas-trained2
BestStart Rongotai3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Rototuna3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Rugby Park3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Shelly Bay Rd6900Overseas-trained2
BestStart Silverdale6900Overseas-trained2
BestStart Sir Tristram Ave3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Somerset St3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart South Rd 13450Overseas-trained1
BestStart St Andrews3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Stokes Valley6900Overseas-trained2
BestStart Taita3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Tawa6900Overseas-trained2
BestStart Tawa South3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Te Atatu Peninsula3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Te Atatu Rd3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Te Awamutu3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Tory St3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Vivian St3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Waihi East3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Waikanae3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Wattle Downs3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Welcome Bay3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Weymouth3450Overseas-trained1
BestStart Whangaparaoa6900Overseas-trained2
BestStart Wolverton St3450Overseas-trained1
Biggles Childcare3450Overseas-trained1
Bizzy Kidz Childcare3450 Overseas-trained1
Blooming Buds ELC3450Overseas-trained1
Blue Duck ELC3450Overseas-trained1
Busy Bees Hobsonville3450Overseas-trained1
Busy Bees Whitby 3450Overseas-trained1
Busy Beez Childcare Centre3450Overseas-trained1
Childhood Concepts (Upper Hutt)3450Overseas-trained1
Childsteps ELC6900Overseas-trained2
Chrysalis ELC6900Overseas-trained2
Co Kids Thorndon3450Overseas-trained1
Creative Garden ELC – Papakura3450Overseas-trained1
Creative Garden ELC – Dawson3450Overseas-trained1
Curious Kids ELC3450Overseas-trained1
Curious Minds Early Learning3450Overseas-trained1
Discovery Nursery and Cottage3450Overseas-trained1
Discovery Preschool Ltd3450Overseas-trained1
Dreamers Nest Montessori ELC3450Overseas-trained1
Educare Pokeno3450Overseas-trained1
Educare Tawa3450Overseas-trained1
Fairlie Early Learners3450Overseas-trained1
Farmyard Preschool3450Overseas-trained1
Fern Garden Preschool & Childcare3450Overseas-trained1
Future Focus – The Bach3450Overseas-trained1
Glengarry ELC3450Overseas-trained1
Go Bananas Childcare3450Overseas-trained1
Go Bananas Childcare Cambridge3450Overseas-trained1
Go Bananas Childcare Horotiu3450Overseas-trained1
Grey Lynn Montessori by Busy Bees3450Overseas-trained1
Hand and Hand ELC – Hobsonville3450Overseas-trained1
Happy Hearts Riverhead ELC3450Overseas-trained1
Happy Kiddy Castle Early Learning3450Overseas-trained1
HardyKids Early Learning3450Overseas-trained1
Honeybees Preschool6900Overseas-trained2
House of Wonder Cambridge by Busy Bees3450Overseas-trained1
Inspire ELC3450Overseas-trained1
Island Bay Childcare6900Overseas-trained2
Johnsonville Childcare3450Overseas-trained1
Just Kidz Flatbush3450NZ-trained1
Kaha Kids Childcare Centre3450Overseas-trained1
Kakapo Creek Children’s Garden3450Overseas-trained1
Kelburn Preschool and Nursery3450Overseas-trained1
Khandallah Little School3450Overseas-trained1
Khandallah Nursery School3450NZ-trained1
Kiddie Garden Learning Corner3450Overseas-trained1
Kids Count – Kelvin Rd3450Overseas-trained1
Kids Count ECE Marne Rd3450Overseas-trained1
Kids Cove ELC, Albany3450Overseas-trained1
Kids Cove Infant & Toddlers Albany3450Overseas-trained1
Kid’s Cove Learning Centre Newmarket3450Overseas-trained1
Kidsvoices Education Centre – CLOSED3450NZ-trained1
Kidz Kindy Gisborne3450Overseas-trained1
Kihikihi Early Adventurers3450Overseas-trained1
Kindercare – Auckland CBD (Babies)3450Overseas-trained1
Kindercare – Frankton3450Overseas-trained1
Kindercare – Lincoln3450Overseas-trained1
Kindercare – Warkworth3450Overseas-trained1
Kindercare Belmont3450Overseas-trained1
Kindercare Botany Downs3450Overseas-trained1
Kinderland Educare3450Overseas-trained1
Koru Montessori3450NZ-trained1
Learning Unlimited Childcare Centre3450NZ-trained1
Lets Grow ELC3450Overseas-trained1
Li’l Champs ELC 3450NZ-trained1
Li’l Champs ELC6900Overseas-trained2
Li’l Champs Montessori ELC3450NZ-trained1
Little Farm Pre- School and Nursery3450Overseas-trained1
Little Feet Childcare (Yates Rd 2)3450Overseas-trained1
Little Feet Childcare Centre Limited3450Overseas-trained1
Little One’s Garden Early Education3450Overseas-trained1
Magic Kingdom Childcare3450Overseas-trained1
Magical Years Childcare Centre3450Overseas-trained1
Mariposa Kids3450Overseas-trained1
Mighty Mind Kids ELC3450Overseas-trained1
Millie’s House – Armagh St3450Overseas-trained1
Millie’s House Basin Reserve3450Overseas-trained1
Millie’s House Daly St3450Overseas-trained1
Mini Miracles Educare Western Heights 3450Overseas-trained1
Mini Thinkers3450Overseas-trained1
Minnows Kindergarten6900Overseas-trained2
Miramar Childcare3450Overseas-trained1
Mt Wellies Childcare3450Overseas-trained1
Natural Steps Albany3450Overseas-trained1
Naturally Kids Early Learning6900Overseas-trained2
New Shoots – Bayfair3450Overseas-trained1
New Shoots – Coatesville albany3450Overseas-trained1
New Shoots – Pakuranga3450Overseas-trained1
New Shoots – Sandhurst3450Overseas-trained1
New Shoots (Papamoa)3450Overseas-trained1
Nurture Early Learning – Onehunga3450Overseas-trained1
Nurture ELC3450Overseas-trained1
Nurture Early Learning Red Beach3450Overseas-trained1
Nurturing Hearts ELC3450Overseas-trained1
Our Kids ELC – Mataki Way3450Overseas-trained1
Peacocks ELC3450Overseas-trained1
Pīwaka ELC3450Overseas-trained1
Riverhead Montessori Learning Centre3450Overseas-trained1
Smiling Stars Childcare3450Overseas-trained1
St Andrews Preschool – Christian3450Overseas-trained1
Sweet Pea ELC3450Overseas-trained1
The Cats Pyjamas Preschool3450Overseas-trained1
The Learning Castle10350Overseas-trained3
The Little Steps Tuakau3450Overseas-trained1
Tic Tac Toe Educare Little Sprouts3450Overseas-trained1
Tic Tac Toe Educare Tots n Toddlers3450Overseas-trained1
Tiny Voices Silverdale3450Overseas-trained1
Turangi Kindy3450Overseas-trained1
Uptown Kids Epsom Childcare Centre3450Overseas-trained1
Waiuku Learning Space6900Overseas-trained2
Waterview Early Learning Center3450Overseas-trained1
Wee Nippers Early Childhood Centre6900Overseas-trained2
Young Petals ELC Drury3450Overseas-trained1
Information reported here was supplied under the Official Information Act

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