Costs of Personal Arrangements for the Care of Your Child

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Costs of a Personal Childcare Arrangement.

Personal Childcare Solutions

Most families at some time make personal childcare arrangements.  There is some good discussion in another article, that covers why you might choose a family or personal based solution to your childcare needs and problems to watch for.

Live-in help

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Provide accommodation/ full board in exchange for childcare help.   

Provide a wage for any hours worked in excess of the cost of board.   

Foreign au pairs

Provide free full board

Provide pocket money and any travel money as specified in the contract you sign with the placement agency or with the English Language speaking school who brings the student to NZ. 

Childcare in someone else’s home

Many at-home parents are willing to care for another child of similar age to their own for company for their child. What you pay is negotiable and the arrangement is a private one between your families. However, if the person is caring for three or more children then its no longer a personal childcare arrangement. The carer must apply for a licence with the Ministry of Education, or sign up as a contractor with a licensed home-based ECE service. 

Arranged childcare exchanges

There is no financial cost in taking turns with another family and having an agreed arrangement as to who looks after the children, on which days, at whose house, and for which hours.  This kind of childcare arrangement provides a very practical solution to childcare needs whilst allowing children from two families to keep their friendship going by regularly playing together at each others’ houses.

Integrating looking after your child with your job

There is no financial cost in fitting your work responsibilities around your children.  Often the two can be integrated well. For example, you may earn money by looking after other children and have your child with you. You may be self-employed and have control over your hours or work from home. 

A professional nanny

Make sure you pay at least the NZ minimum adult wage, and meet all employment laws including providing holiday pay.

Provide payment for petrol if the nanny is using her/his own car for work.

Provide food and tea/coffee for the nanny as the nanny will be eating with your child/children.

You will have some additional wear and tear on the house furnishings, and toys because your child is being cared for at home rather than elsewhere during the day. 

Choosing a caregiver

Consider what characteristics you would like your child’s carer to have. Think about how much social contact with other children your child will have and whether your child would benefit from also attending Playcentre.

Subsidies to help meet the costs of personal childcare

No subsidies are paid to parents who choose to care for their own child and not source this out to a licensed ECE service. The Government pays subsidies direct to early childhood services only. Payment is not made to parents who choose to care for their own child or make a personal arrangement. Allowing parents to have a financial choice to care for their child or use an ECE service is a policy change we argue needs to happen.

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